Posted on 12 July 2021

So you might have heard the news about these so called "Sugar Daddies" creeping around sites trying to con sellers out of money? Well here at ED Emporium we take things like this VERY seriously!

Here are a few tips on not how to get caught up in these types of scams. First of all never give out your Kik, Snap Chat, Whatsapp or any other kind of communication app until the "buyer" has paid you for the service or your time in general. Infact I would go as far as not showing these communication details on your public profiles - because all this does is encourages these type of people to get in touch more easily...

Let buyers contact you through the platform if they are interested, we have tried to make this super easy for buyers to get in touch and let you know what they are looking for. You can create many photo albums (Inc your panty drawer) to upload stock, you can create adverts with prices and even upload a "menu" to your profile if needed as an advert or photo album. You can add your payment links onto your profile too.

Literally the only things you need to go off the website is to age verify or have an experiences with the buyers such as sexting etc....

Another thing not to do is give out any of your bank details, I personally wouldn't let anyone pay via bank transfer because they can use your bank details to set up direct debits (which has happened to me in the past)

Never ever give any buyer any money or provide any type of service without getting payment from them first EVER! Even if it's a long term buyer - just don't do it!

If a buyer is asking you to pay them then it's a scam! Every website has them - so please be careful guys!

And finally please report any "Sugar Daddies" to us & we will remove them from the website.

I hope this has helped you,

Good Luck!

Posted on 07 July 2021

My Blog. Things that sell (by KitsUsedPanties)

Well over the years I think I've sold pretty much everything knickers, thongs, boxer shorts, bras, socks, skirts, dresses, leggings, tights stockings, toys, used condoms, sexting, phone sex, cam, girl friend experiences, chat, clips, pics, toothbrushes, cotton buds, period pads & tampons.

All I wanted to do when I first started out was sell knickers and that's it, I was so nieave because I thought I'd sell a pair a day & all I'd need to do is wear, take a photo & post (I was so wrong haha! It's actually hard work)

At the beginning all of my queries were for clips which I hated because I'm not that technical, I'm crap at following instructions. I had to do certain clips in one take because of the type of content clients were after, such as peeing in my pants, if I got the take wrong I'd have to drink more liquid, wait and re do the whole clip again.

Plus some of the requests just got out of hand such as change into loads of sexy outfits within a certain amount of time, use a million toys, cum, squirt, finger my ass hole and remember a script all through out. Like some of the requests where so detailed and specific it was unreal.

I get it though if clients are paying they need to get what they paid for.

I used to open my queries with one eye open crossing my fingers that it wasn't a custom clip. I did them though because I needed the money.

It actually took me around 2 months to sell a pair of panties, I'd only advertise knickers though and clients would still just want clips.

Now my main thing I sell is what I wanted to do in the first place and that is used panties, I love it!! Like really love it.

I've sold everything but what I am really gob smacked about is that socks and feet fetishism isn't as popular as I thought, not at all.

I thought foot fetish would be up there and busier than used panties, I did buy loads of lovely socks in thinking those would sell & I was so wrong. I think I've had to give nearly every pair away as a free gift with used knickers.

The only socks that sell are ones that are up to your knee or the little frilly ankle socks and always in white.

It's the same with stockings I haven't sold many pairs of those too which I'm shocked about. Again I've given them away as a free gift with panty orders.

I find toys are quite popular, thats within my top 5 most popular things I sell. For me it goes, used panties at no.1, daily chat no.2, used toys no.3, sexting no.4 & sissy tasks no.5.

Used panties are definitely my specialty, without sounding like I'm showing off, I am always booked for panty wear and it's mainly my panties of the day (lucky dips) 1 day wear, played in & pee. I think clients must like my positive energy, they can see I genuinely love it, I really look after them & my panties must smell good.

So I'd say to anyone starting out in panty selling that the main money makers are not actually selling your used panties, it's things like camming, phone sex and custom clips, that's were the money is for sure. It's not for me but a lot of girls offer it and make good money as well.

Lots of love,

Kitty X

Posted on 07 July 2021

My Blog. My Skype session (by xJessSRosex)

‘’It’s Wednesday morning and an email pops through. It’s a notification to say I’ve received some money. Exciting!. It’s not a scam or something suspicious, it’s one of my sexy guys sending me through a deposit to lock in his weekly Skype session with me. I dutifully send him a message, thanking him for sending that across and proceed to tell him how excited I am to see him again and even more excited to have some more naughty fun together. It’s then that I notice that the amount is slightly different, I ask why, and he tells me ‘’For Coffee my Lovely’’ – God, this guy is good to me. I call him my Coffee Prince and he’s saved in my phone as ‘The Handsome’.

