Posted on 24 March 2024

EDUK News -

*MAY -

ENTRY 24.05.2024 -

Site updated today - no more profile rates & no more buyer and seller, it is seller & social.

ENTRY 17.05.2024 -

£22 for 12 months
(30 features)

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Post to your profile
Unlimited posts to social feed
Unlimited journal posts
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Wall posting
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
Private panty drawer
Unlimited private messages
Send voice message links
To do list
Updatable enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting
Free extra social points
Add your bio
Add your profile pictures
Add payment links
Add social media links
Unlimited polls
Unlimited used listings
Unlimited retail listings
Unlimited new private galleries
Unlimited private photos
Seller support
Sellers lounge

(19 features)

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Post to your profile
Post to social feed
3 journal posts daily
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Wall posting
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
25 Private panty drawer photos
10 private messages daily
Send voice message links
To do list
View enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting

ENTRY 14.05.2024 -

As the Sellers Lounge Group Chat has now been set to private posting - EDUK Admin will no longer be holding any further Witter Wednesdays as the group chat is 100% no longer manned by us. Thank you.

ENTRY 05.05.2024 -

We are working on the new updates behind the scenes and we will update you all as soon as we have completed the first set of changes.


ENTRY 09.04.2024 -

How will the new EDUK changes affect you ?

Seller Premium Accounts -

1. All panty drawers will be private.

2. This will now be "Selling / Seller"

3. Anonymous sellers group chat posting.

Buyer Accounts -

1. All panty drawers will be private.

2. All buyers will be moved onto the new "Socialising / Social"

3. Platform updates group chat will be deleted.

Free Seller Accounts -

1. All free sellers will be moved onto the new "Socialising / Social"

Once this is complete we will list out all of the features for both account types.


ENTRY 29.03.2024 -

The new social account will be actioned - Ann really liked the ideas today, we will keep you updated with the changes.

All other fetish selling sites including us currently have - "Sellers" & "Buyers"

We will have - "Selling & Socialising"

Switching more to a fetish Facebook theory with the option to sell & everyone can sell, so if buyers want to now do so they can ! Patrick (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠✧⁠*⁠。

ENTRY 25.03.2024 -

List so far of the new packages - again these are subject to change.....

£22 for 12 months
(30 features)

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Post to your profile
Unlimited posts to social feed
Unlimited journal posts
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Wall posting
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
Private panty drawer
Unlimited private messages
Send voice message links
To do list
Updatable enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting
Free extra social points
Add your bio
Add your profile pictures
Add payment links
Add social media links
Unlimited polls
Unlimited used listings
Unlimited retail listings
Unlimited new private galleries
Unlimited private photos
Seller support
Sellers lounge

(18 features)

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Post to your profile
Post to social feed
3 journal posts daily
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Wall posting
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
25 Private panty drawer photos
10 private messages daily
Send voice message links
To do list
View enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting

ENTRY 24.03.2024 -

Patrick and Ann are currently discussing replacing the seller free and buyer accounts to a new all in one "SOCIALISING" account.

We understand that everyone needs a safe place to express themselves & may not necessarily be in a position to buy or sell at times.

So we are in the process of agreeing what features will be available for socialising accounts and this is what it looks like so far.

This is subject to change.....

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Posting to social feed up to 3 times daily
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
Private panty drawer
Private messaging
Send voice message links
To do list
View enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting

In addition to the above......

1. Future development for order leaderboards are being scrapped.
2. Profile rates are going.
3. Any current free seller and buying accounts will move onto this new package free of charge.
4. All socialising accounts if they are reported only once they will immediately automatically be suspended.
5. The Platform Updates group chat will no longer exist.
6. All panty drawers will be private.
7. A news blog will replace the platform updates group chat.

All the best,

Patrick & Ann

Posted on 08 October 2023

Sharing voice message links on EDUK -

You can record voice messages using the below websites & send the links via EDUK'S messaging area!


1. https://vocaroo.com/


2. https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder

On EDUK we do not have our own software installed for members to send voice messages to one another - this is because the costs in implementing this would be too high.

HOWEVER - the above online voice recorder platforms are a fantastic alternative!


1. You don't need to create an account.
2. No need to download any files.
3. They have a free service.


1. Click on the website link.
2. Record your voice message.
3. Copy the voice message link.
4. Paste the voice message link into a message & send.

(For safety reasons please ensure payment is made for any services first - before using any communication apps)

1. Email files using mobile phone apps.
2. Send directly via WhatsApp.
3. Send directly via Snapchat.

Happy voice messaging!


Posted on 12 May 2023

EDUK enquiries/orders -

On EDUK we have a simple enquiries/orders system.


If you see something that you like - you can simply click the "I'm Interested" button, this will automatically generate an enquiry to the seller.

The seller will then message you directly through EDUK to discuss requirements and payment.

Once you have agreed everything with the seller - you will be able to view the steps of your order.

See below the enquiries/order steps -


Age Verified
In Progress


When a buyer is interested in your services - they may click the "I'm Interested" button on your items, this will automatically generate an enquiry for you (you'll receive a notification for this - it is advised however to check your "Enquiries" on a regular basis)

You can then message the buyer directly through EDUK to discuss requirements and payment.

Once you have agreed everything with the buyer - you will be able to update the steps of the order for the buyer to view.


If you have a buyer who'd like something more custom/bespoke (something not already listed) - you can simply create a new "Post an offer" for you buyer and list the requirements - then simply ask your buyer to click the "I'm Interested" button. That way your buyer can check all details and you have an order on the system.


On the enquiries/orders area - if you select "Filter Orders" you'll see a "To do list" link (this link is also within the quick links area) all of your bookings can be added within this area if you wish - this will help you keep track of your bookings.

We hope this helps!


Posted on 23 April 2023

Our competition -

EDUK do not want to seem unprofessional by writing this blog - however we feel that we need to make our members aware of these issues that we have experienced recently with our competitors.

It was reported to us that another panty selling platform created a free buyer account (name: IMCINTHIASCOTT) on ED Emporium and messaged some of our sellers the below -

"Hello ****

I saw your profile and I have fallen in love with your content.

I think, you need to include another adult website in your list, in which you can buy and sell used panties, sex toys, dildos, and more adult items online UK!!

Kinkie is a leading Sell and Buy Used Panties Marketplace Online Platform in the UK.


We have emailed Kinkie regarding this but we are yet to receive a reply....

WE GET IT! We understand that buyers/sellers recommend other fetish selling platforms to one another - obviously we have no control over that and we encourage members to join other platforms/social media to help gain more interest.

HOWEVER: We feel that is is completely unacceptable for another fetish selling platform join their competition platforms for the sole purpose of seller recruitment!

What made the situation worse is - the fake buyer even used legitimate Kinkie logos as their profile images on EDUK and we have tried to reach out to them without success! Beware of this website.... We do not recommend that you join Kinkie.

In the past we have supported other fetish selling platforms (that are unfortunately no longer with us today) and in return they did support us - we are all for supporting the fetish community!

We have also had cases lately of sellers uploading screenshots of adverts from EDUK onto competitors platforms - unfortunately our competitors may not monitor images on their website as closely as we do and this is a copyright ©️ issue. Fortunately the platform in question replied straight away and deleted the adverts.

We wanted to make our community aware of these issues and we thank you for your ongoing support!


Posted on 22 April 2023

(18 features)

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Post to your profile
Post to social feed
3 journal posts daily
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Wall posting
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
25 Private panty drawer photos
10 private messages daily
Send voice message links
View enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting

(30 features)

Follow members
Browse members
Browse posts
Post to your profile
Unlimited posts to social feed
Unlimited journal posts
Upload photos to posts
Comment on posts
Wall posting
Bookmark posts
Bookmark profiles
Help page
Add your verification
Private panty drawer
Unlimited private messages
Send voice message links
To do list
Updatable enquiries/order system
Virtual gifting
Free extra social points
Add your bio
Add your profile pictures
Add payment links
Add social media links
Unlimited polls
Unlimited used listings
Unlimited retail listings
Unlimited new private galleries
Unlimited private photos
Sellers lounge
Seller support

We hope this helps!


Posted on 14 March 2023

What EDUK members say? -


Private Scents -

I have been on this platform for 2 years and from my very first day i was welcomed by everyone and this is still true to this day, we are super friendly, both sellers and buyers. I have tried other sites but sold nothing and their membership fees were so expensive. ED itself is so user friendly and posting is a breeze and finally if all else fails, contact Ann & Patrick for top quality help and advice.

Miss Jessica -

Brilliant site. Admin are very helpful and super friendly. Nothing is too much trouble. Questions are always answered quickly and professionally. Honest sellers and buyers. Scammers are quickly found out and removed, with their very helpful report function. Easy to use site, lots of interesting categories. The chatrooms are lovely. Lots of jokes, laughter and good advice too. Did I mentions the blogs? They are really useful and include lots of helpful articles. I will be using this site for a long time to come.

Knicker Misfits -

Great little site! I think I've been on every fetish website going since 2018 lol and ED is by far the best. I've met some lovely people on there, very friendly. It's easy to use and admin are always improving things for us and are on hand for questions. You won't regret joining, love Kit X

Posted on 14 March 2023


That's right you read this correctly!

In a nut shell do not trust ANY REVIEWS ON "TRUST PILOT" they allow fake people/scammers to leave reviews about their business/website - not just about our site ALL of our competitors have these fake reviews!

We apologise to our genuine members who have reviewed our platform on "Trust Pilot" we thank you for taking the time to do this for us....

The fake reviews include contact details of these scammers - do not contact ANY of them! They DO NOT WANT TO BUY! THEY WANT TO SCAM!

We at EDUK are very annoyed with "Trust Pilot" and have unclaimed our business on there. We don't want any association with it especially after trying to resolve things directly with them - however they have refused!

A fake member created a fake review last year calling us racists on "Trust Pilot" that is how our website even ended up on there in the first place (without our consent I may add) after negotiating with said fake member they did finally remove the review - however this left us with an unclaimed account on "Trust Pilot" for EDUK that we didn't even want.

We did claim it for a period of time to reply to other reviews added since, however we decided to unclaim it after another fake member with another fake review was left! Leaving contact details for others to contact them and this type of person in our experience is a scammer. This is dangerous within our community and we have to work very hard on EDUK to maintain the safety of our users.

By these fake reviews being allowed to stay on "Trust Pilot" goes completely against what we are all about so therefore all reviews on "our" "Trust Pilot" are null and void.

We will ask our own trusted members to review our platform (not fake members)

We asked "Trust Pilot" to take our account offline as we didn't authorise it and their response was -

"We've received your request about Site took off please. We do not delete business profiles. Consumers decide what business to review on Trustpilot. When a consumer decides to leave a review for your business, a business profile is automatically created"

Well we actually decide whether or not to be advertised on a platform that allows openly for fakes/scammers to leave fake reviews making it dangerous for our community!

To add insult to injury - we have been advised from a trusted member on EDUK - that they actually reported the fake reviews as possible scammers to "Trust Pilot" and there response was to delete the trusted members review from our EDUK "Trust Pilot" profile! - very unhelpful!


We hope this helps!


Posted on 09 January 2023

Stop sending unwanted sexual content -

And this goes for both men and women here !

BUT.... WAIT....PHEW....

Unwanted sexual content cannot be sent via messages on EDUK and it has always been this way since 2018 !

So if you hear anyone complaining that you can't send photos via the messaging area on EDUK - just remind them of why..... the risk of anyone sending unsolicited content is the reason why we don't have that function on our platform.....

Sending unwanted sexual images is also known as - cyberflashing this typically involves being sent unwanted sexual images or videos over sharing services such as social media.... This happens very often on X (formally known as Twitter)

Did you know that cyberflashing will become a criminal offence? Those that are found guilty could face up to two years in prison !

This new policy will mean cyberflashing carries the same maximum sentence as indecent exposure and so it should !

Unwanted sexual content includes -
Naked images
Semi-naked images
Sexual messages
Links to sexual content

Cyberflashing is absolutely not ok. Off site block anyone immediately if this should ever happen to you.....

Remember on EDUK we have a private panty drawer and private gallery feature so you can share access to any private content with one another.....

We are proud to say that no other platforms do this - however we do!

Go #DreamTeam !!

Posted on 28 August 2022

Recurring fake profiles -




Jack powell

(repeat accounts)

Alexander 00661
Alexander 00661

R a p p y y 0 0

Robert Woolsey

Joseph carpener

Buyerr12 (dend79555)

Buying now


kenneth corey



1. Will try to get you off EDUK straight away (Kik, Snapchat, Telegram etc...)

2. Has their Kik details on profile photos.

3. Delays payment or has difficulty paying you.

4. Offering to pay you a weekly allowance, crypto or bit coins.

5. Being overly familiar.

6. Inadequate verification photo (see EDUK Ann's panty drawer for an example of a decent verification photo)

7. Has no social media accounts (Twitter, Reddit etc..)

8. Fuzzy poor quality photos.

9. Is being pushy to sell you something.

10. If the offer is too good to be true - it usually is.

Please report and block any users that you think could be a fake account.

We hope this helps ...

Good luck!

Posted on 23 August 2022

Common services on EDUK -

So you maybe new to EDUK and OR new the fetish scene? Throughout managing the platform we have noticed a few common fetishes that have stood the test of time (so far, however things may change over time) ...

(In no particular order)


Such as used knickers, worn thongs, shorts & g strings etc... the most popular being worn for up to 48 hours and then the addition of female cum or squirt. Photos of yourself in underwear are also much appreciated on ED.


The requests for these can differ from spit to pee and squirt but the most popular we have seen are vials filled with female cum. Any size container buyers like, they just crave some of the good stuff.


Either buying them, content wearing them or both! The idea of having sex with nothing on except for shoes or heels is arousing for buyers. Also the idea of being outside wearing nothing else but shoes is an exciting thought for them.


EDUK private galleries are a great way to share your photos with buyers more safely and conveniently. Some sellers upload photos a couple of times a week to keep the content fresh and exciting.


Usually focusing around used underwear - so maybe a striptease, panty flash (including upskirt shots at work for example) using sex toys to help aid getting your knickers wet and dirty for your buyer.


This is usually an experience delivered through messages. It is best to discuss how far the buyer would like to go with this before you make a start typing your sissy tasks for them. Buyers mainly like tasks while wearing ladies knickers.


The best place to conduct these is by using the communication app Kik because it is anonymous and messaging is more instant. The topics of the sessions can vary from buyer to buyer, it is always helpful to discuss this beforehand

We hope this has helped you,


Posted on 30 July 2022

Messages being flagged as spam -

Not all messages are actually spam even if they have been flagged as spam, new members tend to get flagged until EDUK has checked their account - however please still proceed with caution and remember to AGE VERIFY!


The communication apps they may ask you to join are -

Kik AND Telegram (they may ask you to join or apps too)

What can to do? -

EDUK recommend that you age verify anyone new and also charge a £5 "unlock fee" if anyone wants to chat away from ED Emporium on any of the above apps.

You can advise that you can take the £5 off there first purchase with you to recover the unlock fee cost....

What else can I do? -

If you are unsure if the member is fake or not - you are very welcome to use our report and block features within the platform, this will ensure that admin are alerted & the user can no longer contact you on EDUK.

Useful blogs -

1. EDUK do not recommend Kik or Telegram
2. Issue with a member? (what to do)
3. Seller scammer warning signs
4. Sugar Daddy scams
5. How to age verify
6. Tips to stay safe online
7. Team rules explained
8. Do not trust trust pilot

Top Tip -

We also recommend that you take an email address for anyone you are having fun with (basically anyone you are conducting business with) - just incase any member decides to leave ED Emporium or does not upgrade to premium membership. That way you have an alternative way to communicate with each other.

We hope this helps,

Stay Safe!

Posted on 21 July 2022

Be careful of: Kik, Telegram & SnapChat -

Obviously we are not saying you can't use them - just please be wary when you do, ensure verification along with payment is taken first.

We have a messaging area within the platform to conduct any business - we also have public/private gallery facility available for you to share photos. However we do understand that users may need to go off-site for certain services.

EDUK recommend to charge an "unlock" fee (minimum of £5) when moving over onto a communication app - this helps weed out the good from the bad....

Really... the only reason we think you should move onto Kik, Telegram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc etc... is for sexting sessions, cam or phone sex (obviously take payment first)

EDUK is a selling site after all.

So what can you say to users who ask for your Kik details etc... within the first message to you? -

1. Ask to swap "verification" photo access on EDUK.
2. Have the £5 "unlock fee" that they need to pay first.

If they pay to unlock your Kik etc... they are more likely to be a serious about making a purchase (you could take the £5 off their bill?)

We wouldn't recommend that you display your communication app details on your EDUK profile - that would be advertising the fact that you can be contacted potentially for free....

We also wouldn't recommend that you use your screen name as your Kik username (this makes it too easy to find you)

Having something completely different as your Kik username is a better idea (for example your favourite colour mashed with your favourite food, so mine would be "Purple Cake")

We hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 01 April 2022

What are social points & gifting?

These are points you collect automatically as you interact throughout the site - the more you interact the more points will be collected!

You can then use these points to send various virtual gifts to other members on the site (or even gift yourself to collect them all!) Anyone that has paid to sell on EDUK - can email us to ask for free social points at any time!

How to send a virtual gift using social points -

Go to the profile you'd like to send a gift to.
Select the "Send a gift" link on their profile.

Below highlighted in the green boxes - you can view our gift board to see who are the top givers & takers (which is basically our fun leaderboard) also you can view all gifts you've sent & received. Gifts sent are usually announced automatically within our social feed. 

