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Feeling kinky? Do you like the feel of a lovely pair of naturally scented used knickers or cummy panties in your hands? The feel of lace or satin used panties in your fingers.... Then look no further! Buy used knickers and worn panties right here ....


Sell the best used panties

It's not as easy as people make out selling used underwear! Not only do you have to market yourself and make your adverts stand out from the crowd - theirs so much more you need to do than just sell worn panties!

So you've created an account on this website and you want to put up your used underwear for sale? You might want to know how to keep buyers coming back?

I have some little tips for you to make buyers want to buy dirty knickers from you! (WARNING) It may seem a bit faffy but if you charge a decent price and get the same buyers coming back - then it's worth it isn't it?

Wash yourself with non scented soap.
Have hair (it's a better smell)
Wear for minimum of 2 days.
Wash new knix in mild detergent.
Send more pics than you advertised.
Add an extra.
Vaccum pack your panties.
Add a free surprise gift.
Give a longer arrival date.
Send knix by recorded delivery (or send a photo of it packaged with the buyers details on & a stamp)

As you can see these are really simple tips and I will explain more a little about them below -

If you wash yourself with a strong smelling body wash - then it already takes away from your natural scent, using non scented products help maintain your natural smell. I find having hair gives the knickers a better smell too (as you have the smell from your hair) obviously the longer you wear the better the smell - so a minimum of 2 days is best. Also adding an extra gives more of a scent, but personally I wouldn't wear panties for longer than 2 days and never stuff your panties (as it's dangerous and you could get infections from doing so)

When you buy some new knix it's best to wash them in a very mild detergent before wear to eliminate the "new packet smell" always vaccum pack your knix AS SOON as you take them off! Or wrap the gusset in a plastic bag before placing it in a plastic zip lock bag - this will lock in scent.

To exceed expectations I recommend you add 2 days on to the expected arrival date of their package and also throw in a surprise free gift, maybe a signed photo? Buyers love free stuff and they love surprises as well and finally if you've advertised that they get 3 pics of you in knix send them 1 or 2 extra! They will LOVE that!

And finally! It's best to post knickers by recorded delivery or take a photo before posting & send the buyers a picture of the parcel.

Selling used panties

So you want to sell used panties? It is harder than you may think to sell used knickers, creating your profile, listing ads, advertising yourself. It may take a a few weeks to make your first sale - this is normal, just stick with it... Here's a quick basic start up guide to help you!

Think of a fake or a stage name. I use my real first name BUT I don't show my face. You can use any name you want. You can choose a fetish selling name to match what your best at maybe? For example if you are going to focus on foot fetish then a name like "Foot Fairy"

Think about what you want to offer, you might just want to sell dirty knickers & maybe sexting sessions? Have a think of what prices you will sell your fetish services for. I sell worn knickers & used thongs mainly and a pair of mine costs around £25 to £45.

Have a look at your current used underwear drawer as you can sell almost anything! You may already have some used bras, used baby dolls, used sex toys or used socks. It's best to see if you like being a panty seller first before you start buying any new underwear (and you haven't made any money yet) but when you buy new underwear buyers love Victoria Secret & Ann Summers!

Pop on your used underwear & take some sexy photos of yourself in your thongs. I recommend using a selfie stick (you get better angles of your booty if you use a selfie stick)

Set up a separate email address just for selling your cummy panties and you can use this email address to give to fetish buyers and you can use it to sign up to panty selling platforms.

Sign up to Twitter it's free and you can get sales from it!

Get a communication app for your phone such as Kik for example, you can pop your Kik username in your adverts for buyers to get in touch with you to buy (make sure you test the app out first to see if you like it)

Sign up to lots of free panty selling platforms (like this one) when you get your first sale you can think about upgrading to a premium account so you can list unlimited adverts.

Concentrate on your profile to start off with, you need to get it right and it has to stand out from the crowd, you can update it with more information as you go (to make it even better)

If you are short on time if it's easier take one photo and complete one advert a day or week - that way you can gradually build your profile and adverts up & see if you like it along the way.

Have fun!

Buy used panties

Buy used panties with confidence! There are lots of websites that have ladies and gents advertising their used panties for sale, it's difficult to know where to turn to buy dirty panties.

I have a few buying tips for you guys (and girls out there) it's not just about the used panty fetish it's about the experience with the fetish seller and choosing the right one - I will help you choose!

Firstly don't entertain any worn knickers for sale until you check out the seller... always go for a verified seller with 5 star reviews on any panty selling platform like this one.

If you prefer to buy via Twitter rather than a platform here are some tips for you! Check the seller @........... in Twitters search and see if you can take a look at the sellers previous conversations - it will show up in these conversations/tweets if they are a scammer, the only time it won't is if they've changed their Twitter username.

If a seller is not verified please remember that it is your responsibility as a panty buyer to verify their age - this can be done with your name, their name and the date wrote in a piece of paper then a "live" photo of them with the bit of paper (please note not all sellers will show their face, please respect this) this will put you at ease as they are who they say. Remember you must always age verify in return to all sellers (as your not verified on these platforms like they are)

Then look at there prices and checkout there worn panties for sale to see if they are right for you.

I'd like to say to message them before you buy to get a feel of their personality - however you don't want to be labelled as a time waster. So my recommendation is to maybe follow them for a while on Twitter, Only Fans or Admire Me (if they have accounts) on these types of platforms where you can message the sellers directly for a small fee? This means you can chat to them without being a nuisance.

Still not sure? Then I recommend you make a small purchase with your chosen seller to start off with, this will make sure that they are genuine and most importantly it will help you decide if they are the seller for you!

It seems a very long winded the process but after all this is a special treat to yourself and you want to be able to enjoy the experience without being scammed or if you find you don't like the seller as much as you first thought! You have to not only find the seller attractive but you also need to like her personality. Some sellers may look beautiful but some can be very unkind... I know all about some sellers not being nice!

If you have any trouble with a seller ie: - they don't send you the goods you've paid for - report them to the platform you contacted the seller through to buy. I know ED encourage buyers to get in touch with them if this happens through their platform (screenshots of conversations from the ED website may need to be provided in order to remove a seller)

Good luck and enjoy smelling used knickers, it is a very nice experience!

Used panty extras

Selling your used dirty panties can be hard work for such a low amount of income HOWEVER you need to think outside the box... When a fetish buyer is interested in what you have to offer think EXTRAS and ADD ONS!

Extra extra read all about it!

So think about what else you can offer with your worn panties to get those smelly knickers have even more of a scent (sometimes buyers can feel a little embarrassed to ask for any extras) So ask them would you like any EXTRAS?

Give them a few examples of what fetish extras you offer - for example a personalised mini fetish clip in those hot used knickers? A sexting session? Would they like an extra pair of worn thongs? Do they like used pantyhose? You can offer lots of extras/add ons.

Maybe list your extras on your getting selling profile? Tempt more buyers in at the start...

Anything is worth an ask, how many times have you gone into a shop & they offer you their latest deal or ask if you'd like anything else? It's the same thing really!

I hope this has helped you! Now go and sell your used thongs with EXTRAS!

It's nice to make your buyers feel special!
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