Sissy tasks

Posted on 17 June 2020

Sissy tasks -

Men love to buy worn panties and they also LOVE other naughty virtual things such as sissy tasks!

Ok you've been asked to give someone some sissy tasks and you don't know how as you've never done it before! Don't worry ED have it covered! Firstly most guys who like tasks love to "drag" it out as much as possible (pardon the pun!) So make sure you ask them what sissy items they have before hand (example panties) and write your tasks around what they have already.

When you list your adverts on this website make sure you - set clear boundaries for how many tasks and pictures they'll receive (some sellers send a few nudes as it helps sell your tasks) Also set a time limit! Tell them they have 1 hour to complete the task or tasks for example be strict or they will message you about it ALL day - even sometimes message you into the next day!

We suggest to have 3 areas to base your tasks on 1. Dressing up like a woman 2. Cum control and 3. Humiliation. Try to take a bit out of each area to create your tasks - these are the foundation of a good sissy task. It's good to also now and again create tasks pre ready for any sissy's that require tasks on demand, it saves time & helps build up your task collection.

Below are a few simple examples of some sissy tasks - but you could just tell them to go outside with there panties on and nothing else lol! Again please feel free to use it and change it to your style.

Example Sissy Tasks -

Task 1 - Put your panties on underneath your work clothes and make sure they stick out at the top of your trousers. At every opportunity bend down or tuck your top in for the world to see. I want you to flash your pants at least 10 times within the next hour.

Task 2 - Go to a public toilet mirror and pop some lip gloss on. Wait until you have at least 2 other people near you at the sinks, don't forget to have your panties flashing - they need to be on show the whole time you carry out this task. You have to do this within the next hour also.

Don't forget to ask them for photo evidence and advise them - failure to carry out these tasks may result in a not so happy ending ....

So as you can see tasks can be quite easy - but are lengthly - so you need to charge proper prices and charge for the full day. Another tip is to send all tasks altogether if there's more than one, and don't forget to give them a timescale of when you'll be doing a final check up with them! You can always score them out of 10 too!

Have fun!

Good Luck!

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