Happy Gifting!

Posted on 01 March 2022

Effects of raising living costs -

I am hearing you ask - "so how will the raise in living costs effect my fetish selling?"

Unfortunately everyone will be effected by inflation at the moment because the price increases are across the board & are mainly for essentials that people need - such as food, fuel & utilities. And prices are not just going up by a little bit either! They are hiking way up!

Prices are going up & up! There's no end to it!

So what does this mean for fetish buying and selling?

Buyers will not have as much disposable income just to spend on luxury items (such as used panties for example) the money that they did have they will need it to cover the increase in their bills.

Unfortunately their will be an increase in fakes joining platforms across the board! Do not move onto communication apps such as Kik or Telegram without an unlock payment first!

Don't panic!

Once everyone has settled into the new price increases - buying will pick up again, however it will be a little more difficult to sell (I will not sugar coat this) forget the offers you had available before, you'll need to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas & offers to stand out from the crowd.

Which brings me to the next thing that will change - the price increase will also mean that people need to earn more, so therefore their will be a spike in new fetish sellers & this is already happening! On ED Emporium the last couple of months have been our best period for new sellers joining our platform and when I say new sellers - I mean brand new to selling.

Don't worry!

A lot of sellers that are brand new to selling tend to stay for around 4 to 12 weeks & then decide it's not for them, so the ratios will eventually even out. We are keeping an eye on ratios currently on ED Emporium for buyers & sellers.

What can sellers do?

A few tips below for you that may help, if you have any tips you'd like to add - please let us know!

1. Increase your base line pricing a little - but maybe add some free pics or a clip with the purchase to lighten the blow.
2. Have the odd sale with items you've had for a while - that are usually more difficult to sell.
3. Refrain from buying new stock, you may not sell it! Have a dig around in your own personal drawers to see what you can sell.
4. Think about listing different things that you already have, such as handbags, shoes, scarves & face masks etc ..
5. Don't be disappointed if you don't get many sales - just keep going!
6. Keep active most days, communication is key - chat to members, list adverts, create journal posts, comment & like posts!
7. If you haven't already - sign up to Twitter and advertise your fetish services on there, it is free to do so.
8. Obviously we want you to stay with us - but consider joining another fetish selling site along site ours, branch out a bit!
9. Upgrade on ED Emporium to post more content within the private galleries (if it is not already included for you) this will be another way of branching out & getting you more noticed.
10. Don't be afraid to reach out to buyers and send them a message to ask how they are once & a while.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 22 February 2022

Basic sexting guide -

I have had a lot of sellers ask me about sexting lately, so I thought I'd write a basic sexting guide for you all. Also don't forget that Google is your friend too lol!

So a potential buyer has been in touch & would like a sexting session with you & you've never done any sexting before?

Never fear ED is here!

Things you need to do before you begin -

1. Always get payment first
2. Install a communication app on your mobile
3. Selfie stick
4. Quiet & tidy room
5. Lube & sex toys
6. Sexy outfit (optional)
7. Towel (it could get messy!)
8. Chat about requirements before hand
9. Discuss any boundaries
10. Charge a decent price (see blog about basic price guide)

Even though you've age verified your buyer it's always a good idea to ask for consent to send nudes and if you are comfortable receiving nudes to let the buyer know.

A little note to buyers here: just because you've got the go-ahead to sext with a seller - it doesn't give you permission to send them nudes & dick pics any time after that without payment! Sellers time = £££ please be respectful...

Ok, so now you are ready to begin!

The basic "I wish you were here" (a great way to break the ice) ask them if they want to see your vast sex toy collection & ask them to choose one for you. Ask if they'd like to see what you are wearing (send a few teasing shots) Ask where they are & what clothes do they have on? These types are questions are good to help build on your roleplay with them.

Obviously what happens next depends upon their requirements and how they interact with you .... Some buyers maybe direct and communicate what they'd like to happen next - those are the easier sessions & other buyers may be silent or go silent during the session. If a buyer has gone silent - personally I'd just carry on until the session time comes to an end, they maybe enjoying lying back and watching the messages coming in, or they may have been interrupted & if that's the case they'll want to see what you've been getting up to for them when it's convenient (plus you've been paid for it)

Some things that may help with your sessions -

1. Compliment them
2. Let them know your turned on
3. Be enthusiastic
4. Ask action based questions
5. Use visual descriptions
6. Mix up your props
7. See our blog about "types of roleplay"
8. Sending GIFs are fun
9. Sending emojis is a good one
10. Make sure the session always ends with a happy ending (well within the end time)

Now go & have some sexting fun!

Good Luck!

Posted on 05 February 2022

Sharing pics & clips on EDUK -


All members can simply use there Panty Drawer


If you are a seller wanting to sell access to different types of photos - you can create a new gallery under Settings & Galleries, upload a photo and select your required gallery.




All members can currently upload an unofficial verification photo. However EDUK also request verification directly to anyone selling. Members can request access to see your verification.


Members can click on your private gallery posts & request access - you can give members access via the "Manage Galleries" area, notifications will be available for you to view private gallery requests.

Please note that when you post to your private galleries you can see the content - but others can't until you grant access.

Sellers will quote a price via messaging & charge a fee for gallery access (see our basic price guide blog for more information)

Other members tend to use the private panty drawer feature to share content.

Don't forget you can view what private content that you have access to by going to the "Manage Galleries" area or the members profile & click on the albums.



Each photo post you can upload up to 5 photos (maximum photo size 10 MB - each photo)


You can upload 1 video per post - 75 MB is the maximum size for a video clip (generally around 10 seconds long in high quality setting)

Longer videos cannot be uploaded within EDUK unfortunately, this is to keep site costs to a minimum - please see further down this blog to see how you can share longer video clips another way.

It is best to upload clips directly from your device or PC.



Some sellers upload the maximum number of photos on adverts and on private gallery posts (5 photos)

Some sellers like to upload a small/short - high quality 10 second video clip to showcase their "Panties of the day"

Some sellers upload "proof" of wear photos within the private galleries & share access to their buyers.

Some buyers upload a few dick/cum photos within their private panty drawer & share access with sellers to get a rating.


If you are a seller it is best to change the generic cat profile photo given to you on sign up - to a photo of you (please no nudes or stock photos) It's best to let members see that you are a real person (unfortunately video clips can not be used as a profile picture, however some short GIFs may work)


On EDUK photos cannot be sent via our messaging area - our main aim is to try and keep all members as safe as possible, sending unsolicited pictures is a form of harassment & is not tolerated on EDUK. All members have the option to create private galleries & share access with one another after verification and consent is given. Happy sharing!


There's a lot of ways you can send content away from EDUK. See below list of some of the most popular methods -

Via email
Subscription sites
Google drive



For larger 3 minute clips you can use WhatsApp - however I am unsure if this 3 minutes is for a low or high quality clip? I guess it's a case of trial & error.

A downside to using WhatsApp is you'll have to give out your phone number (unless you have a separate work phone for kink)

It's very important that you have your location turned off on your camera settings when sending pics/clips via WhatsApp.


Subscription sites such as Only Fans or Admire Me etc... I am unsure the size, length & quality clips you can upload on there platforms - it might be worth asking them or another seller for advice.

A downside to using subscription sites is they can take a whopping 20% or more commission. Another downside is you'd have to upload content regularly & be more active to chat to your subscribers which can be tying.


You can upload bigger 5 minutes plus clips to your Google Drive/Dropbox & then share access to your buyers. Some sellers upload all of their pictures and clips and advertise monthly or yearly access for buyers to view them for a small fee.

A downside to using these is that they're not ment to be used for sex workers & the safety and security around using them for this is a bit of a grey area. I've heard of sellers losing their entire Google drives for example after a random spot check has been carried out.....

So not to draw attention to it's contents - you best give access for a short amount of time to your buyer for them to download the content from it. I'd also recommend naming your files something vanilla such as "feets" instead of "foot fetish for example.

It's very important that you have your location turned off on your camera settings when sending links or giving access to these.


A lot of sellers buy a second phone to do their fetish selling you can take your pictures and video clips using this phone, it is easy to install the Google Drive app to your phone to upload your content.

Some sellers use a site or app called www.wetransfer.com
this is a site where you can send links safely I think up to size 2GB.

You can add different apps for photo effects on your phone. This second phone doesn't need to be a top of the range one - as long as it has a decent camera & mic.

Some sellers also buy a phone tripod, a selfie stick & a ring light to help them get the best out of their content.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 05 February 2022

What is the panty drawer?

The panty drawer is just that your very own virtual private panty drawer on the site, it's a place for all members to upload photos of yourself wearing panties and a place to upload any "stock" you have available to sell (if you are a seller)

You don't have to model everything you sell - you can simply snap a photo and upload it to your panty drawer. You'll notice that all photos have there own unique number top right this is to help buyers choose their favourite pair.

Buyers can also upload pictures of their collections within the panty drawer and share access with sellers.

Buyers and sellers can share access as well as share a link off site of their panty drawer - however if your panty drawer has been set to private the contents can only be viewed within the site, you do have the ability to change the settings of your panty drawer to public.

To copy the sharable panty draw link go to your "Account Settings" & click "Preferences" you'll see it there.

You can add your panty drawer link within your app "All my links" for example.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 20 January 2022

Copyright -

Who owns the copyright?

The minute any original content is created, be it a photo, painting, text or piece of music, it is copyrighted to its creator.

There's no need to register, if you created it then it is legally yours and should not be used without your consent. There is no register of copyrighted works for the UK and no legal need to place large watermarks on your images. Once you make it, it is automatically copyrighted. The most notable exception would be if you were working for a photography company, then your employers will retain copyright of all work you do for them.

Copyright Infringements -
What counts as copyright infringement?

If your image gets used in the following ways without your consent, it’s a copyright infringement:

Reproduced (example: photocopied etc..)
Displayed publically
Publicly performed (in a show)

You can legally take action against the guilty party and request that all use of your imagery be withdrawn.

Even if your work was used accidentally, adjusted to appear different, posted with a disclaimer citing you as the owner or immediately removed from use, you can enforce your rights of ownership. In most cases, copyright infringement is settled with the payment of an agreed fee.

I hope this helps,


Posted on 17 January 2022

Dealing with copy cats -

So you've just logged onto your usual platform or social media account to see someone has directly copied your content (a direct copy & paste job) and they've either copied your bio, an advert or even worse your identity!

Don't panic! One of the above usually happens to everyone at some point selling fetish services .... Even though it's the biggest compliment you can receive - it is the most annoying thing that can happen to you.

Yes, some adverts, bios & content are similar - that's fair enough in my opinion.... There's only so much that people can offer buyers, so it will all be similar.

But the sellers that directly copy & paste your adverts, pinch your photos or your identity need a virtual slap across the face! Just don't do it - that is all!

So what's the easiest & best way to deal with this problem?

You can try to reach out to the seller & explain how your bio or adverts are just too similar and will be confusing to buyers and that one of you will need to amend them (hardly fair on your part I know)

If you did this I'd approach with caution, never insult them or accuse them of directly copying your work, always use the words similar.... But personally I wouldn't reach out to the seller because 9/10 you'll get a whole lot of abuse and a poor review.

Most decent social media or fetish selling platforms should have report & block buttons available?

Personally I'd definitely report the seller first and then I'd block them .... And I would re write the advert or whatever it is they've copied from you, maybe add a little text at the top of your bio to advise sellers to please not copy your content. And yes, I know that this seems unfair, you'll be asking yourself - "why should I have to change it and not them?"

The simple answer to that is - you are more experienced, skilled and more dedicated than they are! These people that directly copy like this tend to be completely brand new to selling or they are scammers after a quick buck - so it won't be long before they either quit or get kicked off the site.

It's easier just not to engage with these sellers because by doing so will just upset you more (in my past experience)

If however they've completely stolen your photos or your identity - you'll need to contact the platforms admin but please make sure you take screenshots of this ready to send. The platform should remove the content that's been directly copied & give the seller a warning (possible removal from the site)

Other fetish selling platforms should do that and if they don't you'll need to think about complaining to them - if they still don't do anything about it then unfortunately it maybe a case for you to leave the platform, which seems like a harsh decision but you are running a business after all.

I hope this has helped you.

Good Luck!

Posted on 10 January 2022

My Blog. Camming (by Miss Anna Phylaxis)

I’m Miss Anna Phylaxis, Lifestyle Mistress, Owner of a sissy boi and Professional Dominatrix.

I’ve been in the Kink scene for about 20 years, I have gained a huge wealth of knowledge, but I am always learning and will be till the day I hang up my boots. Believe it or not, I was a submissive, myself for over a decade, so I feel I have a very good empathy and knowledge of how it feels to be in the bottom position. It helps hugely. I am not a switch and closed the door on submitting 7 years ago. I’ve been a fetish seller for 15 years and a Professional Dominatrix for nearly 5 years.

This blog is based on Camming and what I do, how I do it and hope it will be of some use to you :o)

I primarily use Adultwork and Skype for Camming sessions. I’ll talk a little about each respectively.

Adultwork – This is a huge site with a good presence in the realm of the internet. It is a stable, widely used, and familiar site with access to many useful tools in order to increase your reach. I find their cam platform easy to use, and they will offer you promo when you sign in. You can also pair up your twitter account with the site and it will auto post when you’re online. Of course, the fact that they have such a useful platform will come with a cost. These are:

They take about 33% commission.
You need £150 before their cut in the account before you can “cash out” (this will give you approx. £105 afterwards).
Money takes approximately 2 weeks to land in your account.
Some performers join a “daily pay” group within Adultwork and then can get whatever is in the account paid at midnight or 8am each day. The daily pay groups take a commission on top of Adultwork (as much as 10%) for this ability.

For me, I wait. I prefer the 10% in my pocket. I also prefer knowing I have that coming in two weeks and it helps me plan cash flow! It is good to note here that some of the daily pay groups do not allow you to leave… so choose wisely. Plus, I like to leave something in the fund for featuring and positioning (which I will get to shortly)

So, you sign up to the account and you will need to go through a verification process, so don’t think you can just sign up tonight and get going. You will need to verify.

Once all that is done and you can cam, you follow the screens and get yourself a room you prefer to be in (you can chop and change rooms as an when you prefer, you will need to log off cam in order to make changes and re login) – I am always in Doms (the title annoys me, as Dom is the male, but we can’t have everything!)

Then you will show up in the room with your profile image and fees. Some days you’ll be on with as little as 10 other performers and sometimes you’re in there with up to 100 other performers so you will need to learn to stand out. Two of the main things you can do is feature and position. There are ways of featuring cheaply as it can become pricey is you leave things to last minute. Planning is essential to get the best rates for featuring. A month in advance is best. And always do it at midnight, like as soon as the clock ticks 00:00 Selecting webcam at midnight means you can feature for as little as £3.00 for a date one month in the future, but leave it till 8am the next day and you’re paying £7.00…

Positioning is paying to be higher up the page when you’re online. You bid for your spot. It’s approx. £3-4 per hour to do this. You’ll notice if you type £1 in the box, it will be red, then a higher amount will be amber and the highest amount will be Green for when you’ll be on top row. Personally, I wouldn’t pay a lot for positioning. It is helpful sometimes, but you will get a feel for it.

One big thing to note with adultwork, is promoting any platform outside of it whilst on it is a BIG no no. You can mention twitter because they’re paired, but only in the context “have you checked out my twitter? If you follow me on there and hotlist me on here, you will be notified as soon as I am on Cam again”. That is about as much as you can say.

If you said, “Go over to My twitter and you can link to sites I sell on, then you can my panties on EDUK” you’re liable to be kicked out. So be VERY wary.

And that is about it for AW on a very basic level. I hope this is helpful. Should you have any questions, or want more information on certain things, let me know!

Well I’m sure you all know how to use it on a functional level.

Advantages of Skype

You get all your fee
you get to talk freely and mention your platforms, where you sell offer custom stuff etc.
You can schedule times for bookings and not have to be on call as it were.


You have to do more promo

A client can eek out their time a little more and you can end up giving more for free (choose your rates higher in order to combat this or be very clear on time.)

So there you have it. Basic introduction and tips on Camming.

As I say – any questions or help needed. Just shout. Though I’m not up for being your IT tutor, just putting that out there! Haha!! I work in the field for the hours my job dictates… home time is my time! :o)

Posted on 06 December 2021

My Blog. Starting as a Bigender 'male' seller (By BigenderDragon)

I guess my story and introduction to this world is kinda a unique one. I was introduced in by a dom seller
friend, they started off describing what they do, the type of clients they got etc. and I thought hey why
don't I get in on some of this? And here I am.

It's kinda hard to sell myself as I am bigender and like both sides of a sexual/sensual experience. I'm very
inexperienced at selling and photography but I am making my best go at it. A lot of people including
myself see this selling and think, 'oh this is really easy money for them', but it really isn't as I have found

My style of selling is kinda unique as I can change what gender I feel like at the snap of a finger, One
moment I can be all flirty and shy and the next one big dom ready to take control. I have as of yet to
actually sell any of my products, but I am giving it a chance and taking my time to try and set myself up
and get this right.

This whole selling experience is unique and I am learning so much every day as I observe other sellers
and my own posts, everything grows.
But the one thing I am always returning to within myself are that those of you that do appreciate my
content are all so precious and valuable to me.

As a dragon at heart I see you all as precious parts of my
special hoard.