This sexy guy first contacted me about a Girlfriend Experience some time ago. I had the pleasure of spending many amazing weekends with him, looking after him, showering him with that love and attention that he deserves, along with all the naughty little videos and pictures that any girlfriend would send their man. We hit it off straight away and the chemistry was unreal. We both always enjoyed the end of our day together. A late-night session on Skype. We would flirt outrageously throughout the day, exchanging pictures and clips, talking dirty and getting hot under the collar in anticipation.

We reach the weekend, and a flurry of messages are exchanged again. We firm up the details of what time we are logging on and tell each other how we cannot wait. Fast forward to 9.00pm and rather than getting dressed for bed, I’m getting undressed for him. I’ve raided my lingerie collection and I’m slipping into something more comfortable and a a lot more revealing. I open the laptop, making sure the charger is plugged in and my favourite vibrator is fully charged. This is going to be one hell of a night.

Within a matter of minutes, I’m receiving an incoming video call. It’s him, The Handsome. I’ve got butterflies and I’m tingling in anticipation. His gorgeous smile and welcoming eyes flood my screen and then he speaks ‘’Hello Beautiful’’. I’m grinning from ear to ear and can’t help but feel a little shy. He makes me nervous for all the right reasons.

We spend some time talking about how our week has been and what we’ve been up to, we even discuss Politics and COVID. We discuss anything and everything. I ask him if he’s been working out, he says he has and I reply with ‘’I can tell’’ before flashing a cheeky smile. We start giggling and then he pulls his shirt off. I remove my bra and slowly take off my panties that are already wet and before we know it, we are both naked. I lay back, adjusting the camera angle and he does the same. He’s touching himself and so am I. He compliments me on my body and tells me what he wants to do to me. I reach for my vibrator and switch it on. For the next hour, we play, we chat, we cum and we laugh. The connection we have is so natural and so sexual.

As the night is drawing closer and our session is coming to an end, he thanks for me for another amazing night. I show him the wet patch my bed where he’s made me squirt and he shows me the mess he’s made. We giggle and joke that we both need to change our sheets.

We say our goodbyes and he tells me he can’t wait for next week’s Skype session.’’

Love Jess X

Posted on 23 June 2021

Once you've chosen your hot ED Emporium seller and you are placing an order their are a few things I've listed below that may help your experience go more smoothly -

1. Both of you need to age verify.
2. Confirm your order & delivery date with the seller (take a screenshot of the order)
3. Upgrade your order and pay extra for tracked delivery.
4. Make sure you pay before wear.

Sellers are mostly not divas, however their are a few basic sex worker manners that wouldn't go a miss when talking to a seller.

As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for" so please don't haggle on price or ask for free stuff (especially don't ask for live pictures of what they are doing now) this is probably the number one issue sellers face on a daily basis - the price is what it is & you need to pay for everything....

If anything you should pay more than the listed price! You'll never know what extras you will receive in return.

Always always read the sellers bio! Yes pictures talk and sellers may look sexy - but please read any bios and adverts listed this will cut out a lot of questions to the seller asking them what they offer (they get this a million times a day) Any of the top sellers should send you a "menu" if they don't just ask for one, this is a basic price list of what they offer.

If the seller doesn't offer something that you really want please don't push them and keep asking, this just causes upset with the seller. We have boundaries and our own limits.

Another thing that sellers aren't keen on is when a buyer is a bit too enthusiastic and needy lol! Like messaging lots without paying for an order first and asking things like:- are you there mistress, message me back mistress, what do you think mistress, what shall I do mistress, what would you do mistress, is it small mistress, I'm I loser mistress, do you think I'm a loser mistress.... Not all contact is a domination/humiliation exercise you need to pay for that! So it's best to discuss what you'd like and pay the seller for her time first.

Also it's nice to message the seller when you've received the goods and share photos if you can, it's nice to see buyer enjoy lovingly prepared items, if you are happy with the service please rate the seller too, we love that kind of stuff!

Apart from all of the above us sellers are all sweetness and light really lol! Promise! It's just about being respectful, friendly, having manners and paying for our time really - it is really that simple!

