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offered glam bling stockings with built in suspender belt

Now these stockings are a bit glam covered in sparkly multicoloured gems I can imagine you wearing these and looking fabulous darling!!
#fetishandspeciality #usedclothes #usedstockingsandtights
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Originally posted on 24 April 2024 00:48


offered pale pink fishnet stockings

These gorgeous pale pink stockings with lace top are pressed tightly between my sweet thighs ready for you to wear them after me.
#fetishandspeciality #usedclothes #usedstockingsandtights
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Originally posted on 10 April 2024 20:44


offered black and purple lace panties

This gorgeous black and lace panties have been part of my private collection for a while but the drawer is overflowing so it's time to offer them to one of you sexy people. They are quite stretchy as you can see by how snug they are. They cling everywhere they should. These would also be perfect for one of my lovely sissy gurls. If you'd like them freshly laundered instead of worn just more ...
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Originally posted on 28 January 2024 12:17


offered pink flamingo cotton boux avenue panties

These gorgeous pink flamingo panties are sitting right on my pussy ready to soak up all my scents and juices just for you As always a professional panty buying experience from start to finish extras are available please just ask
#fetishandspeciality #usedclothes #usedpantiesandknickers
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Originally posted on 10 April 2024 20:38

Back from our break - working tomorrow 💜
Posted on 20 June 2024 18:04 by EDUK Ann