Love you all my shinies, Hail. x

Posted on 05 December 2021

My Blog. My retail items (by Mistress Ruby Fox) -

I am Mistress Ruby Fox, a big hello from me to you. I sell on the Retail Emporium page. I did start off selling my own used underwear and services but then I branched out into selling Ann Summers & I have been a representative for well over a year now. Their underwear is truly lovely & I am very sociable so I enjoy hosting the parties, so this is perfect for me to offer.

I love make up too and a bit of pampering time to my self, who doesn't? I can sit for literally hours in the bath and have a good long soak.

I am also very passionate about our planet and how important it is to use products that are completely natural & sustainably sourced. So I decided to become a Body Shop representative around a year ago & I enjoy doing this the most! I love the fact that all of their products are now Vegetarian and they are working towards having all products Vegan. I've always loved Body Shop products even from a really young age.

I am so happy that I can list all of my services under one roof on ED Emporium. As a self employed mother, time can be very limited. So ED is the perfect place for me to list everything I offer. Make sure you checkout what I have to offer & you are very welcome to message me if you can't find what you're looking for.

I have to confess that I am a shopaholic myself lol! Often family, friends & customers come to me if they are stuck on finding that perfect gift for a loved one. So I can be helpful when it comes to that, so if you are a buyer looking for that perfect gift for your favourite seller - please get in touch.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little about me. I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mistress Ruby Fox,

Posted on 28 November 2021

Do I need a work schedule? -

I've had a few sellers ask this question over time...

The answer is - it's completely up to you & what works best around your lifestyle.

I'd say if fetish services is a full time job for you, then probably yes, it will be beneficial to have a work schedule to maximize your regular earnings. So you could have set working hours & what services you'll be providing within what times.

If this is full time, it is important to have a few hours set aside to do admin work, accounts, buying props & planning and scheduling your content....

Planned weekly photo shoots are very beneficial to keep your content looking fresh and it helps boost your confidence, it can give you some idea on what works for you.

Whether you do this as a full time job or a little side hustle it's important to have your panty orders booked in - so buy yourself a diary or get yourself an app on your phone. Ensure you schedule in your monthly visit too.

When you take a look at your orders try and get the best out of that time - for example: if you have a panty wear booked and they want a custom video for that, say their name right at the beginning of the clip, that way you can edit the video for re sale. Try and keep your custom clips to one day a week, it makes sense if you are already dressed up & you have the camera set up.

It's a good idea to keep the camera rolling after you've finished doing your custom clips - because you can plan to do something else straight after for example a JOI video... This will help build up your video collection.

Another good thing you can do is to try and upsell... for example: wear socks or stockings with each of your panty orders & take plenty of photos of you wearing them - then ask your current buyer if they'd like to buy them as well - if they don't pop them up for sale along with a photo set of you wearing them.

Doing a little each day actually goes a long way. I say post once every day on each of your platforms (ED Emporium, Twitter, Admire Me etc....) a lot of sellers are not as active on weekends (in particular a Saturday) it is important to have a little time away from this each week.

When I say post I don't mean a full on advert, it could be a journal post, a tweet, a pole or a photo etc... also like posts/tweets, comment on what others have posted, follow others & maybe reach out to a buyer to just say "Hello"

Be yourself that's the MOST important piece of advice I can give you!

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 14 November 2021

What is our Retail Emporium? -

So you've joined EDUK and you are wondering what our Retail Emporium page is all about?

Well let me explain! We noticed that some of our sellers were already selling NEW RETAIL Ann Summers / Body Shop items & even handmade crafted items / celebration cards on Twitter - we also noticed that sellers were offering other various services such as seller training and content management etc...

So we thought why not sell items like this on ED Emporium?!


Bath/Body Products
Content Management
Cosmetic Products
Fancy Dress
Food/Drink Products
Gift Sets
Photo Editing
Sex Toys
Video Editing

This new retail page was put live in late 2021. We just thought why not have a place on ED to sell new retail items!

We've basically tried to make it a one stop shop for our members!

What's also good about this retail emporium page is some of our members add products or links to items & services that they don't sell themselves personally - but the information they share maybe of some benefit to our members (for example a link to an online sex toy shop)


No extra charges for sellers to list.
Customers are already on the site.
Treat yourself to something nice.
Buyers can order from you to treat sellers.
List all you offer in one place.
Shop for everything in one place.
Support other members on the site.


We advise its best to post at least once a day, this shows members that you are active, reminds them that you are there & it will help you make more sales!

For example post an advert, upload a photo or post to your journal - one of these at least once a day will help you to get more noticed, as well as interacting and following other members on the site.

When you list an item or service all you need to do is select "Retail" under the condition of the item when you post an offer & select your category - it is that simple!


Any virtual fetish services such as camming & sexting etc... Or any used posted goods such as worn panties & used socks etc... Those types of services / items need to be listed within the USED EMPORIUM page.

Join our Dream Team to buy or sell today!

Good Luck!

Posted on 07 November 2021

EDUK beginners selling guide -

So you maybe saying "I'm new to selling, got any tips?" Or are you new to ED Emporium & wondering how to sell on our platform?

Where to start!

1. Upgrade your account so you can sell.

2. Read all of the blogs within the "Help" page.

3. Join the "Sellers Lounge " group chat.

4. Create a new email address specifically for this.

5. You can add a profile photo & create a small bio.

Now you are ready to snap and sell!

What you maybe asking -

"How long will it take to get my first sale on ED Emporium?" That's like asking "how long is a piece of string?" Lol! No one knows the answer to that question unfortunately... It could take 4 minutes, 4 hours, 4 days or even 4 weeks!

If you read this blog, upgrade to premium so you can be seen on all of the pages - plus interact with buyers this should increase your chances of getting a sale.

Your Privacy -

No need to show your face, it's best not to give out your real name & choose a screen name - for example "Katie's knickers" set up a new email address specifically for this & finally the best payment methods to accept are - online vouchers (such as Amazon)

Messaging -

We encourage all members to send messages via EDUK - obviously you can move over onto other communication apps for further communication - HOWEVER please be aware that EDUK do not recommend Kik or Telegram to conduct "business" off site. These apps are well known to be used by fake buyers.

Team Rules -

Please read our T&C's they have our "Team Rules" within it for you to follow, these set of rules are to help maximise your user experience & to keep you as safe as possible within the platform. Please report any rule breakers!

Help Page -

We recommend you have a look within our help page as it has lots of useful information including links to our most popular essential blogs to help get you started.

Group Chats -

You are welcome to join our group chat -

SELLERS LOUNGE = Sellers only

Being Active -

We've heard sellers say that they have recently joined EDUK but have had no sales! On EDUK you are more likely to get the sales if you are active most days, we are more like a fetish Facebook - so therefore being yourself & being active is the key ESPECIALLY POSTING A JOURNAL POST EVERY DAY TO THE SOCIAL FEED.... The sellers that post daily & interact with buyers tend to get the sales. Don't forget to greet new buyers that have recently joined EDUK, you can also message buyers with a "Hello" nothing too heavy & not asking them to buy anything from you, by you messaging them will put you in their minds.

EDUK Verification -

EDUK upload this for selling accounts and fuzz out your face (this is mandatory) for everyone else it is optional to add this yourself - remember there's no need to show your full face.

EDUK Private Galleries -

Anyone selling can create as many private galleries as they wish - 5 photos can be uploaded at one time - you can add as many photos as you wish within your private galleries. It's good to have a variety of different types of photos to get more chance of a sale.

Your EDUK Panty Drawer -

It is best to update your private EDUK panty drawer on a regular basis for buyers to browse, it helps keep buyers interested in what you have for sale... When you first start obviously you won't have any new underwear - we recommend that you have a look within your current drawers at home first - then when you've made a few sales you can purchase some new underwear to add to your EDUK panty drawer.

What sells on EDUK? -

Branded underwear does tend to sell better or blends of silk, satin & velvet are popular. Having a sale or giving away a free gift or private gallery access will obviously help you stand out from the crowd. Custom clips and cam sessions are another good seller on ED Emporium. And finally don't be afraid to ask buyers what they want by creating a basic poll.

Positive Comments -

It's a good idea to post any positive comments on other members walls - especially if you've had a good experience with a buyer, this will also encourage others to post positive feedback about you!

Social Points/Virtual Gifts -

It is a lovely gesture to send buyers a virtual gift on EDUK, not only does this help you get noticed with buyers - each time you send a gift it automatically posts on the social feed when gifts have been sent, this will help you get seen on the platform.

Recommendations -

We recommend publishing at least 1 post per day to keep members engaged with fresh, new content. We also recommend interacting at least 10 times per day & commenting at least 5 times a day.

Also Recommended -

Liking posts
Bookmarking posts
Bookmarking profiles
Interacting with posts
Following other members
Positively rating others
Messaging members

Navigating EDUK -

You can't break anything so don't worry - familiarise yourself with your account settings & have a look at the quick links section - these areas are there to help organise your day & to ensure your settings are how you like them.

What Doesn't Work -

On EDUK it's not a case of creating your profile then sit and wait for the sales to come in! You need to be proactive & interact each day. If you prefer just to list adverts, re- share the same content over and over again & not interact with others at all on the site - then unfortunately ED Emporium is not for you and we wish you the very best of luck for the future!

Please Remember -

We are not the biggest platform out there so we do have less members (our membership pricing reflects this) - BUT this means that we have less time wasters, so by connecting more with others will more likely get you the sales. Don't be afraid to be yourself and showcase your fun side and personality!

I hope this has helped you,

Good Luck on EDUK!

Posted on 24 October 2021

Benefits of writing a blog for EDUK -

We are always asking if anyone would like to write a blog for us on ED Emporium - in exchange for a shout out on our platform to say thank you, we also share your links on twitter and ED. We really do appreciate your support and we love to hear about our buyers and sellers experiences.

So what do you write a blog about? Basically anything you want. For example you can tell us about yourself, how long you've been buying or selling for, what you like to buy or sell, what made you get into the fetish scene and anything else you'd like to share about yourself. You can write about an experience that you've had, or you can even share some advice and tips to other members.

The benefits of writing a blog for us are -

1. You receive a little free gift from us.
2. It is free advertising for yourself.
3. Lets members know a little about you.
4. Share tips & ideas with members.
5. Share experiences with members.

If you are interested in writing us a blog - please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Thank You!

Posted on 09 October 2021

Quiet spells -

If you're reading this then you must be going through a quiet spell & wondering why sometimes this happens? One minute you have lots of orders coming in and then it stops?

Why is it quiet? I am getting asked this a lot lately & I'm getting asked to do a lot of seller profile checks - so I thought I'd write a blog about it.

PLEASE DON'T PANIC! Chances are if you've been quiet everyone else has.... There's lots of reasons why it can suddenly go quiet - so it's not you!

If it is quiet please don't think you need to lower your prices, although having a sale isn't such a bad idea but never go below £15 for used panties because you'll just start a price war in the platform. Once you lower your prices everyone else will follow.

You need to remember that this is a luxury service to most if not all buyers, so you need to factor in the continuous rising living costs & if that's the case less people will be buying.

Then there's other reasons why buyers may not be spending, such as - illness, going on holiday, bank holidays, birthdays, Xmas, school uniforms to buy & waiting for pay day etc...

So how do you deal with quiet spells? Firstly don't get your knickers in a twist lol! And never give up. Keep moving forward, keep busy & keep being you (that is the most important thing)

I have a few suggestions below on what to do when it goes quiet -

1. Keep posting on EDUK, just showing up increases your chances of being noticed by a buyer - even if you just post to your journal or re post some pictures or adverts. Like and comment on other members posts.

2. Branch out, try looking into branching out a little, obviously you don't want to spend money that you haven't got. Why not look into advertising on places where it is free? Such as Twitter or Only Fans?

3. Refresh your adverts & profile. Maybe re write your bio, upload some new pictures, add a new advert - getting these little jobs done while you are quiet may attract a new buyer.

4. Contact members. Get it touch with past buyers, ask them how they are (do not directly sell to them because this may put them off you) Contact other buyers and sellers, just ask how they are - it's nice to be nice. You can even set up a group chat?

Things not to do when it's quiet OR just in general OR things that just personally pee me off -

1. Do nothing at all, don't post things & sit and wait for buyers to get in touch with you - like your going to get any sales by doing this? It actually takes some effort to sell you know!

2. Don't contact other members & don't comment on anything.... It makes you look boring & unapproachable in my opinion, yes you maybe shy - however it doesn't take a lot of effort to "like" members posts does it?

3. Only post about selling or complain in posts. It's very unattractive to be honest, buyers like to know a little bit about you - even if its just to show them your new pretty nail varnish...

4. Being vague about what you offer in your bio, adverts & journal etc... for example - "I cover most fetishes, get in touch" "Tell me what you want" OR being conceited for example - "I'm a red hot 35 year old Milf & did you know I'm THE number 1 panty seller, get in touch" Like this is helpful to the buyer!

The bottom line is just keep on being you, communicate with people, post about yourself on EDUK, Twitter, Reddit & any other social media platform to drive more traffic to your profile. Please remember that EDUK are ALWAYS here to listen!

I hope this has helped you,

Good Luck!

Posted on 23 September 2021

Issue with a member? (what to do) -



Within this blog are just a small amount of common issues that crop up, EDUK cannot cover every eventuality sadly.

Unfortunately we can't always all get along with one other, in most cases if you ignore and block the user this will remedy the problem.

Our answers within this blog are just a GUIDELINE ONLY please use your own discretion.

ED Emporium Admins do not get involved in member conflicts or "take sides" we encourage all member issues to be delt with amongst yourselves - this also applies "off site" so if any issues were to arise on Kik for example.

Please stay within EDUK messaging as much as possible, if a member asks you to go onto another communication app (for example Kik, Snapchat & Telegram) we recommend that you charge an unlock fee for those details & please ensure you carry out a verification between one another.



It's best not to retaliate in awkward situations, that will only escalate the issue & may result in YOU being placed onto our naughty step indefinitely! The best thing to do is block them straight away & move on.





If you find that the rule they have broken is offensive to you - blocking that member is the best course of action.



I have been blocked by someone I like OR I have been blocked by someone I've recently had an issue with & I'd like to resolve it - what shall I do?


Unfortunately people have many reasons to block you - even though it would seem that you got on with them. Please don't worry & try not to take it personally, it may not be you that they have an issue with, it could be that their safety or security has been compromised in some way?



Someone with a duplicate account OR someone who has been on EDUK before (repeat account) & I've had issues with this member in the past - what shall I do?


The best thing you can do is to block the member straight away. Obviously if they are abusive or harassing towards you directly - please report & block.



Another member has told me that someone on the site is spreading rumours about me, indirectly bullying me or making up lies about me behind my back - what shall I do?


Please report this as soon as possible, EDUK do not tolerate bullying of any kind. We also advise you to block the member in question once you've reported them to us.



A buyer is non stop messaging wanting to buy but never goes through with it, a buyer is wanting sex chat for free OR a buyer has ghosted me at payment - what should I do?


Ideally sales should be made within the same day - however this may not be the case. Every day chat is perfectly acceptable.... Buyers asking you to move onto Kik or trying to sext you for free is unacceptable - payment should be made first. Please block them within 7 days & report.



I have been nothing but courteous with a member - however they are being abusive & harassing towards me for no reason.


You shouldn't tolerate any bad behaviour towards you, the best thing to do is refrain from replying, report the member & block them immediately.



A member appears to be a fake for example a "Sugar Daddy" etc... Unfortunately fakes can come in many forms & they are everywhere & on every site like this one.


Ignore any communication received, report & block. Do not give out any of your Kik details or any bank details ... DO NOT ever give anyone any money unless you are a buyer paying for a service.



A member has failed to deliver my product or a service after I've paid & they have been active on EDUK since & have not responded to my messages.


Message the member (through EDUK & by email) one final time and ask them kindly to send the goods or service that has been paid for within 7 days (this will give them time to sort it out for you - they may of had some kind of an emergency crop up) If after this time you don't hear anything rate 1 star, report and block.



You have delivered the experience, you are in the middle of an experience OR the buyer has received their service/goods - but the buyer wants a refund for whatever reason.


Firstly this is common - buyers do change their minds unfortunately. EDUK recommend to offer half a refund (as you still need to cover your time & costs, plus the buyer has already probably had photos sent to them and your time spent messaging them throughout the order) OR you can offer the buyer private gallery access instead of any refund.



You maybe asking why is the buyer no longer replying to me after they've placed & paid for a service?


Take payment upfront for everything obviously! This issue is very common - maybe they've had a change of heart? OR they've been interrupted? See below for further details.


If they disappear during a sexting session for example - carry on from your side until the session time has ended (they may have chance to look at the messages & pics later)


If they don't provide a postal address - ask them to send their name & address within 7 days - advise them after this time items will be discarded as they will no longer be "fresh" and no refund can be given because you need to be paid for your time & the item.



Another member has used my ideas & is posting similar content to mine.


Using your ideas & having similar photos/content to yours is very annoying - however this is a compliment (they maybe new to selling) Do not engage in conversation with the member & block them. You can add a message within your bio - for the attention of other sellers, to ask them politely not to copy your unique style.



Another member has directly copied my content word for word - to pass off as their own work (direct copy & paste job)


Another member has taken my photos. They've stolen my identity & are pretending to be me.


Do not engage in conversation with the member - report & block them. You can add a message within your bio - for the attention of other sellers, to ask them politely not to copy your hard unique work. Take screenshots of your profile & there's just incase admin need to see.


We recommend on EDUK you report any members straight away if they appear to have a fake or duplicate account - once these members have been reported enough times they will be automatically downgraded to our free version or placed onto our "Naughty Step" - which means they are suspended indefinitely! You may be able to see them on the site - but don't worry they can't log in at all.