Good Luck!

Posted on 12 June 2021

So you're not sure how to go about creating your EDUK profile? Maybe you are new to panty selling or you've had a break from selling for a while?

First of all please do not worry. We get a lot of messages from sellers asking for advice about how they go about panty selling & how to create a good profile on ED Emporium - we think this is lovely that they care and are reaching out to us! Of course we are going to help you!

We tend to give out the same advice so we've popped it down in this blog for you.

On the EDUK Tips Page within ED Emporium you'll see the following links at the top of the profile:-

1. EDUK Blog
2. Dalma Rosa YouTube Channel
3. Dalma Rosa Panty Selling School Website

We recommend firstly that you take a look at these, read the blogs and listen to the podcasts. This will give you tips on selling, profile tips & even tips about what equipment you can use etc...

We will say though that Dalma recommends a few of our bigger competitors to sell your used panties on & that is totally fine because we do recommend that you join a couple of panty selling platforms anyway.

It might be a good idea for you to sign up some something like - Only Fans, Admire Me or Pocket Stars. This is another good thing to do when you are just starting out because these sites are a great place to add your pictures for buyers to see & it doesn't cost anything to sign up!

Have it clear in your mind what you'd like to offer and what your limits are. Create a price list or a menu (please don't be too cheap! We do have a basic price guide on another blog) This is to have to hand as a price guide for you and to share with potential buyers, if you send this first to buyers it cuts out lots of chat.

Think about what gift and tips methods you'd like to accept (add these links into your profile)

Have a little peak at other sellers profiles to get an idea of what kind of bio to write, what kind of adverts you can do etc... (But no copying please lol) then add your bio. Be yourself and be unique.

Your profile photo can be of anything (no need to show your face) as long as your profile photo is of you and is not a nude, it's best to take your pictures in the natural daylight.

We recommend that you create a verification picture and share it on ED Emporium - this is a photo of yourself holding some form of photographic identification (no need to show all of your face & please ensure you cover your address) this is to show buyers you are genuine. You can pin this to your ED Emporium profile.

You should always ask potential buyers to age verify in a similar fashion, they can email this to you.

We also recommend that over time you add photos of used underwear such as gusset shots, it sounds awful I know but buyers always ask "how dirty do your panties get?" And by having these photos again it cuts out a lot of chat.

But THE best advice we can give you to get you started is post 1 new thing each day, this shows that you are active and it gradually builds up your profile - plus you don't want to overwhelm yourself.

Here is an example below of what I mean -

Day 1. Add your profile picture/write your bio.
Day 2. Post to your journal & introduce yourself.
Day 3. Add an item into your panty drawer.
Day 4. Post an advert.
Day 5. Post a photo.
Day 6. Post a pole.
Day 7. Have the day off!

The above are just in a random order, but it gives you an idea of what you can do.

As ED Emporium is like a fetish Facebook it's best to interact lots on the platform - so follow others, rate profiles, comment on posts, like posts, do a few poles, message both buyers and sellers to introduce yourself. If you go to Account Settings then Profile Tips & Advice within ED Emporium you'll see some profile interaction recommendations.

Theirs no right or wrong way to have your profile - just be yourself, communicate lots & enjoy yourself!

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 27 May 2021

On ED Emporium you can sign up for free as a buyer and browse the website for 30 days.

You do have the option to upgrade to premium buyer membership for a small £2 lifetime fee (some other fetish selling platforms can charge up to £116.28 for buyer lifetime membership) so £2 is not going to break the bank!

£2 is such a small fee to pay to be a part of our little family & enjoy all of the benefits of the platform. Please note on your bank/credit card statement it will show your payment to us as "ED Online Services" so please don't worry their is no mention of fetish services.

The membership payment is not just about viewing & replying to messages from other users - firstly it does make sellers feel safe and secure that you the buyer are presenting to them that you are 18+

By paying a small fee it is also showing sellers that you are less likely to be a time waster because you can part with your hard earned cash & that you are more likely to make a purchase of fetish goods.

Current premium benefits are -

Lots of horny members ready to fulfil your fetish fantasies.
Make some naughty like minded friends.
Ability to post wanted ads to seek your favourite item.
Rate members profiles.
Lifetime membership.

