How to delete your profile

We are sorry to hear that you wish to leave EDUK. You can delete your own profile by following these easy steps:- Go to your "Account Settings" select "Preferences" scroll down & click on the big red "Delete Profile" box.

Signing in issues

Usually if you can't sign in it's because a capital letter has been used at the beginning of your email address. Please:- 1. Log in with & without a capital letter at the beginning of your email address. 2. Check that you didn't sign up using a different email address. 3. Re set your password using this link - If these 3 points don't work - please contact us.

Contacting us

We are a small #DreamTeam so unfortunately Admin/IT are not available 24-7. We join in the group chats each week for "Witter Wednesday" If you contact us we will reply as soon as we can - please note some emails may go to spam (please check your spam folder!) We have a "Help Centre" page available 24-7. Announcements are made within EDUK Admin & on Reddit u/EDEmporiumUK (if you have trouble getting in touch please email:- [email protected])

How much is membership?

When joining EDUK sellers automatically have free membership, buyers have *lifetime premium membership. You can upgrade or extend your premium at any time from £5 (pay as you go) Payments are made via bank card - they show on your bank statement as "ED Online Services" or "EDSERVICES" if you wish to pay via another method - please get in touch & we can arrange annual payment via e-gift card.

Are you a UK site only?

Although we are UK based on EDUK you can buy and sell fetish services almost worldwide. Most of our members are from the UK & America. Some countries do not allow fetish services - however we have a blog listing most of the countries where it is advised not to sell to.

Do you take payment?

On EDUK we recommend for sellers to create an account/wishlist using - WishTender for accepting payments from buyers. This method is sex worker friendly (you can add your WishTender link to your profile) buyers can use a bank card when purchasing via WishTender (it is discreet, however WishTender may charge a small processing fee to both parties) EDUK do not take payments on behalf of our sellers using bit coins or kink coins for example.

Site issues

Please do not panic if the site goes offline, it means that it's down for essential maintenance ... please refrain from messaging us as we will be inundated with requests (it will be difficult to reply to everyone) Please visit our Reddit page u/EDEmporiumUK for updates. If however you have a technical issue regarding your account - please email us using our contact us form, we will ask for screenshots to help fix your account.

How are enquiries/orders taken?

On EDUK you can simply click the "I'm Interested" button on an advert if theirs something you like - this will automatically generate an enquiry to the seller. The seller will then message you directly through EDUK to discuss requirements and payment. Once agreed & paid - you will be able to view the steps of your order within EDUK.

Privacy/safety on EDUK

For privacy/safety reasons it is best not to use your real name on EDUK and to set up a separate email address especially for fetish buying/selling. We recommend to stay on EDUK for messaging & sharing photos (using the private galleries feature) and only leave the site when a payment has been made for a service. You don't need to show your face - so never feel pressured into doing so. You have the option to post to your profile only rather than posting to the main feeds.

Why aren't sellers replying?

Unfortunately the "turnover" for fetish sellers is fairly high, this is due to a number of reasons - mainly because they only wanted to give it a try or only sell for a short period of time... Or they may be on holiday? Please do not worry if sellers do not reply to your messages. We advise buyers to simply post a "wanted" advert to request what they are looking for & sellers will message you directly.

Do you have any rules?

Yes we have the below "Team Rules" this is to ensure that your experience is a good one on EDUK 1. Stay safe and always age verify 2. Be courteous / no time wasting 3. No arranging meets within our platform 4. Keep nude content in private galleries 5. No promoting other fetish selling sites 6. £15+ for used underwear / items 7. No complaining or begging posts 8. Sellers must deliver on a paid service 9. No copying other members content 10. No raffles (we have no gambling licence)

Social media

We are on Reddit please drop us a follow: u/EDEmporiumUK & we will follow you back as soon as possible! We sometimes make announcements and promote our #DreamTeam on Reddit - we will look forward to seeing you there!

Declined payment

If your card payment has been declined (and you definitely have enough funds to cover the payment) Please don't worry, the most common issue is that the post code section on the payment form has not been completed - please enter your payment details again and then include your post code on the form. If that does not work please get in touch & we can arrange annual payment via e-gift card.

Direct messaging on EDUK

Direct messaging is available within ED Emporium for premium members, messages are limited to avoid spamming & are deleted after 7 days. A "To-do" list is available for you to record information. It is the user's responsibility to take secondary contact information from members you do "business" with from EDUK. Photos cannot be shared via the messaging area - this is to prevent unsolicited pictures being sent (this is harassment) Please use the private gallery facility to share sensitive content - Happy chatting/sharing!

Who we are

Hello Patrick, Ann & family here. Back in 2018 we were approached by family and friends who were panty sellers at that time to build a unisex fetish website. They found that UK panty selling platforms didn't function very well, had annoying high monthly subscriptions, took a commission & weren't very friendly. We have developed our website over the years and have created a safe friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. Welcome to our #DreamTeam!

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