Please think about it carefully before you report someone.

By having this system it will potentially keep our members safe - HOWEVER this only works if YOU report them!

For your information we have group chats & a "Help Centre" available for you to access if help is needed.

We hope this helps you,

Good Luck!

Posted on 19 September 2021

Seller fake warning signs -

Oh yes, theirs such a thing as a seller who potentially could be or who is a fake! It is the case on EVERY platform ...So buyers beware....

The good news is not all sellers are fakes, BUT unfortunately they do exist - so please keep your guard up.

Some "sellers" just pray on buyers & try to make a quick buck but not deliver a service in return for payment - which is really bad. Only the lowest of the low do this - the scum of the earth!

Our blogs listed below (that you'll find on our blog page) will give you a few tips that may help you with your fetish buying -

"Safety and member difficulties"

"How to choose a seller"

Some sellers talk the talk, have sexy ways & look hot in photos - but they are not genuine! So the first question is what can you do? See below a few tips on this -

1. Ask to see the seller's photographic ID held up to their chin via email (you do the same in return)
2. Watch how they interact with others.
3. Ask to see the seller's price list/menu.
4. Order something small first (example nudes)
5. Pay for tracked postage & get a tracking number.
6. Chat on the platform as much as possible.
7. When placing an order take an email address.

Those are the main 6 pieces of advice we can give you to help you a little. Remember to look out for how many 5/5 profile ratings they have - but also take some with a pinch of salt, if a seller has a lot of 5/5 ratings but the odd rating is 1/5, please remember that it may have been a low rating done out of jealousy by another seller! They can get very competitive...

The second question is what are the red flags & how can you spot a potential fake? See below for a few of the things we think are red flags -

1. Really cheap offers
2. A very basic profile, with little effort.
3. No visible interaction with other members.
4. Very few adverts or posts.
5. Three stars or less for profile ratings.
6. No profile picture or a stock photo.
7. Being pushy with you to get a sale.
8. Lack or no communication once paid.
9. Appearing to be a "Sugar Baby" seeking a "Sugar Daddy"

The third and final thing! Just on a side note here, the seller may have a really good reason not to deliver what was ordered on time (example:- an emergency situation to deal with etc..) so always give them the benefit of the doubt & a bit of time to try and put things right for you before you rate & report them....

1. Ask them to deliver your order within 7 days.
2. Still no order? Rate 1 star, report them to us & we can permanently ban the seller & please block them.
3. Still no refund? Try and get a payment reversal.

Please remember that you cannot claim your money back from platforms - but if you read this blog & follow our advice this will help prevent this from happening to you.

On a side note - these things may not be red flags but we think they are a big turn off & buyers will probably agree with us, if a seller is being pushy & saying that the item or experience is cheap. These things don't look good ladies & gents!

All you need to do with these above types of "sellers" is - don't engage in conversation, block and move on.

Good luck!

Posted on 12 September 2021

Our social media -

Please follow Patrick on X (was Twitter) -


Thank you !

Posted on 12 September 2021

My Blog. Mukbang experiences (by Eden Moon)

Food is wonderful, it is there at all points in life. We use it for survival, celebration, comfort and even to spice things up in the bedroom. Food is linked massively with the creation of intimacy, drawing attention to your mouth and lips. Food is also commonly associated with aphrodisiacs, I’m looking at you oysters. So how do you make money from this love of food? I would like to introduce you to the world of a Mukbang.

The word “mukbang” comes from the combination of the Korean word “Muk-ja,” which means “to eat,” and “bang-song,” “to broadcast.” Hence, “mukbang” was born, and with it the potential for another viral video. In South Korea, eating in restaurants is very mush a social activity, and eating outside of the home alone is frowned upon.

So how does this viral trend translate to the world of adult entertainment? Well its really simple, there is a kink for everything. Feederism in an underground sexual fetish which involves one partner (the feeder) feeding the other, the feedee. Feederism can vary in nature, from a consensual act between two people who mutually appreciate a larger body type, to a more Dominant/submissive relationship, which may involve consensual force-feeding and bondage and is undertaken with the intention of fattening up the feedee, although some feeder relationships are not undertaken with the purpose of weight gain at all but for the enjoyment of food in an intimate context.

Knowing now that people enjoy both the act of eating and watching others eat means that we, as entertainers, are able to provide a service for this very special kink and the possibilities are endless. For me personally, I offer several different Mukbang packages, but I do find its always best to discuss the needs of the client and any limitation on what you are willing to do. Just because your client wants to see you eat a cucumber that has been inserted into every hole, doesn’t mean you have to.

My most popular package, is one that allows my client orders a meal for me, and I simply eat the meal on camera. This can be done clothed or in various states of undress. I also have a few pre-recorded videos that are popular among the individuals who are simply curious about the fetish. Some entertainers offer the experience as a video call, and approach the whole situation with a date like quality.

Regardless of how you approach this fetish the most important thing to remember is that both yourself and your client must be comfortable. Forcing yourself to create content you are not comfortable with will show in the product.

Now if you have decided to create Mukbang content, how do you go about getting started. There are a few practical aspects that need to be taken into consideration and your health is number one. If you have medical restrictions on what you can eat, stick to it. Nobody wants you in hospital, if you have a nut allergy and you eat a jar of peanut butter. Next is knowing your limits on how much you can eat. There is nothing worse then feeling so full you can’t move. Also if you're worried about your weight, remember exercise is also important, and ensure you eat well between videos.

Second, is how do you safely get your meal, without giving out your details. There are a few ways, some chain restaurants and delivery companies have gift vouchers. These are great because you get your code and place your order. I, personal, have my own menus that I send to the client, that I have made up from my local takeaways, with all my favourite meals. They select my meal and include that into the cost of the video. Never give out your address to have it sent to you.

Lastly, enjoy your meal and film yourself. Have fun with it, like anything else you do, if you enjoy it, so will your client. Then send the video in the same way as you would send any other video.

These are great videos to make, and worth the effort you put in. I’ve had so much fun with Mukbang, and built most of my Onlyfans on this. So if you're looking to diversify into a new fetish why not give it a go.

Take care sweeties xx

Posted on 22 August 2021

Only Fans alternative? -

So you've lost your Only Fans content because they've deleted it recently, they are not paying out what you are owed or they've closed your account? What do you do now?

Did you know that Only Fans is not a platform to upload adult, nude or fetish content? They have a lot of rules and do not allow a lot of content to be posted!

Starting again on another platform may fill you with dread & take up a lot of your time, re uploading content is definitely not an option! Also don't forget that Only Fans take 20% or more commission from you! So you may be wondering what else you can do?

Or you may not have ID to verify your account?

Well ED Emporium may just be an alternative!

Our seller premium membership is pay as you & one of the lowest priced site within the UK. We take no commission fees of 20%+ from your sales YOU keep all of your earnings (as you take payment directly from your buyers) YOU have all of the control! Control means you can stop & start it whenever you like, you can have proper breaks away from the fetish world now and again.

Think about it, if you join a platform similar to Only Fans your "fans" will expect you to be on that platform most of the time taking to them, some buyers forget that you are human and that we all need time off now & again - it is a job/a business after all.

On ED Emporium you can add as many journal posts as you like - so your buyers can see what you are up to.

You can also send your buyers personal messages within ED Emporium.

You can set up as many private galleries as you like, give and takeaway access whenever you like. You can charge your own prices, collect all of the money & keep it for yourself! Now prices - I've seen sellers advertise "Lifetime" private gallery access for a ridiculously low amount of money, no one can offer life can they? Will you be selling for the rest of your life? Can you commit to this? What if you need a break? Personally I'd offer it on a month to month basis.

Pricing is up to you, again you can charge your own prices - if you don't know what to charge please see our "Basic Price Guide" blog.

You can post nude content a couple of times a week for your buyers to enjoy & don't forget if you want time off you can just resume this whenever YOU like!

And don't forget on ED Emporium you can advertise other services & fetish posted items you'd like to sell all under one roof.

Here are some more positives! Sending nice gestures & flirting is easy on ED Emporium, you can rate profiles & send a virtual gift (using your social points)

Things to keep in mind - always age verify & take payment before you give access to any of your private galleries!


Good Luck!

Posted on 12 July 2021

Fake Sugar Daddies -

Be careful of anyone signing up pretending to be us EDUK staff! We are EDUK ADMIN & EDUK IT - no one else!

If you definitely know 100% that a member on ED Emporium is a sugar daddy please do the following 1. Report 2. Rate there profile 1 heart 3. Block.

So you might have heard the news about these so called "Sugar Daddies" creeping around sites & social media trying to con sellers out of money? Well here at ED Emporium we take things like this VERY seriously!

Firstly please do not mention in posts on social media & within ED about Sugar Daddies - all what this will do is attract Sugar Daddies to you, you'll be on their radar and they won't leave you alone.

Even "Trust Pilot" get these type of fake people leave reviews on their site leaving contact details! And "Trust Pilot" is ment to be a site you are ment to trust!

Any buyer presenting themselves from "America" with numbers on the end of their name I'd be careful of!

Just to note that if a buyer has sugar daddy or daddy within their screen name etc... Don't be too alarmed & only report them if they start messaging you trying to get you away from the site - because that is the biggest red flag that they are a sugar daddy (they mainly try to get you onto Kik, Wire, Telegram, Snapchat or they give you their phone number or ask you for feet pics or 15 pairs of panties!)

Another red flag can be there bios having things in like "Looking to spoil" "Looking to spoil one sweet girl" "Daddy seeking a Baby" "King looking for a Princess" "I have €500 a week to spoil a Princess" please make sure you take time to read buyers bios.

Here are some tips on not how to get caught up in these types of scams. Never give out your Kik, Snap Chat, Whatsapp or any other kind of communication app until the "buyer" has paid you for the service or your time in general, some sellers charge a £5 to £10 access fee (paid via online voucher or cash app, never give out your bank details!)

Some sugar daddies may even ask if you are on Telegram to communicate & they may ask you to download Cex.io, Bit Coins, Crypto or Coinbase - these are a way to receive payment & it's very dodgy! Don't do it!

Infact I would go as far as not showing any of these communication details on your public profiles - because all this does is encourages these type of people to get in touch more easily for free...

The type of message you'll receive from a sugar daddy on our site is something like this -

"How are you doing? I got attracted by your profile, you’re so beautiful,send me your Kik name for more conversation"

"Hello,I’m here looking for a loving and caring sugar baby to keep my companionship and to spoil in return,you can text me via my number... or chat me via kik or Snapchat ... for more conversation"

"Hello, I’m from US,I’m here looking for a loving and caring sugar baby to keep my companionship and to spoil in return,you can text me via my number ... or chat me via kik ... for more conversation"

"Hello sexy Are you interested in having a sugar daddy, to take Care of u and get all your needs and also you will be getting an allowance of $1000 or more a week??"

"Where else can we talk love"

"Hi beautiful... I'm Fred I may not reply to messages here due to work but you can add me up on Kik via ..........

"Add me on Kik for a surprise"

"Looking to spoil a sweet girl. I don't want to pay for pictures, just looking for companionship"

Then they will be really pushy & keep asking for your Kik details - don't give them your details!

The latest is they are waiting a good few weeks before they get in touch with you....

Let buyers ask you about your services through our platform if they are interested in buying, we have tried to make this super easy for buyers to get in touch and let you know what they are looking for. You can create many photo albums (Inc your panty drawer) to upload stock, you can create adverts with prices and even upload a "menu" to your profile if needed as an advert or photo album. You can add your payment links onto your profile too.

Literally the only things you need to go off the website is to age verify or have an experiences with the buyers such as sexting etc.... once they've paid.

Another thing not to do is give out any of your bank details, I personally wouldn't let anyone pay via bank transfer because they can use your bank details to set up direct debits (which has happened to sellers!)

Never ever give any buyer any money or provide any type of service without getting payment from them first EVER! Even if it's a long term buyer - just don't do it!

If a buyer is asking you to pay them then they are fake! Every website has them - so please be careful guys!

And finally if you report & block them & they receive so many reports they'll be suspended and placed on our naughty step & they will stay there indefinitely in most cases.

I hope this has helped you,

Good Luck!

Posted on 07 July 2021

My Blog. Things that sell (by Knicker Misfits)

Well over the years I think I've sold pretty much everything knickers, thongs, boxer shorts, bras, socks, skirts, dresses, leggings, tights stockings, toys, used condoms, sexting, phone sex, cam, girl friend experiences, chat, clips, pics, toothbrushes, cotton buds, period pads & tampons.

All I wanted to do when I first started out was sell knickers and that's it, I was so nieave because I thought I'd sell a pair a day & all I'd need to do is wear, take a photo & post (I was so wrong haha! It's actually hard work)

At the beginning all of my queries were for clips which I hated because I'm not that technical, I'm crap at following instructions. I had to do certain clips in one take because of the type of content clients were after, such as peeing in my pants, if I got the take wrong I'd have to drink more liquid, wait and re do the whole clip again.

Plus some of the requests just got out of hand such as change into loads of sexy outfits within a certain amount of time, use a million toys, cum, squirt, finger my ass hole and remember a script all through out. Like some of the requests where so detailed and specific it was unreal.

I get it though if clients are paying they need to get what they paid for.

I used to open my queries with one eye open crossing my fingers that it wasn't a custom clip. I did them though because I needed the money.

It actually took me around 2 months to sell a pair of panties, I'd only advertise knickers though and clients would still just want clips.

Now my main thing I sell is what I wanted to do in the first place and that is used panties, I love it!! Like really love it.

I've sold everything but what I am really gob smacked about is that socks and feet fetishism isn't as popular as I thought, not at all.

I thought foot fetish would be up there and busier than used panties, I did buy loads of lovely socks in thinking those would sell & I was so wrong. I think I've had to give nearly every pair away as a free gift with used knickers.

The only socks that sell are ones that are up to your knee or the little frilly ankle socks and always in white.

It's the same with stockings I haven't sold many pairs of those too which I'm shocked about. Again I've given them away as a free gift with panty orders.

I find toys are quite popular, thats within my top 5 most popular things I sell. For me it goes, used panties at no.1, daily chat no.2, used toys no.3, sexting no.4 & sissy tasks no.5.

Used panties are definitely my specialty, without sounding like I'm showing off, I am always booked for panty wear and it's mainly my panties of the day (lucky dips) 1 day wear, played in & pee. I think clients must like my positive energy, they can see I genuinely love it, I really look after them & my panties must smell good.

So I'd say to anyone starting out in panty selling that the main money makers are not actually selling your used panties, it's things like camming, phone sex and custom clips, that's were the money is for sure. It's not for me but a lot of girls offer it and make good money as well.

Lots of love,

Kitty X

Posted on 07 July 2021

My Blog. Keep going (by Submissive Ellie)

In this line of work, it can get hard and you feel like quitting at times. It is difficult to stay focused because this is an additional job on top of another job and it can get tiring.

You see sellers come and go, mainly go because most think this line of work is easy, well it is definitely not easy.

I am writing this blog to say you are not alone. I would like to share some tips with you about what to do when you feel like you can no longer keep going in this line of work.

(These have worked for me anyway)

1. Have regular screen breaks, time away from your phone, as phones can be addictive. Read a book or have a bath.

2. Have regular days off in the week or weekends off, make sure you have proper holidays. Have time off for you to rest.

3. Treat yourself, whether it's a little pampering, a nice takeaway or something you've seen online you'd like to buy yourself, you deserve it you work hard.

4. If you are feeling low talk about it. Talk to other sellers if you are feeling a dip or frustrated with it all. In my experience most sellers are approachable and friendly.

5. Only sell and do what you enjoy or comfortable doing, don't let anyone push you to do something you don't want to do.

It's important to enjoy what you do, but it is more important to take care of yourself.

Ellie X

Posted on 23 June 2021

Buying used panties -

Once you've chosen your hot ED Emporium seller and you are placing an order their are a few things I've listed below that may help your experience go more smoothly -

1. Both of you need to age verify.
2. Confirm your order & delivery date with the seller (take a screenshot of the order)
3. Upgrade your order and pay extra for tracked delivery.
4. Make sure you pay before wear.

Sellers are mostly not divas, however their are a few basic sex worker manners that wouldn't go a miss when talking to a seller.

As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for" so please don't haggle on price or ask for free stuff (especially don't ask for live pictures of what they are doing now) this is probably the number one issue sellers face on a daily basis - the price is what it is & you need to pay for everything....

If anything you should pay more than the listed price! You'll never know what extras you will receive in return.

Always always read the sellers bio! Yes pictures talk and sellers may look sexy - but please read any bios and adverts listed this will cut out a lot of questions to the seller asking them what they offer (they get this a million times a day) Any of the top sellers should send you a "menu" if they don't just ask for one, this is a basic price list of what they offer.

If the seller doesn't offer something that you really want please don't push them and keep asking, this just causes upset with the seller. We have boundaries and our own limits.

Another thing that sellers aren't keen on is when a buyer is a bit too enthusiastic and needy lol! Like messaging lots without paying for an order first and asking things like:- are you there mistress, message me back mistress, what do you think mistress, what shall I do mistress, what would you do mistress, is it small mistress, I'm I loser mistress, do you think I'm a loser mistress.... Not all contact is a domination/humiliation exercise you need to pay for that! So it's best to discuss what you'd like and pay the seller for her time first.

Also it's nice to message the seller when you've received the goods and share photos if you can, it's nice to see buyer enjoy lovingly prepared items, if you are happy with the service please rate the seller too, we love that kind of stuff!