Future benefits that maybe introduced are -

Gift your favourite member with a gift sticker.
Sticker or points incentive if you recommend us to a friend.
Premium buyers will be selected at random to win some naughty prizes throughout the year.

Some buyers may say "some other sites do not charge buyers"

Yes, that's right some other sites do not charge buyers - we are a site that do charge buyers, and the reasons why are below -

Our site is a little different to the rest it's more like a fetish social media platform so all members can have all of the same benefits - such as:

Create a voting poll.
Post wanted ads.
Create multiple photo albums.
Create multiple group chats.
One to one messaging.
Comment/like posts.
Post links.

And so much more! Plus any future developments are included with the fee!

Also please note that ED Emporium is not just a UK site.

No other site offers this for it's buyers!

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

Posted on 13 May 2021

Have you just started selling your used panties and other fetish services on ED Emporium and your not sure what to charge? Or maybe you've been selling for a while and just want to check your pricing?

Well never fear ED are here! Below is a very basic pricing guide based on the average prices in 2021. Obviously not every service is listed but the main ones are for you....

Sexting Sessions -

Live sessions - £1/£3 per minute.
(inc's pics/clips)

Quick deal sessions - £25 for 30 mins.
(inc's around 3 pics)

Girlfriend Experiences -

Daily GF experience - £50 per day.
(inc's pics/clips)

Dick Ratings -

Humiliation rating - £15 written rating.
(inc's 1 - 2 pics)

Worship rating - £15 written rating.
(inc's 1 - 2 pics)

Sissy Tasks -

1 task £10 - written task.
(inc's 1 pic)

3 tasks £25 - written task.
(inc's 3 pics)

Pictures -

Pre taken - £1/£2 per pic.

Pre taken sets - £15 for 10 or £20 for 15 pics.

Custom taken - £3/£5 per pic.

Custom taken sets - £20 for 8 pics.

Video Clips -

Pre taken - £2/£3 per min.

Custom taken - £5/£6 per min.

Cam Sessions -

Live cam - £5-£6 per min.
(zoom, skype, whatsapp & kik etc...)

Posted Goods -

Panties, boxers, socks, tights, stockings etc.. - £20 per item.
(for standard 24 hour wear + 3 photos)

Extras - £5/£10 each.
(extra days wear, cum, pee, period, scat etc...)

Pots -

Cum, pee pubes, clippings etc... - £20 per pot.

Condoms -

Cum filled - £20 each.

Postage Prices -

UK standard - free (small orders, no proof of postage)
UK tracked - £5 (bigger orders, collect plus etc...)
Overseas - £5/£10.

Remember that these are guide prices, we always recommend though to charge £20+ to make anything worth your while, satin blends, Ann Summers & Victoria Secret for example should really start from £30. The platform average price is between £25 to £45.

I hope this helps!

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 May 2021

My Blog. About me & my girlfriend experiences (by xJessSRosex)

‘’Well, Hello There,

I’m Jessica Rose but everyone knows me as Jess. I’m a wife, a mum, a fur mum, a housewife and work part time in the Legal Sector. I’m in my early 30’s, living in the UK, dreaming of moving to Sunnier Climes one day and have been in the Adult Industry for over 5 years. I offer a wide range of naughty goodies from Panties to Pics, Videos to Vials, Customs to Cock Ratings, Mistress to Masturbation and of course, not forgetting my most popular choice, Girlfriend Experiences.

Life ground to a halt last year when our friend COVID arrived and turned the world upside down, although the demand for Pussy Masks went through the roof - Recycling at its finest if you ask me. It was also the year that my little bubba was born, and I rediscovered my love of the Fetish Community having taken a break whilst I was pregnant. (That reminds me, I really do need to take that frozen breastmilk out of the freezer!).

This has always been my naughty little hobby which my Husband doesn’t know about. We all have secrets and that’s fine, it’s part of life but it can be tricky when you’re a gorgeous guy’s girlfriend for the weekend or sometimes a week – It’s not easy by any means and takes plenty of planning. Certainly, if I didn’t have a passion and love for what I do and what I offer, it wouldn’t be something on the ‘menu’.