Apart from all of the above us sellers are all sweetness and light really lol! Promise! It's just about being respectful, friendly, having manners and paying for our time really - it is really that simple!

Good Luck!

Posted on 12 June 2021

Faceless fetish platforms -

Over the last few years we have received comments from EDUK members about how our site compares to the bigger platforms out there. The common theme is that ED Emporium has more of a community feel than most (based from feedback given by users)

Even though we are a smaller site - we are very happy with this feedback as this is exactly what we are trying to achieve!

Other comments and feedback from members that we have received over time - is that some of the other fetish selling platforms including the content selling platforms are apparently a little "faceless" meaning that theirs no community feel about them. Other than listing your content and services on these platforms - the only other thing you can do to socialise is follow people and message them directly.

EDUK is definitely different - not only can you follow members and message them directly, we have a "Social Feed" available so you get to see what people are up to, you can also collect social points and gift other members a virtual gift using these points.

Posts happen in real time when members are online and are not scheduled in advance or posted by bots!

We have support available and a couple of group chats so you are not alone in your journey! Why not join today it is free!

Thank you for reading,

Good luck!


Posted on 27 May 2021

How EDUK works -


1. Sign up and browse our beautiful sellers and adverts.
2. Click the "I'm Interested" button if you see something you'd like to buy.
3. The seller should message you directly about your enquiry and take your postal address etc.. if they don't, please drop them a message yourself.
4. The sellers preferred "payment" methods are usually within there profile under "TREATS & TIPS"
5. Once your items or service has been delivered please rate the sellers profile.


1. Sign up, upgrade to premium and create your listings.
2. Please check your enquiries or messaging inbox for any buyer enquiries.
3. Message buyers directly if they have submitted an enquiry and take there postal address etc..
4. Please ensure you have added your preferred "payment" method links within your EDUK profile.
5. Complete the order and once it has been delivered please rate the buyers profile.

Good Luck!

Posted on 13 May 2021

Basic price guide -

Not sure about your prices? Then this EDUK price guide may help you.

EDUK have a team rule to charge £15+ for used posted underwear/items to make it worth your time - or else you won't make anything ...


1 day & messages - £20.
7 days - free if buyers spend £30+ with you.
Monthly per gallery - £5+
Monthly & 1 message a day - £30.

Verification gallery - Free.

*These prices are based loosely on what sellers charge for Google drive access & on subscription platforms. A lot of EDUK sellers charge around £10/£25 per month for access to all of their private galleries. We do not recommend offering "lifetime" access as this is unrealistic*

£5 - £10.

*This fee can be for all apps/social media - WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram & Twitter etc... this will help reduce potential fakes/time wasters (you can advise buyers that you'll take this fee off there first purchase with you)*

30 minutes - messages only - £15.
30 minutes - messages & photos - £30.
30 minutes - messages photos & video clips - £60.

VOICE MESSAGES & PHONE CALLS (not phone sex) -
5 minutes - £15.

5 minutes - £25.

5 minutes - £30.

Daily - £30.
Add a sexting session for - £30 extra.

Written - £10.
Voice message - £15.
Video (topless/nude) - £25.

1 task £5 (with a panty purchase)
1 task £10.
Daily - £30.

(Pre made content 1/2 price to custom)
Photos - 3 for £15.
Video clips - 3 mins for £15.

Photos - 5 for £15.

UNDERWEAR (incs 3 photos) -
(panties, thongs, boxers, tights, stockings, socks & bras etc)
Lucky dips - £15+
Chosen - £25+
Brands/satin - £35+
Packages (3 worn items) - £65+

SHOES (incs 3 photos) -
Slippers, trainers, flats - £25+
High heels, boots - £35+
Brands £40+

More photos, video clip, gallery access, days wear, played in/cum, pee, poop & period - £5/£20 each.

OTHER USED ITEMS (incs 3 photos) -
Toys £15+. Facemasks, lollipops, sweets, hair accessories, cosmetics, toiletries, & sanitary items (depending on brand/style) X2 for £15.

*Please note: inserting items other than sex toys is NOT recommended! You could get an infection*

1. Place your "filling" onto a piece of cling film.
2. Rub/dip the sweets onto the filling.
3. Wrap the cling film around the sweets & secure with cello tape.

Cum, pee, poop, spit, pubes & clippings etc ... £25/£35 per pot.

Cum filled - £25 each.

P&P -
(EDUKs recommendation)
1. Wrap cling film around the gusset/item.
2. Place item in a zip lock bag.
3. Push the air out of the bag & seal.
4. Wrap in tissue paper.
5. Place within a padded envelope.
6. Include a "Thank You" note.
7. It's best to send it by recorded delivery.

(Large letter)
Weight = X1 stamp per every 100g (max 750g)
Length = 35.3 cm × 25 cm.
Depth = 2.5 cm.

EDUK think theirs no need for a vacuum pack machine, those tend to be expensive & they can "suck" the smell out of your used item packages (according to buyers)

UK standard postage is usually included with the price, next day delivery, tracked & overseas postage - you may want to charge extra.

I hope this helps!

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 May 2021

Staying safe tips -

Buying & selling fetish items and services is a lot of fun & exciting! However like everything in life on every platform you can encounter people who are not genuine....

Here are just a few tips that will help keep you safe online.

1. Fake check/age verify (using EDUK or by email)

2. Message on EDUK as much as you can.

3. Buyers should start with small orders (£15) to gain trust.

4. Sellers shouldn't hand over money (unless it's a refund)

5. Never use your personal email address.

6. It's safer to get paid via e-gift cards.

7. Please read other EDUK blogs & Terms and Conditions.

8. Follow our Team Rules.

9. Communicate well & take a back up email address to keep in touch.

10. Report any potential fake accounts.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 09 May 2021

My Blog. Working hours (by Knicker Misfits)


I thought I'd write a blog about "working hours" or "panty selling hours" whatever you'd like to call it. I saw that another panty seller recently was worn out, I've done it myself in the past and it's not nice, you feel very tired and poorly. So it prompted me to write about working hours.

Burn out is a real thing, it might feel like your not working when your doing this, but believe you me you are! I spend so many hours per week (like you) selling panties and offering friendly flirty chat in my spare time (those are my main 2 specialities)

Whilst I've been offering this service I've gone from working lots of hours to scaling back. During lockdown I went back to working lots of hours selling panties again, but now I think it's time to scale back a little again (before I burn myself out)

I already have limited my daily hours over the course of the past 2 years and do I dare say that I go to bed at 9pm with a cuppa & watch the TV in bed haha! I am not neurotypical you see so I do find it difficult to sleep most nights, I need to switch my phone off and unwind before I go to sleep on an evening.

To my regular clients disappointment I have already made steps to scale back my time recently, but I have had no choice. If I'd kept going the way I was I'd be "off" poorly and they'd have no company & no panties from me. So I've had to bite the bullet and knock weekends on the head totally sadly.

It is difficult to scale back and have set hours doing this because my clients are so lovely and they are more like good friends. Some of my clients actually prefer weekends, but this can't be helped. I think we can agree that we all need "down time" to help us rest and recharge everyone does, we are only human!

When lockdown ended for me personally this ment going back to my old regular medical appointments for myself and my family. As well as selling my used undies I work part time, I am always doing online courses and on top of that I am a part time carer for a few family members (don't forget I have a partner and a house to run too) so it is literally a balancing act for me haha!

Don't get me wrong though if I could spend all day everyday selling panties and chatting I would because I genuinely love it! I am extremely lucky because I have some of the most fantastic regular clients that I have a right laugh with.

So basically this is a long winded message from me to all of you gorgeous sellers out there have some time off, look after yourself and never ever feel guilty about it!

And finally the hours I will be around are weekday evenings.

Lots of love,

Kitty X

Posted on 03 May 2021

Why choose ED Emporium? -

Firstly congratulations that you've found us!

There are tons of panty selling platforms out there to choose from - but don't worry your search can finally stop now that you've found us....

We think our platform is the best in the UK (infact the best in the world) But I suppose any fetish selling platform will make that claim and rightly so - because lots of hard work and dedication actually goes into making a fetish platform work.

So what makes us a little different from the rest?

We are a smaller platform so we are more like a family, infact it is developed and ran by a small family team - along with a few helpers. We care about you and we'd love you to join our Dream Team, everyone is welcome....

We are unique, no direct copying off other fetish selling platforms. We have changed the whole function of our site. After 8 months of research and 8 weeks of building "Ta Da" our new ED Emporium was born!

We have a lot of new updates coming up that you will NOT find on any other UK platform. But we don't want to give it all away on here - you'll need to create a free 30 day browsing account to see for yourselves!

ED Emporium is basically more like a fetish social media platform. The more you communicate and interact with others the more likely you are to get the sales. This means interacting with all of our members (both buyers & sellers) buyers like to know a bit about you before they buy and sellers can recommend you to other buyers of they are busy.

If you add your profile information & then just sit and wait for the sales to come in, then you are on the wrong platform, you need to make an effort every day. Post each day, follow members each day etc...

You may have noticed that we don't have tones of members (buyers & sellers) but that is because this new version of the website was put live only in April 2021, so things take time to grow.... Rome wasn't built in a day lol! Our pricing does reflects this - so please hang on in there!

On our site buyers do pay a small one off fee for premium membership. This helps to weed out any time wasters. No buyer can contact any seller until they've upgraded to premium membership. This makes sellers feel more secure when using the platform.

We’re invested in your privacy, so unlike some other UK fetish platforms ED Emporium do not show adverts on the front of the website. We actually fuzz out any nude profile pictures - you need to become a member before viewing these. This is to maintain safety of any site visitor.

We are the cheapest panty selling platform in the UK (we maybe the cheapest in the world) and we do not take any commission fees. It is a monthly pay as you go service - so you only pay for what you need.

So why not join us today without delay!

Good Luck!

Posted on 04 April 2021

Donate bras for breast cancer -

Obviously you are on ED Emporium to try and sell your used underwear including bras - but did you know that you can donate them?

Yes this is a thing! You can donate your old bras to charity for breast cancer awareness! If you go to this link and click "Find a bra bank near you" it will show you an address that you can post your old bras to -


This is a brilliant way to recycle your old bras that you cannot sell or no longer need, you do have to pay for postage - however it won't be much & it is for a great cause.

Every little helps! (o)(o)

Posted on 18 March 2021

Messaging buyers -

So you are a seller and you are not sure how to approach a buyer - you maybe all new to the fetish scene or you may just be trying out a different way of selling?

Don't worry ED have it covered!

Firstly definitely message buyers - please don't wait for them to message you first! It is adviced to be proactive on EDUK. If you message buyers first it makes you seem more friendly....

It is recommended that messages to potential buyers (welcome or hello etc...) Should NOT be about selling! You read this right! DO NOT SELL to them! Weird isn't it? ...

Below are a few little examples of how best to approach buyers on EDUK.


"Hello & welcome to EDUK, if you need any guidance on the site or just a a little friendly chat - please drop me a message, I will be very happy to help you. I hope you enjoy it on here like I do! Take care, Tammy X"


"Hello! I just noticed that you were online at the moment & I thought I'd just drop you a little hello. I hope you are enjoying EDUK, if you need any help or just like to chat - I will be happy to help you. Take care, Tammy X"


"Hello, I hope you do not mind me asking you a question? I will be putting a poll up soon about the type of kinks buyers are into - I don't suppose your mind voting in my poll to help me out? I genuinely would like to know what buyers like. Thank you! Tammy X"


"Hello! I just noticed you were online, I've just been updating my panty drawer today on here - I am just wondering if you had to choose something from it what would it be? Just to know if I'm on the right track! Thanks! Tammy X "

As you can see from the examples these messages are not direct selling, if buyers do reply to you that is great - however eventually you'd need to turn your chat into sales talk, after all it is a buying and selling platform.... We'd say a sale should be made within the first 3 days, after that it is a bit more clear that the buyer cannot buy for whatever reason.

After around 3 days and if buyers are messaging you wanting to chat but have not bought from you - we recommend this below message to them.


"Hello! It has been great talking to you this week about various topics, please get back to me if theirs anything I can do for you, I have been told that my used panties are devine.... Take care, Tammy X "

Remember not to do dirty talk (unless they've paid first) this is because some buyers may get off on that from you for free! It's best to remain friendly & professional at all times.

And finally.... If you feel uncomfortable messaging buyers first - you could always rate there profile 5/5 or send them a virtual "HUG" to get there attention when they are online.

I hope this helps....

Good Luck!

Posted on 01 December 2020

Quick tips -

This blog has some quick read fetish buying and selling tips for you to enjoy reading. I hope they are helpful to you!


Tip: On EDUK sellers would really LOVE it if you added a few things about yourself on your profile, even if you just changed your profile picture. Sellers would definitely want to chat to you more if you updated your profile. Don't be shy!

Tip: It might be a good idea to include what you are interested in within your bio (for example used panties) this is just so sellers know what sort of thing you are into.

Tip: It's always a great idea to have a read through sellers bios, look at their rating & see what they have to offer before you get in touch. Sellers really appreciate that.

Tip: It's best to confirm your order through the messaging area within ED Emporium, that way if it ever comes to gaining evidence of someone not delivering the goods within the platform you can take screen shots and we can help you further

Tip: It's always worth paying a little extra for signed for/tracking when getting anything posted out from a seller, you can see when to expect your parcel.

Tip: Post to your journal, let sellers get to know you.


Tip: I'd highly recommend that you buy decent knickers to sell - mainly because you don't want them to fall apart while you wear them (unless you are prepared to fix them yourself) you also want to get the maximum price for your fantastic service.

Tip: Always buy 2 of each kind of panties, as you can guarantee a buyer will want a pair you've already sold.

Tip: Panty stuffing, inserting food, sweet treats & things that are not ment to be inserted are dangerous! You could get a yeast infection off sugar, a water infection off panty stuffing or even scratch or cut yourself - so it is not recommended!

Tip: Try selling the panties you already own so save over heads. I have just recently started to buy underwear I like to wear rather than what I think buyers would like - mainly because if you don't sell it you are stuck with it aren't you? If the buyer wants you to wear something specific - make sure you receive payment before going out and buying it.

Tip: Try to post an advert on a platform daily - posting daily helps you to be noticed by buyers, they can see that you are active & it may tempt them to buy from you!

Tip: I recommend that you don't use hashtags on Twitter, believe it on not they don't like more than 2 to 3 hashtags used at one time. I'd ditch them altogether, your key words like "Used Panties" will come up in the search without using a hashtag.

Tip: Payment methods, I recommend you accept payments via emailed online vouchers, such as Amazon & did you know you can accept High Street & Just Eat vouchers emailed to you as well?

Tip: Try and offer a range of services that you feel comfortable with. These are the top 10 most popular fetish items/services you can sell (in no particular order) used panties, used sex toys, used hoisery, used condoms, bespoke clips, live cam, sissy training, sexting, phone sex & girl friend experiences.

Tip: Ensure you have working hours doing this - you might have another job and family to take care of on top of you selling used panties, so you don't want to risk burning yourself out.

Tip: Definitely 100% message buyers, it's ok to say Hi and ask them how they are, you never know you might get a sale.

Tip: Always confirm your age! This is for both buyers and sellers. It might be a good idea to take a verification photo and pop it on here in a photo album. So write your name (stage name) your age & this web address www.edemporium.uk on a bit of paper OR get your ID & hold it up to your face & take a photo (no need to take a photo of your full face) - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DONT SHOW YOUR ADDRESS.

Tip: Wear your panties for your buyer through the day & your usual underwear (or none) for bed. You have to look after yourself and a break on a night is a good idea. Some panties you wear for buyers maybe tight or already packed with scent which could make you sore - you don't want to get an infection.

Tip: The more you put in the more you get out (of panty selling that is haha! no naughty pun intended!)

Tip: It's best that you dont try to sell something on the first contact with a buyer. Say Hi and introduce yourself instead.

Tip: Personally I wouldn't give out any other contact information or have it in your profile bio (such as apps like Kik, Whatsapp etc..) Buyers need to pay first, we always encourage sellers to discuss sales on EDUK where it's more safe!

Tip: It's best to post on ED on a regular basis, it shows the buyer that you are active and more approachable & you'll get more noticed.

Tip: Update your photos and content on a regular basis keep it fresh, buyers are not interested in seeing the same adverts all of the time.

Good luck!


Posted on 06 November 2020

Types of roleplay -

As well as selling used panties you also need to be on the ball when it concerns sexting and roleplay, below are a few role play ideas that might spice up your sexting sessions. And don't forget that it is FREE! to sign up to ED Emporium to advertise your services!

Don't forget to enjoy what you are offering & feel comfortable in what you do...

Pretend that you’re his boss and you are getting naughty with him at work.

Pretend you’re a student who’s trying to sleep with her teacher.

Pretend one of you is a police officer and you’re getting arrested.

Pretend he’s a firefighter and he needs to put your fire out.

Pretend you’ve never had sex and you are a virgin.

Pretend you’re a nurse and your partner is poorly.

Pretend you're partner is a masseuse, include a happy ending.

Pretend that you’ve had a one-night stand.

Pretend you’re his maid or child minder, have a quickie before his wife gets home.

Pretend that you’re both porn stars on a film.

Pretend that you don't like each other and have angry sex.

Pretend you’re a prostitute.

Pretend he’s your taxi driver and you fuck him for payment.

Pretend that he’s your gym instructor, and he’s teaching you how to bend over.

Pretend he is a repair man and your house needs a repair.

Pretend you've just met in a bar or hotel.

Pretend that you’re a model, and he is your photographer.

Pretend that one of you is an artist and sketch nude.

Pretend that you’re in a long distance relationship and have to have phone sex.

Pretend one of you is a stripper and give a lap dance.

Pretend you’re sleeping with someone that is totally off limits.

Pretend it’s your wedding night, and you’re first time as husband and wife. 

Good Luck!

Posted on 06 November 2020

Amateur porn tips -

So you sell your used underwear already & you are thinking of offering more? I have a few tips for you below, they might help you in your homemade amateur porn clips. Don't forget you can advertise this service on ED.

A few things you need first to get started;-

Firstly make sure you have a good phone or camera to take your clip with (do some research before you buy)

Secondly you need to buy a decent but cheap phone or camera stand - these are a godsend! Practice using it first so you get a good feel.

Thirdly you need to look into clip editing programs or apps & have a play around with these, see which ones you like the best. Always watermark your clips, you can add your name on your stage name on for example.

Solo play -

You don’t need to have a partner to make homemade amateur porn, if you do a little research on porn sites first - you'll see categories such as "solo girl" these types of clips are very popular, you can introduce sex toys to your clips & maybe some talking. Some buyers may prefer just seeing a woman enjoying herself in a sexy way alone - they may want to see you play in there panties they've ordered from you - they may find this extremely hot. 

With partner(s) -

If you have a partner who is happy & willing then you do have more of an audience, more categories can get covered such as "cream pie" these types of clips are very popular, some buyers who buy panties tend to like watching messy scenes. Some buyers may want to see their panties being filled in a personalised clip because they may be into cuckolding. 

Create the fantasy - 

Maybe you can create another type of fetish or fantasy clip, such as a naughty nurse, police officer & even sniffing your own used panties. Buyers may just want to see you masturbate or carry out a sexual act with a partner because you quite frankly excite them! 

Background -

Be mindful of your surroundings! Yes messy bedroom floors are a big no no! That is all the buyer will look at (and other sellers) Make sure the area around you is tidy, if you have some plants or flowers put them in the shot, I've also see seller's use a white blanket that they sit on to take clips - this looks good as it's a nice clear background.

Also try to avoid any shadows!

Natural light -

Natural lighting looks best when your shooting clips, near a door, window or outside are all full of natural light. If you have to shoot indoors try taking pictures with and without the flash on your phone/camera to see what looks the best.

Angles -

Have a play around and see what your best angles are "your best side" make sure you get all of the area in the clip that you are focusing on, clips that have been cut off don't look right. Clips taken in the reflection of a mirror look crap - just don't do it ladies & gents!

Lots of shots -

If you can try shooting with a couple of cameras/phones & place them at a few good areas - then that would be fantastic, the reason for this is just incase a clip doesn't work out, then at least you have one copy, its a lot of work & you don't want to have to do it all again.

Filter, crop -

Use your editing programs or apps, obviously you don't want to add too much of a filter, maybe a soft glow.... Its a good idea to take plenty of screenshots & crop them so buyers can get a good sample of what the clip is going to be like photos - it's good to get all your selling in the picture and dont have too much background or space around them - you don't need the whole room in the photo as well!

Other tips -

Don't overthink it & relax if you can, it's best to have the clips that are more natural, so its important to relax & try not to be nervous!
The best clips are the ones that come naturally to you.


Good Luck!

Posted on 01 October 2020

Buy and sell used panties -

Buying and selling used panties & knickers is so easy on ED Emporium. You can sell used dirty panties & other types of used underwear. Sign up for FREE anonymously today!

We have lots of fetish buyers and sellers wanting to share smelly used panties with each other. These are sure to satisfy any used panty fetish. Whether you need to earn a little extra cash, like to sniff cummy knickers or you are into crossdressing then this website is for you!

It's so easy to list and browse on this website for worn knickers! All you need to do is create a free account (which only takes a few minutes) then either list your items or take a look at what dirty knickers are available.

We always suggest that both fetish buyers and sellers become a premium member because then you get to use the site fully and you will also be card verified.

Once you have done the above - THEN you are ready to buy or sell dirty panties. Once you've got a sale or you have chosen your used panties, you arrange payment off site it really couldn't be easier!

If it's your first time and your not sure if it's for you - start off small.... this way you will see if buying and selling used underwear is to your liking.


Good Luck!

Posted on 18 September 2020

Dress for less to impress -

As you know it is very competitive in the panty selling industry, it's best to have fresh adverts with new photos added onto your EDUK profile as often as you can. You also want to stand out from the crowd and you want to look your best at all times. It can get very expensive trying to keep your look and panty drawer updated.

Over the years I've seen some cheaper alternatives for beauty treatments and little wardrobe tips. I have a few ideas that may help you save your pennies (you may already be doing some of these things - but never mind, here we go)

I will work my way from head to toe - so I don't miss any tips out!

Head -

Amazon do an amazing range of wigs, long wigs are best as they are good for photos. I used to wear a red wig, but I sold it lol! Wearing a wig has its benefits, no need to style your hair - you will have nice hair wearing a wig 100% of the time. Wigs can hide your identity too! To take care of your wig it is best if you buy a stand for it, they are cheap enough to buy and a hair net to cover it when it's not in use. To keep your wig fresh and tat free fill a spray bottle 3/4 of water and 1/4 of fabric softener and spray it every couple of weeks - brush it gently.

Face (if you show it) -

If you don't show your face you should still look after it! Forget going to a beauty salon for beauty treatments do it yourself. I recommend you use a face scrub once a week and moisturise it after. You don't need to buy a face scrub, a little sugar water does the same job! Moisturisers don't have to be expensive either, Avon do some perfectly good moisturisers for a couple of quid. I also recommend you moisturise twice a day (keeps the wrinkles at bay) I also use a little machine that is like a mini vacuum and this sucks the dry skin away - these are very good and you can get them for under £20.

Body -

Again use a body scrub and moisturise as above, I would personally use non scented body washes and soaps - mainly because you want your underwear to smell of you and not strong scent (unless the buyer has asked for a perfume smell) which brings me onto perfume - again you can't beat Avon perfumes! They're are cheap and smell lovely!

Hands -

Nothing much you can do for hands other than moisturise them. Also having painted nails help and big costume rings also look good and you can buy them for a very low amount from eBay. They look so nice and classy on photos!

Underwear -

We don't recommend you go out and buy cheap underwear from China its either too small or poor quality! It will drop to bits within hours (if it fits) we suggest that you have a look at what you already have in your own drawers and cupboards first... Don't forget it's not just underwear you can sell, sex toys are popular and outfits etc...

Feet -

If you go to an online shop called "Everything 5 pounds" you can buy some lovely killer heels for yes only £5! Sometimes they do have a half price or less sale on so you can buy some stunning shoes from £1 to £5. They look brilliant in photos. Yes you do pay for postage but they still work out really cheap.

Nails -

Why not save money and try a DIY manicure & pedicure? Again you can get some amazing low cost tools, creams, scrubs and nail polish for very low prices from your local super market or from Avon. Or again you can make your own scrubs with sugar and water - it's so easy!

Finally -

Please support your local family and friends - it is good to support local people that you know. Maybe you know Avon or Ann summers reps?

Look pretty.

Good Luck!

Posted on 21 July 2020

Used panty deals -

It's important to offer a range of used panties, thongs and dirty knickers, as well as different types of services to used panty buyers. Not only are they looking for great styles of worn thongs, they are also looking for brilliant used panty offers! Panty buyers need something that they will go crazy for and let's face it - we ALL love a bargain don't we?

So you're not quite sure what kind of offers will attract buyers? From personal experience any panty deal should include a free little present (some sellers may disagree) you are talking pennies here when you offer something for free - or it may only cost your time.

I see alot of fetish sellers advertising a free pre recorded video clip of themselves with any purchase for that month or a free photo set - these offers are ideal! They don't cost you any extra and it tempts the buyers to buy from you. It shows that you are generous ...

Other types of free little gifts you could offer is something like a printed signed photo of yourself? Or a hand written love note, sometimes you can include a little sachet of lube? These types of freebies cost pennies - but they make buyers feel more special and important.

However please never drop your prices! You are worth every penny that you charge, add more to your service - never reduce price!

If you want to offer sale thongs and panties, please yes do so. I wouldn't recommend that you offer cheaper services/panties all of the time because all that does is drive all prices down on the selling platforms. With your sale offers or your cheapest item I'd recommend offering the standard 24 hour wear - any extras should cost buyers more.

At the end of the day if you offer a sale deal such as - 20% off, buy one get one half price or buy one get one free for example, buyers can't expect all of the trimmings now can they? And they can't expect to have a choice in what style panties they are buying from you.

I used to use a really good pricing structure when I offered used panties - this might be something that will work for you? I had GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE packages. I will list these below for you, feel free to pinch this idea!

GOLD £30 -

Choose from any of my underwear 24 hour wear & played in, free & tracked postage (collect plus) 5 update messages and 7 pictures.

SILVER £25 -

Choose from any of my underwear 24 hour wear & played in, free & un tracked postage. 3 update messages and 5 pictures.

BRONZE £20 -

Underwear selected at random (lucky dip) 24 hour wear & free un tracked postage. 1 update message and 3 pictures.

So as you can see you can offer a range of different prices - but offer the buyer a bit more with the more they pay.

Offering cheap £10 - £15 panties could attract the wrong type of buyers (ones that haggle on price or expect things for free etc..) so I wouldn't recommend that personally.

Having panty deals and packages might work for you - but please have in mind to be respectful to your fellow panty sellers when updating your prices. It's best you don't undercut as it will start a price war lol! But no seriously us panty sister and brothers need to stick together!

Have fun.

Good Luck!

Posted on 18 July 2020

Countries not to sell to -

As well as not posting bodily fluids (such as pee and poop) to another countries - the below countries are illegal to sell adult goods to, please always check buyers locations. 99.9% of buyers that ask you for used panties will be from the UK anyway and I personally have only sold to buyers from the UK.

Countries not to sell to are below -

People's Republic of China
Ivory Coast
Papua New Guinea
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Korea
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
Vatican City

I hope this is helpful.

Good Luck!

Posted on 16 July 2020

Covid - 19 and used panties -

Due to the outbreak and pandemic of Covid-19 at EDUK we feel that we should all be a little more careful moving forward when it comes to buying and selling used panties. This illness is not fully understood yet and it doesn't look as though it's going away any time soon. Below are a few safety guidelines for you to read and follow - to keep you all safe!

If any of our sellers are feeling unwell and are showing any Covid - 19 symptoms - they should unpublish all adverts for a minimum of two weeks and notify buyers that they already have orders with &
it's advisable not to sell.

We also advise that our sellers are to take extra precautions when packaging and posting fetish items as an extra safety measure, keeping hands clean and washing them throughout the packing and posting process.

The current official advice from the NHS regarding COVID-19 is as follows (this is taken from their website in 2020, please check any current government guidelines before buying or selling used fetish posted goods)

Stay at home if you have either -

A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

A new continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

Health experts have advised the public to take precautions such as washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing, and bin used tissues immediately. Avoiding close contact with those who are unwell is advised, as is avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth unless your hands are clean.

The UK government has also advised people to practice social distancing and has ordered many public places such as pubs and restaurants to close in order to combat the spread of the virus. 

Sell used panties safely -

As a seller - you are responsible for the condition and packaging of your item and, as always buyers will want absolute 100% assurance that there is no risk involved with buying your used items online.

If yourself or anyone who lives with you are showing symptoms of Covid - 19 - then ED would strongly recommend that you cease selling your used items online for a minimum of 2 week to ensure that there is no risk to your buyers.

Buy used panties safely -

As cases of COVID-19 are still relatively rare, we can reassure buyers that it is still safe to buy used items online, provided that the seller has given their assurance that they are free of any symptoms of Covid - 19 and/or flu.

Also please note that it is only the seller that is handling your goods - no third party involvement with regards to the packaging of your fetish items, so buyers can be rest assured that all measures by sellers are being taken to eliminate as much risk as possible.

Stay safe.

Good Luck!

Posted on 12 July 2020

Not so fun items to sell -

You can sell whatever you like (as long as it is legal that is!) we have another blog with a whole list of fetish items you can sell.

The things listed below are services that sellers have told me are not so fun to sell! You may want to read this first before you offer them ...

Cummy lollipops -

Or any food for that matter is a faff and are NOT to be inserted (you could get a nasty yeast infection) best way to do these is to get your "juices" onto a sandwich bag or a bit of cling film and wrap it around the pop, any photos taken should be of the pop beside yourself - never ever insert it even just for show!

Tights without panties -

Yack! And can you imagine this? I've seen some sellers wear them for up to 7 days.... They do feel awful without panties on - they catch on your pubic hair and pull, make you itch and are hot in bed (but not in the right way!) Not to mention that they click and ladder! Wear panties with them folks...

Poop -

Scat, poo, skid marks, a wipe - whatever you'd like to call it! Selling knickers with a complicated filling is not good & messy... you have to watch what you eat the day before, no veg or spices! You have to poo within a time frame and what if you don't need a poo? Then you have to work out how to get the poo onto your panties as you want the ratio of smells to be right. Some buyers like scat clips (not for me) Also you can't post poo abroad ... If you want to sell it no problem - but it should be priced correctly....

Panty stuffing -

No, no, no! You need loads of lube on them even if you are wet - so what's the point? It weakens the natural smell you've worked so hard to get on the panties. Also beware of the elastic you might catch yourself and if you do - it will hurt I'm sure! Ouch! Also you might get a water infection - think about it, you have a little play or sleep with your partner and then stuff your panties... everything is getting push back up!

Cam -

My goodness what a nightmare this camming malarkey is! Technical issues this and technical issues that - getting set up, then the internet goes off, no sound, no picture or the app stops working, you have to offer a discount for next time due to these issues that are never your fault! I don't recommend it if you have people in your house either... A bit noisy if you catch my drift! Plus you always go over time...

Phone sex -

It can feel very uncomfortable & embarrassing! You have to be a good actress and think of sexy things to say on the spot - making sure you include the stuff the buyer said in the long briefing before hand. Not to mention the props you need for squelchy sound effects (if you catch my drift) then angling the phone with one hand while you make these said squelchy noises with the other hand ... No thanks lol!

Custom clips -

So faffy these! You need a degree in film making, lighting and editing! It also leaves you totally wide open (pardon the pun lol!) to really bizzare requests. Do you have any idea how long it takes to create a custom clip? And this is providing you get it right in the first take! It can take an hour or more to do a 5 minute clip - no joke.... You have to organise your outfit, do your hair, make up, tidy the room, organise any props, set the camera into position, take tests shots and go! If you do these again charge decent prices ....

These above points are just based on a few personal opinions of sellers that I've talked to, if you enjoy these yourself please just go for it!

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself!

Good Luck!

Posted on 05 July 2020

Advert examples -

Right, so you've set up your profile and now you're a little stuck on how to write decent offered posts? Never fear we at EDUK are here! Lol well we will try our best for you anyway. Below are some advert templates you can steal, change a few bits and make them yours!

You can have 2 kinds of adverts and I recommend you list both styles, the first type you can list general adverts for what your offering below are 2 examples you can copy and use as your own -

Advert for used underwear -

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! I sell my wonderful panties, thongs, stockings and socks. I will think of you all day at work while I wear these just for you! They will rub against me in all the right places... these wonderful goodies will be worn for a full 24 hours and some played in before posting. You'll receive 4 naughty updates (including pics) throughout the day.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

Advert for online fun -

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! Would you like to have some online fun with me? A little naughty sexting? Or maybe a few sissy tasks? I offer dick ratings and other humilliation sessions too. I want to make you explode! Cum join me on Kik for a whole 30 minutes (if you last that long!) And we can get off together... a couple naughty pics will be sent during these experiences for you to enjoy and get off over.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

Then I recommend you list a few individual adverts to promote a certain pair of panties or online fun you want to try and sell or that you enjoy the most, below are 2 examples you can copy and use as your own -

Advert for used panties:-

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! Here are my wonderful pink passion panties, I will think of you all day at work while I wear these just for you! They will rub against me in all the right places... these will be worn for a full 24 hours and played in before posting. You'll receive 4 naughty updates (including pics) throughout the day.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

Advert for sexting -

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! Would you like to have some online fun with me? A little naughty sexting? I want to make you explode! Cum join me on Kik for a whole 30 minutes (if you last that long!) And we can get off together... a couple naughty pics will be sent during this session for you to enjoy and get off over.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

As you can see these adverts are similar but on the second 2 examples your show casing one particular thing. I recommend you list at least 10 adverts to get buyers attention. And I recommend you list at least one new advert per week.

Happy listing.

Good Luck!

Posted on 01 July 2020

Advertise on social media -

Obviously on EDUK it is free to be a member and browse the website & post to your profile - our premium membership is the lowest around. But you may want to branch out... below are some social media platforms where you can advertise for free! Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions to avoid breaking any rules!

Reddit is probably the best social media platform in our opinion....

However you may find a few issues with social media platforms, it can be time consuming to find people who are selling or are into fetishes, it is difficult to view who offers what. When you do find people it is sometimes difficult to see if they are over 18, it is also difficult to see if they are a good rated buyer or seller.

Reddit is the best free social media platform to buy & sell used panties. It takes about a week to set up your profile and post, you can add your ED Emporium profile and panty drawer links within your bio. Reddit you can join lots of communities and post in them to help direct people to your profile or EDUK.

Instagram we have used before but you literally can't mention anything in your posts about fetish selling, no rude pictures at all. The only thing you can do is mention in your bio is that you are a panty seller - you are not allowed to add any selling fetish website links within your bio. Please be aware that you can get random people trying to video call you!

TikTok I will be honest I've never used it - so I wouldn't know where to begin, however I know a few sellers who have used it so it must be ok? If you fancy trying TikTok I'd recommend just creating an account and have a browse to see what others do & see if you like it.

Twitter is ok - but it seems like a free for all! Remember not to have no nudes within your profile picture or banner. Don't use loads of the same hashtags & do not tag the same people over and over again - this will alert Twitter in thinking your a spam bot & your account could get limited.

The main this is to be consistent and post on a regular basis on your platforms, post similar things each day. Posting often will help you build a following, get you more noticed, it shows that you are active and it shows that you are reliable & direct people to ED Emporium.

Happy advertising.

Good Luck!

Posted on 29 June 2020

Advert keywords -

Below are lots of keywords for your used knicker ads. They may help get your adverts more noticed and help people find you when they conduct online searches. Be sure to add some of these within your ED advert titles and on your Twitter tweets (without using hashtags because you don't need those)

Sell used panties. Buy used panties. Used women’s panties. Used panties for sale. Sell used panties online. Worn panties. Panty fetish. Buy dirty panties. Juicy panties. Damp panties.

Used panty fetish. Sell used knickers. Smelling used panties. Panty sniffer. Panty sniffing. Cummy panties. Pee panties. Pee pants. Skid marked pants. Used knickers for sale. Buy worn knickers. Sell worn knickers. Buy dirty knickers. Sell worn panties.

Worn panties for sale. Buy worn panties. Selling used underwear. Buy used underwear. Used underwear for sale. Dirty panties for sale. Used underwear. Sell wet panties. Sell dirty panties.

Buy wet panties. Buy used knickers. Sell dirty knickers. Dirty knickers for sale. Worn knickers for sale. Men in panties. Sissy panties. Cross dressing. Cross dresser.

I hope these keywords help you.

Good Luck!

Posted on 28 June 2020

Failing at fetish selling? -

Never fear ED is here!

First of all there's no such thing as failing as a fetish seller! If you put the work in you SHOULD get the sales - HOWEVER sales are not always guaranteed! Please remember that.....

Reasons why you may not be getting sales -


You SHOULD of made a sale by now?! (You are thinking only a week or 2 in!)

I should of made my platform fees back by now (You maybe thinking after only a day?)

Others "seem" to be getting sales but I'm not?! (Notice we said SEEM to be getting the sales - they could also want to SEEM busy?!)

You are asking yourself "is their something wrong with me?)

What sellers don't realise is that fetish selling is a LONG GAME..... No quick sales EVER happen!

The point is here that you may of set yourself some unrealistic goals and you need to be patient in order to get the sales - so just hang on in there.

Also don't compare yourself to others on ED! You are YOU!


It’s actually fine not to enjoy it all of the time.. But don’t be surprised when your sales are down due to the lack of effort. If you are having a really bad day - it's best to try again the next day. But sometimes it's best not to just do nothing! Post to your journal at least on ED!

If you are having more off days than not - then it's maybe time to re-evaluate what you want to do and if fetish selling is actually for you.


Yes well lazy is a harsh word - so let's say that you just can't get motivated. You do really need to put a little work into it really don't you? It's like everything else ....

We all have days where we just want to "Netflix & chill" but unfortunately that won't bring the pennies in.... days where you just can't be bothered it's definitely worth doing a little rather than nothing at all - so logging onto ED and resharing some adverts and photos is a good idea!


You’re holding back because you maybe living in fear ... On some level you are thinking you're not good enough? So therefore part of you holds back from being seen - so you hide away to feel SAFE....

So are you waiting for someone or something to prove that you are indeed worthy or good enough? Only YOU know what you are capable of - go at your pace and try different things that you are more comfortable with!

So what have you learnt from this blog? -



So what are you going to do about it? -


Come on you've got this!

Good Luck!

Posted on 28 June 2020

How to age verify -

ED Emporium do not have an official ID age verification process - however you can upload your own unofficial verification photo using our "Upload Verification" posting.

You only need to upload your own verification photo once.

If access has been requested you'll receive a notification & it is easy to request access - you simply click on the "Request access to gallery" button.

EDUK recommend that access should be given for free to one another and access should only be given at the point of just before sale - just before any payment exchanges hands.


Upload a photo of your full natural face (this can be fuzzed out of you do not wish to show your true self) OR when you take your photo - just take it of your chin, with any of these options please include a written note held up under your chin that should include -

Today's date.
Your age.
Your screen name.

An example photo is within this link -


(If you prefer you can upload photographic ID - please ensure to censor any confidential information)

*Please note if a member does not age verify or there verification is inadequate - please be wary of conducting any business with that person*

Stay safe & good luck!


Posted on 24 June 2020

Wellness -

There are 4 main aspects of your health that you need to take care of - it is very important to look after yourself.... They are -


Below are some ideas that may help you with your wellness and well being -


1. Try to maintain a positive mental attitude (even when problems do arise)
2. Discover what your personal stress reliever is. Manage your time well as this will help lower stress levels.
3. Talk to someone you trust who you can openly share your feelings with.
4. Seek professional help when you need it.
5. Smile even when you don't feel like smiling.


1. Exercise walking even for 30 minutes a day three times a week can greatly improve your health.
2. Eating healthy food, avoiding fried foods, soft fizzy drinks, processed meats, crisps & sweets. Try your best to include 5 servings of vegetables & fruits everyday.
3. Do not skip meals, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - if you skip breakfast it slows down your metabolic rate and can cause weight gain.
4. Avoid heavy drinking of alcohol and drug use. Around five drinks in one sitting for men and four drinks in one sitting for women.
5. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night.


1. Get involved in some kind of a hobby - such as a club for example...
2. Spend quality time with family.
3. Know who your best friends are & the people you trust around you.
4. Recognise when you are in an unhealthy relationship.
5. Balance your social life with your academic responsibility.


1. Find a nice quiet place and spend time there every day (even if it just 10 minutes)
2. Contemplate the meaning of your life.
3. If you have a religion, study and practice it.
4. Spend time appreciating the natural world around you.
5. Attend church or groups of people with the same beliefs as yourself.

As well as the above please keep in mind about your intellectual wellness, ensure you follow the education path that interests you and helps you develop and flourish!

Look after yourself,

We hope this helps!


Posted on 22 June 2020

Dick ratings -

These are so much fun!!! They are quick, easy and buyers love them!

So you are fetish seller and a buyer has approached you to give a dick rating and you've never done this before? Fear not below is an example of how to give a written rating!

Firstly you need to create an advert on ED that will catch a fetish buyers eye... It's best to mention that you will be 100% honest during the rating, pop in the advert how many pictures you need to see of them to give a rating (you need to see all of the dick (including balls)

Mention in the ad how long it will take to deliver the rating and finally if they will receive any pics along side the rating. You should always give them a few pics with the rating as it helps it sell and it encourages them to keep their pecker up and standing to attention (if you catch my drift?)

You generally get to see in the messages leading up to a rating if they'd like a bit of penis humiliation thrown in - if you are not sure what kind of rating to do - just ask them what kind they'd like, either humiliation or worship...


So below are the points that you should usually cover in a dick rating, how you rate them depends on what type of rating they'd like, so for example a humiliation rating you'd perhaps score them 0/10 and a worship rating you'd maybe score them 10/10.

You pop your answer next to each point, mention if it's big, small, amazing or pathetic etc ... Have some fun with it! (In no particular order) Also make them wait a little for the rating, this builds up the excitement!

Below is an example of a humiliation rating -

Colour - not nice.
Shape - I've seen more shape in a cocktail sausage.
Bellend - I can't see it?
Balls - like tiny peas.
Size - tiny!
Hair - all I can see is bush, are you a woman?


Pathetic clit dick, I've seen bigger cocktail sausages! It actually made me feel sick...

Rating out of 10 = 0/10.

Obviously for a worship kind of rating you just need to give them positive comments and give them a high score, it's very simple.

As well as dick ratings you can do a "cum shot rating" OR even a "body part rating" (bum, feet etc...) You can use the same above format for all types of ratings.

I hope this helps you, they are great fun.

Good Luck!

Posted on 22 June 2020

Fetish buyers love used panties -

So you may have wondered why fetish buyers love used panties? I have spoken to several buyers and it's more than men in panties...

A lot of buyers don't actually wear the panties that they buy, most buyers love to feel closer to women. They enjoy the whole experience - interaction, attention and sexy photos with different panty sellers. It's an exciting experience for them, from ordering to them landing on the door mat.

However you do get buyers who indeed love to wear women's underwear, they absolutely love the whole sissy training experience.

Some buyers like well worn panties and other buyers aren't that bothered about smelly panties as it's more of a collection for them and buying models panties or underwear sets from a photo shoot. Standard wear from a panty seller is usually 24 hour wear and played in (and around 3 photos included)

Whatever the reason I personally love it! I love the fact that buyers want to buy my under garments and it's a fantastic confidence boost!

I also found that the buyers I've spoken to have either just recently started to buy used knickers or they've been buying for a long time. Most buyers buy from a safe platform and from a verified seller (like this one) some buyers like to buy directly from Twitter or even from Kik selling groups.

Every panty buyer that I've spoken too likes to buy multiple pairs of used knickers at one time, they also like to buy extras such as videos clips and photos of sellers in used panties, signed magazines, stockings, sweet treats and more.

A lot of buyers don't like pushy sellers, and don't like it when sellers message buyers pushing them to buy. Most panty buyers in general are very shy and prefer to make the first move - so its best to be yourself and not be too pushy girls and guys.

Most of the buyers I've spoken to - have no preference of types of seller, they like all ages, ethnicities and sizes etc.... If the seller looks sexy, is polite and has a good selection of panties - then that is fantastic!

The panty selling business is growing by the day and some sellers think that the market is now saturated and very competitive - however after talking to buyers they welcome the extra sellers and choice. Infact buyers have reported to me that it's difficult to make bookings with some sellers due to popularity.

Most panty buyers that I have spoken to prefer sexy thongs rather than full backs and prefer brands. ED did a Twitter pole about panty brands and the 3 most popular brands were - Victoria Secret, Ann Summers and Agent Provocateur, however Lounge Wear is a popular brand too. A lot of buyers prefer satin/silk blends - however some buyers prefer cotton (as apparently cotton tends to lock in scent better (who knew?) Tip for you fellas, give cotton blend a try if you haven't already!

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Good Luck!

Posted on 21 June 2020

Dealing with timewasters -

Oh yes! It is a thing buyers can waste your time... Some "buyers" just get off on your free chat, some "buyers" love it when you call them names as well (sad and pathetic I know!) So don't be nasty because they get off on it!

Please don't give them the satisfaction of wasting your time, just block them - your time = £££

An agreed sale should be made on the same day as the buyer contacts you, if not definitely within 4 days, after that time it's best to move on (please take note if you are a new seller to not talk too much at length without payment first, some time wasters pray on new sellers...)

I mean buyers liking & commenting on your posts in our opinion is absolutely fine - however messaging over a long period of time via DM is not acceptable without payment for your time, fair enough asking for a price etc... But chat is not free & it is "pay to play"

So you've had a potential buyer get in touch to discuss your services? And they are asking you countless questions on what you have and listing all they want, being cheeky and maybe trying to get some freebies or to move onto Kik to chat for free etc...

This blog will give you some tips on how to prevent this from happening to you.

Age Verify -

On EDUK all members are presenting themselves as 18+ however you still need to properly check their age. See our blog called "How to age verify" this will give you an idea of how to age verify.

Clear Communication -

Include your price list & payment options within the same message that you send when you age verify - it's best to send everything upfront (saves time) ask them to send age verification back & without this you can't go any further. Ensure your adverts & bio are as detailed as possible within ED Emporium - that way they will ask you less questions.

Photos -

Have a range of photos for buyers to view - including a couple of various pictures of your dirty panties (it sounds awful I know) if you have a few gusset shots, buyers will be able to see how dirty your panties get.

Payment Upfront -

Always get payment upfront before the delivery of any virtual or posted goods - even if it's a long term customer that you trust (make sure you've checked you've received the payment in your account first as well) If the buyer has to wait for you to wear always take a deposit to book them in.

Stay on EDUK as much as possible -

We always suggest to stay on EDUK & not give out your Kik details (or other communication details) until you've received payment or an unlock fee first from your buyer. All of your information and services can be added & viewed within your EDUK profile. Buyers need to pay for your time off site, afterall it is a paid service you are providing.

Pricing -

Don't be too cheap! Sell your goods and services at a proper price (see our basic price guide) Personally I wouldn't do business with buyers that haggle, I think it's rude & they'll expect you to do that with everything. If you sell cheap you'll attract the wrong type of buyer.

Common signs of a time waster -

Asks to move onto Kik or other apps without payment first.
Refuses verification or ignores you when asked.
Offers you a lot of money for nothing/little in return.
Starts to sext without payment first.
Sends nudes without consent or without payment first.
Asks for free nudes or free samples.
Requests a discounted rate even before they've made a purchase.

Other signs of time wasting -

Delays payment or has difficulty setting payment up.
Offering to pay via crypto or bit coins.
Offering to pay cash directly in your bank account.
Offering to pay with a code from a physical Amazon card.
Chats to you & other sellers at length but never buys.
Suggesting that their partner monitors banks/phones.
On first contact wanting to set up regular big orders.
Asking to swap pics.
Asking what are you wearing? Send me a pic.
Asking to prove your not a man.
Insisting that you're a man.
Asking to see a pic of your dirty gusset.
Asking what your tasks include?
Asking you how they can serve you as their mistress.
Ghosting at payment or saying they have no funds.
Saying they've sent payment (but they haven't)
Claiming you are expensive.
Asking you to post the goods first then pay.
Any abusive behaviour towards you should not be tolerated.

Summary -

If you experience any kind of time wasting the best way to deal with it is to block them - also try and keep your conversations to a minimum.... I hope this has helped you.

Good luck!

Posted on 18 June 2020

Advert tips -

Over the years I've seen sooooo many different adverts, offering different things to see what works. When some sellers start out they offer a wide range of services! It is a great learning curve to see what you like and don't like. Yes you are here to make money, but you need to enjoy what you do!

If you are just starting out and not sure what to offer or if you are strapped for time - it really helps to write only one advert a day. Below are some helpful tips that sellers have found useful, let's keep this simple for you!

Create an ad for all you offer.
Create an advert a day.
Include how many pics they'll get.
Include how many messages they'll get.
Include how it's worn.
Include any extras.
Mention P&P (buyers like free btw)
Include price/offers.
Include some nice decent pics.
Add a WOW advert pic.
Add something free (buyer love it)
Select 3 categories eg "used panties"
Mention how excited you are.
Mention how brilliant it will be.
No need to show your face.
No need to show any rude bits.

It does all sounds long winded, but it works trust me!

Good Luck!

Posted on 17 June 2020

Tips, treats & gifts (payment methods) -


We say "payment" in inverted commas because really in sex work ALL payment providers do not allow payments in exchange for any sex work services.

EDUK do not take payments on behalf of our sellers & we do not use bit coins/kink coins either.

You can add any amount of "gift" links within your EDUK profile.



1. WISHHUSH - https://www.wishhush.com/

2. TIPFUNDER - https://www.tipfunder.com/

3. THRONE - https://throne.com/landing

It is best to follow the below steps to ensure any accounts do not get closed down & your money withheld -

1. Ensure your tips page looks "vanilla" so use a different name from your sex work screen name - for example "Gails Gaming" OR "Maddie's Makeup" etc...
2. Ensure you do not include any links to your sex work selling pages.
3. Absolutely do not upload any of your sex work photos.
4. Explain to buyers that they are no refunds for gifts.
5. Explain to buyers not to leave any messages or notes.
6. Add a new "vanilla" social media link to match your profile.
7. You do need to verify with photo ID.


Buyers don't need to create an account, they select or key in the amount and pay via bank card.


Fees maybe incurred for by both parties - these are added on at checkout, please ensure you factor this in.


Any receipts and statements will not show any personal details from both parties (such as your real name etc....)


Multiple online e-gift cards for example -
(Please Google your favourite store)



ALL e-gift cards work exactly the same way !

1. Create a new email address (do not use a personal one)
2. Let your buyer know your email address.
3. Let your buyer know the amount & e-gift card type.
4. Wait for your email e-gift card code.
5. Apply the e-gift card code to your account or basket.
6. Only then deliver your goods or service.

YouTube video on how to purchase an Amazon e-gift card -


YouTube video on how to apply an Amazon e-gift card balance onto your account -



You have the choice on what vouchers you need, it is anonymous as not details are given to your buyer - apart from your email address.


They are no fees or charges.


It can take up to a few hours for you to receive your e-gift card email (in some cases for new accounts and busy periods - it can take up to 24 hours) after around 2 hours it is best to check your spam/junk email folder within your email account.

Check that your buyer has used the correct email address for you to receive the egift card.


You do have to file your taxes if you are self employed.


Refunds overall shouldn't be given to buyers. Each service is unique/bespoke - you do need to cover your time. So EDUK recommend before you accept a "payment" from a buyer - that you inform them that no refunds can be given.


If an item gets lost or damaged in the post, I'd suggest half a refund to the buyer - to cover the cost of your photos and your time.


A full refund should be given to your buyer if - your buyer has paid for a special delivery service or the parcel is insured & you are making a claim to recover your costs.

You must ALWAYS give your buyers a refund if you cancel an order yourself or you don't send the goods for any reason. I've seen sellers take money from buyers, not deliver the goods and then block them.... This is a big no no! You'll get a bad reputation if you do this and just to make it perfectly clear that if you did this on EDUK you'll be suspended ASAP!

Good luck!

Posted on 17 June 2020

Sissy tasks -

Men love to buy worn panties and they also LOVE other naughty virtual things such as sissy tasks!

Ok you've been asked to give someone some sissy tasks and you don't know how as you've never done it before! Don't worry ED have it covered! Firstly most guys who like tasks love to "drag" it out as much as possible (pardon the pun!) So make sure you ask them what sissy items they have before hand (example panties) and write your tasks around what they have already.

When you list your adverts on this website make sure you - set clear boundaries for how many tasks and pictures they'll receive (some sellers send a few nudes as it helps sell your tasks) Also set a time limit! Tell them they have 1 hour to complete the task or tasks for example be strict or they will message you about it ALL day - even sometimes message you into the next day!

We suggest to have 3 areas to base your tasks on 1. Dressing up like a woman 2. Humiliation & 3. Cum control. Try to take a bit out of each area to create your tasks - these are the foundation of a good sissy task. It's good to also now and again create tasks pre ready for any sissy's that require tasks on demand, it saves time & helps build up your task collection.

Below are a few simple examples of some sissy tasks - but you could just tell them to go outside with there panties on and nothing else lol! Again please feel free to use it and change it to your style.

Example Sissy Tasks -

Task 1 - Put your panties on underneath your work clothes and make sure they stick out at the top of your trousers. At every opportunity bend down or tuck your top in for the world to see. I want you to flash your pants at least 10 times within the next hour.

Task 2 - Go to a public toilet mirror and pop some lip gloss on. Wait until you have at least 2 other people near you at the sinks, don't forget to have your panties flashing - they need to be on show the whole time you carry out this task. You have to do this within the next hour also.

Don't forget to ask them for photo evidence and advise them - failure to carry out these tasks may result in a not so happy ending .... (another words telling them they are not allowed to orgasm that day for example)

So as you can see tasks can be quite easy - but are lengthly - so you need to charge proper prices for each task - or charge for the full day. Another tip is to send all tasks altogether if there's more than one, and don't forget to give them a timescale of when you'll be doing a final check up with them! You can always score them out of 10 too!

Have fun!

Good Luck!

Posted on 13 June 2020

Example of a price list -

As well as having used knickers for sale - you may have other delights you wish to sell? If that is the case you will definitely benefit from having a price list that you share with your buyers, I'd recommend that you never make this public - other sellers should never have a copy of this.

Although you will already have your prices listed within your adverts on ED, having a written price list is a great idea! Something you can just zap over in a message to your buyers (this cuts out lots of chit chat)

Below is an example of what one looks like (some sellers pop emojis next to the different services) feel free to copy this example and use it as your own, please note that these below prices are not accurate or current, so you'll need to add your own prices (please refer to our basic price guide blog)

My price list:-

Sexting = £3 a min (minimum 10 mins)
Pictures Custom = £3 each.
Clips Custom = £5 a min.
Used Panties = £25 a pair.
Used Socks = £25 a pair.
Used Tights = £25 a pair.

Extras = £10 each (extra day wear and cum in your panties)

All wearable items come with 3 update messages and pictures of me in your chosen goods.

As you can see my list is short & basic, I recommend if you have a sale to have a 10% 15% 20% off etc... rather than reducing your prices on your adverts individually - or you'll be updating your prices all of the time.

I hope this list helps you...

Good Luck!

Posted on 13 June 2020

Reviews on EDUK -

On EDUK all members can write on profile walls - so any public comments or reviews can be written on their for all to see.

We also recommend for sellers to create a photo album so you can upload any positive comments about yourself from other members - please upload any screenshots you might have from satisfied buyers.

We have had rating and review systems in the past - however these do not work, we have had cases where members ask us to remove anything negative which is time consuming for EDUK's Admin.

Also we have had instances where users have been vindictive and have put low fake reviews onto profiles just to be nasty.

So for the above reasons we have to rate or review systems.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

Sell used panties online -

So you want to sell your used panties & knickers? It is harder than you may think to sell worn panties, creating your profile, listing ads, advertising yourself. It may take a a few weeks to make your first sale - this is normal, just stick with it... Here's a quick basic start up guide to help you!

Think of a fake or a stage name. I use my real first name BUT I don't show my face. You can use any name you want. You can choose a fetish selling name to match what your best at maybe? For example if you are going to focus on foot fetish then a name like "Foot Fairy"

Think about what you want to offer, you might just want to sell dirty knickers & maybe sexting sessions? Have a think of what prices you will sell your fetish services for. I used to sell worn knickers & used thongs mainly and a pair of mine costs around £25 to £45.

Have a look at your current used underwear drawer as you can sell almost anything! You may already have some used bras, used baby dolls, used sex toys or used socks. It's best you use what you have already - to see if you like being a panty seller. The only items I have bought are a few pairs of thongs because I don't usually wear thongs, if you have to buy a little stock I recommend high end such as Victoria Secret or Ann Summers, they are more likely to sell (try getting them in a sale)

Pop on your used underwear & take some sexy photos of yourself in your goods. I recommend using a selfie stick (you get better angles of your booty if you use a selfie stick)

Set up a separate email address just for selling your cummy panties and you can use this email address to give to fetish buyers and you can use it to sign up to panty selling platforms.

Sign up to Twitter it's free and you can get sales from it!

Get a communication app for your phone such as Kik for example, you can pop your Kik username in your adverts for buyers to get in touch with you to buy (make sure you test the app out first to see if you like it)

Sign up to a panty selling platform (like this one) it's best to upgrade to a premium account so you can list unlimited adverts.

Concentrate on your profile to start off with, you need to get it right and it has to stand out from the crowd, you can update it with more information as you go (to make it even better)

If you are short on time if it's easier take one photo and complete one advert a day or week - that way you can gradually build your profile and adverts up & see if you like it along the way.

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

Photo tips -

Selling nudes online is great fun with a quick turnaround! Whether you are wanting to sell custom pics or pre taken pics it is great fun & with no over heads!

I have some really great tips below for sellers to make buyers sexy photos really stand out and buyers will be so happy with them I'm sure!

There are four things you need first before you start snapping .....

1. A decent selfie stick - these are a god send! Practice using it first so you get a good feel.

2. Bluetooth remote for your phone.

3. Make sure you have a decent phone or camera to take your pictures with (do some research before you buy) a ring light is optional.

4. Get plenty of photo filter apps on your phone & have a play around with these, see which ones you like the best. Always water mark your pictures, you can add your name on your photos with an app called Phonto.

5. We recommend the best ways to share your photos with your buyer is via our private gallery option.

Natural light -

Natural lighting looks best when your taking photos, near a door, window or outside are all full of natural light. If you have to shoot indoors try taking pictures with and without the flash on your phone/camera to see what looks the best. If natural light is hard to get access to, I'd invest in a ring light.

Background -

Be mindful of your surroundings! Yes messy bedroom floors are a big no no! That is all the buyer will look at (and other sellers) Make sure the area around you is tidy, if you have some plants or flowers put them in the shot, I've also see seller's use a white blanket that they sit on to take photos - this looks good as it's a nice clear background.

Also try to avoid any shadows!

Angles -

Have a play around and see what your best angles are "your best side" make sure you get all of the area in the photo that you are focusing on, pictures that have been cut off don't look right. Photos taken in the reflection of a mirror look crap - just don't do it ladies & gents!

Selfies -

(If you show your face) A high angle pointing down looks good - keep you chin down and the camera up. You probably shouldn't stare directly into the camera lense, turn to the side a little bit - it looks more flattering! Have a natural smile too & smile like you mean it! Non of this duck lips/pout it just looks false.

Lots of shots -

Take a lot of photos so you have a selection to choose from, you can also take a mini clip and take out the best stills of your self!

Filter, crop -

Use your filter apps, obviously you don't want to add too much of a filter, maybe a soft glow.... I've also seen awful lot of sellers that don't crop photos and they have too much background or space around them, it's good to get all your selling in the picture - but you don't need the whole room in the photo as well!

Other tips -

Don't overthink it & relax, it's best to have the photos natural looking rather than stiff looking - pardon the pun!
The best poses are the ones that come naturally to you. Have your own style copying too much isn't advised.... It's best not to take photos of your reflection in the mirror (especially if the mirror is dirty!)

Fan signs -

EDUK fan signs are a good way to promote yourself, it's up to you if you charge or do them free. Always write clearly with a black pen and not lipstick writing! It will stand out more clearly on the photo.

Now get snapping!

Good luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

What fetish sellers sell -

I've seen a whole lot of things up for sale! Buyers buy new & used panties and so much more! I will list of some of the things I can think of that I've seen people sell (men & women) not just on ED but on other fetish selling platforms (listed in no particular order) -

G Strings
Boxer shorts
Stockings/hold ups
Filled pots
Toilet roll
Toenail clippings
Flakes of skin
Makeup brushes
Sanitary items
Hair (head/pubic)
Sex toys
Pussy clone
Art work
Nipple tassels
Girlfriend experiences
Dick rates
Cam sessions
Phone sex
Custom pics/clips
Pre made pics/clips
Chastity/key holding services

And so much MORE....

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

How to choose a seller -

It's hard to choose a seller (pardon the bad joke "hard") Mainly because you are lucky and totally spoilt for choice.... But sometimes that's worse - their are loads of websites that have ladies and gents advertising their services, so it can be difficult to know who to buy from first...

Please do not fear ED are here!

Quick Checklist -

1. Follow, read bio & browse ads.
2. Message "hello" & ask for prices.
3. Exchange verification.
4. Pay for private gallery access.
5. Then place small orders to start with.
6. Take an email address.

(Don't forget you can exchange verification via EDUK's private gallery feature)

Read on to learn about buying tips -

We have a few buying tips for you guys (and girls out there) it's not just about the used panty fetish it's about the experience with the fetish seller and choosing the right one is important - we will help you choose!

Firstly don't entertain any worn knickers for sale until you check out the seller for a little while at least a week... (obviously not in a creepy way, just check them out lol) you should definitely go for a seller with more than three 5 star reviews on any panty selling platform like this one.

Then look at there prices and checkout there items for sale. If the seller has more than 10 adverts with good photos - then that is a good sign! Enjoy reading through them to get a feel of their personality.

Our recommendation is to read their full bio, maybe message them with a quick hello to see what kind of reply you get & then follow them for a while on ED Emporium. This means you can see how they interact with others to see if you like them.

Still not sure? We recommend you pay for a month's private gallery access with your chosen seller to start off with (if they have a private gallery, also this way you get to see if they are right for you) you'll be able to see if they are genuine and how active they are. If you are happy - then definitely go ahead and place a bigger order. Always take a contact email address, so if communication does stop - you have a back up.

Please remember that it is your responsibility as a panty buyer to verify their age - this can be done with a photo of them holding in front of their face ID such as a passport, driving licence OR a note with - your name, their name, the date & date of birth wrote on it (not showing all of the face) That will put you at ease as they are who they say. Remember you must always age verify in return to sellers in the same way. A few sellers already have a verification photo on their ED Emporium profile.

It seems a very long winded the process but after all this is a special treat to yourself and you want to be able to enjoy the experience without being scammed or if you find you don't like the seller as much as you first thought! You have to not only find the seller attractive but you also need to like her personality. Some sellers may look beautiful but some can be very unkind...

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

Help & resources -


You will find fetish selling/buying help within ED Emporiums "Help" page -


99.9% of what you need is within our help page.


We also have group chats available 24-7 so you can discuss anything to do with platform or selling help.

EDUK Admin or IT are available within the group chats to answer your questions each week for "Witter Wednesday"


Sometimes we have to conduct some essential maintenance on the platform - so downtime may occur, if this does happen please follow us on Reddit for any platform updates - u/EDEmporiumUK


We recommend Wishlist Tender - "The international wishlist that protects you. Receive gift funds fast and worry free"

Wish Tender is sex worker friendly.



We recommend that all members stay on EDUK to message one another & only go "off site" to communicate once a payment for a service has been made.


Knicker Misfits Podcast on YouTube. Tips and help selling your fetish services.


This is a very useful A - Z website of fetish and kink abbreviations -



"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if it is yours"

B.B. Pierce, has written erotica for years & has a selection of erotica books that are available on Amazon Kindle.


I hope these help,

Good Luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

Creating your bio -

How do I create a good bio? I hear you ask....

We'll never fear ED is here!

Here's a checklist below to help you -

1. Keep it light and friendly, there's nothing more off putting than listing all that you don't offer & what you dislike, it makes you look unapproachable.
2. It's not very nice to see statements like "no time wasting" "no sugar daddies" & "seller scammers not welcome" etc... It may put people off getting in touch with you - we all don't like these types of people.
3. List what you are into/offer.
4. List your sizes, so mention your clothes size, shoe size & body shape/type.
5. It's maybe best to keep your Kik details to yourself, if you have your Kik displayed - it may well fall into the wrong hands.
6. Add your preferred payment details.
7. Add if you'd like to be contacted.
8. It's nice to write a bit about your hobbies and interests.
9. Try and keep it short & sweet.
10. Also we'd recommend that you don't swear in your bio as it comes across a bit rude.
11. No need to show your face.


Hi and welcome to my page!

I'm Katie your new obsession.... 30 year old teaching assistant who likes a glass of wine or 2 lol....

I sell used knickers, tights & socks. My clothes size is 16 and I like stretchy underwear - so for the sissy's out there whatever I have available should fit you no problem. I'm a busy lady so my panties usually get soaking!

My feet are a size 6 & get nice and smelly because I'm on my feet all day at work, I'm a teaching assistant so unfortunately I can't show my face - but I show everything else!!

I accept online vouchers - the links are within my profile, a treat from you wouldn't go a miss & you'll always be rewarded. I do like to fake check buyers and verify your age - but I do this in return with you to show I'm genuine.

All items are put in a zip lock bag and sent via royal mail.

Thank you for looking at my profile & I hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of love & kisses Katie xXx

I hope this blog has helped you,

Good luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

Pricing your fetish services -

On ED Emporium you can list most things for sale & we always encourage sellers not to be too cheap, in the panty selling industry theirs a lot on competition and a lot of beautiful fetish sellers out there (including yourself) wanting to sell used women's panties & men's undies. You do want to stand out from the crowd BUT lowering your prices is NOT the answer ladies and gents...

Don't be too cheap... When I was a seller I used to sell knickers and other goods for buttons when I first started out and it attracted the wrong type of buyer to come sniffing around... Pardon the expression.

Fetish buyers that expect cheap prices each time, freebies & think it's ok to talk to you for hours on end for the sake of £10! Your time is worth a lot more than that!

I've seen girls recently sell panties on Twitter for £4 !! that is just ridiculous, I've worked out that they will be making a loss. That is not how to do it.

Why would you want to be cheap anyway? You've had to already go out and buy the panties take photos, put them up for sale and market yourself. This is even before your close the deal with a buyer & talk to them at length, wear the knickers, take photos of you in the items for them etc etc... not to mention dealing with time wasters and all that jazz.

Your time is valuable, fetish buyers are paying for an experience, a service and more importantly your time! So it's best to charge the right amount from the start. Most decent buyers are willing to pay you a proper amount if you give a good service = FACT!

What I used to do if someone is being awkward and not nice to me I added an extra fee of £30 on top of the order, then if you get the sale you are getting paid for the cheek!

Our platform average for used panties is between £25 to £35 (including postage) we have a new team rule not to sell any used posted items for less than £15 - it really is important that you k ow your worth.

However saying that buyers love a good deal and freebies... don't we all though? How many times have you bought something because it was a good deal but you didn't necessarily need it? I know I have many times!

So maybe throw in a free pre made video clip? If you give out free gifts it shouldn't have to cost you anything.... Maybe offer something like a hand written love note or a mini card with a lipstick kiss on it from you....

And finally DON'T FORGET TO UPSELL!! Offer them something else for an extra fee - it could be something like a pair of your old socks, stockings or a sexting session. Please remember though never undersell yourself EVER!

It's nice to make your buyers feel special!

Good luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our Dream Team!

(Erotic Dreams Emporium - in short ED Emporium or EDUK)

Are you wanting to try fetish buying and selling - but you don't know where to start? Never fear ED are here! Please enjoy our GUIDANCE blogs on this website, they have been written over a period of time so some maybe a little out of date or you may do things differently - even so they may still help you. Some of our members also write blogs for us.

We do recommend you read these blogs first before you begin... and we hope they are useful to you.

We have a saying "you only get out what you put in" yes it is free to create an account and browse the site - however... Would you stand out from the other members if you did that? No! Would you be able to show what your all about by just having an account only? = No! Would you even get noticed? = No!

The amount of times we've had sellers say to us "I will see if I get a sale first before I upgrade to premium" sorry but you won't get any sales if you don't put the work in premium membership is so low cost, have you ever heard the saying "speculate to accumulate" that really does apply here.

We recommend you also create a social media account - it is a good way to promote yourself for free! Please make sure you follow us on Twitter @EDEmporiumUK & if you are a premium member - please mention us in your tweets now & again and include words Dream Team this will direct our followers/buyers to you.

Another important thing is never advertise that fact your the "cheapest" or the "best" members really don't like that and you'll attract the wrong type of buyer and sellers won't appreciate it either!

One final thing please don't forget to reach out to fellow fetish member's it's nice to make friends along the way!

Good luck!

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