Something which I have always prided myself on is my ability to build a connection with my ‘Buyer’ (although I prefer the term Kinky Friend) and make them feel like they are the only guy in the world for the time that they are spending with me. Those ‘’Good Morning’’ text messages accompanied by endless kisses, wishing them a nice day and cheeky pics, really do make all the difference. Isn’t it lovely to have someone there for you?. I have some Kinky Friends who like to watch me wash the dishes, have a shower, shave my legs, get dressed, watch me cook, eat my dinner and others who just like a couple of phone calls and a few text messages. Some are all about the dirty talk and the late-night Skype sessions. Everyone is different and that’s what makes this so enjoyable for me. No two days are the same and I love that. What I can give you is exactly what you can expect from a real-life girlfriend and more, only without the drama and dreaded ‘’We need to talk’’.

I always think about ‘’What would I want / like from my boyfriend?’’, ‘’How would I want to be treated?’’ - Let’s be honest, who would want a relationship with someone who doesn’t worship the ground you walk on or someone who isn’t attentive – I invest my time with my guy, there and then. You could say, everything else stops. I won’t use Social Media, I won’t send one-word responses (yes, it does happen, sadly) and I certainly won’t ‘book’ another Girlfriend Experience at the same time. When I am with you, I am with you and only you. What we get up to is our business and nobody else’s. Of course, I want to know how your day is going, what the golf course is like, is the garage busy or about that annoying little so and so in the office who you want to jab in the eye with a pen. You can tell me as much or as little as you want about your day and of course, about you. I only know the names of some of my Kinky friends, others I know the names of their children and their mother’s maiden name. I like to listen; I like to converse, and I like to be there for you.

The same way, in real life, we would spend time with each other and leave those little items at each other’s house or on the back seat, (I’m terrible for leaving stuff laying around) I always send a little parcel of goodies, from me, to you, for you to enjoy at the end of our experience. Don’t worry, you don’t need to give me your home address, there’s no need for Mrs Kinky Friend to find out, if that’s your concern, you can give me whatever address you want - I’m only concerned about it arriving to you. Maybe you liked the bralette that I was wearing when I was getting dressed? What about those cute little socks I had on my petite size 5’s when I was cleaning? Or how about that lip balm I put on in the car before I went to get the coffee you brought me?. Whatever it is, it will be sent with love and affection, perfectly gift wrapped with a handwritten note and a few other little treats.

I like to spoil you and look after you, after all you are my Boyfriend. ‘’

Love Jess X

Posted on 09 May 2021

My Blog. Why it is important to have working hours (by KitsUsedPanties)

Hiya Kitty Comely Here,

I thought I'd write a blog about "working hours" or "panty selling hours" whatever you'd like to call it. I saw that another panty seller recently was worn out, I've done it myself in the past and it's not nice, you feel very tired and poorly. So it prompted me to write about working hours.

Burn out is a real thing, it might feel like your not working when your doing this, but believe you me you are! I spend so many hours per week (like you) selling panties and offering friendly flirty chat in my spare time, those are my main 2 specialities.

Whilst I've been offering this service I've gone from working lots of hours to scaling back. During lockdown I went back to working lots of hours again. But now I think it's time to scale back a little again, before I burn myself out.

I already have limited my daily hours over the course of the past 2 years and do I dare say that I go to bed at 9pm haha! I am not neurotypical you see so I do find it difficult to sleep most nights, I need to switch my phone off and unwind before I go to sleep on an evening, so I watch TV in bed for a bit and chill before I go to sleep.

To my regular clients disappointment I have already made steps to scale back my time recently, but I have had no choice. If I'd kept going the way I was I'd be "off" poorly and they'd have no company & no panties from me. So I've had to bite the bullet and knock weekends on the head totally sadly. I might update a few of my adverts during weekends but that will be about it moving forward.

It is difficult to scale back and have set hours doing this because my clients are so lovely and they are more like good friends, some of my clients actually prefer weekends, but this can't be helped. I think we can agree that we all need "down time" to help us rest and recharge everyone does, we are only human!

Coming out of lockdown for me personally means going back to my old regular medical appointments for myself and my family. As well as selling my used undies I work part time, I am always doing online courses, an ED content writer and on top of that I am a part time carer for a few family members (don't forget I have a partner and a house to run) so it is literally a balancing act for me haha!

Don't get me wrong though if I could spend all day everyday selling panties and chatting I would because I genuinely love it! I am extremely lucky because I have some of the most fantastic regular clients that I have a right laugh with.

So basically this is a long winded message from me to all of you gorgeous sellers out there have some time off, look after yourself and never ever feel guilty about it!

And finally the hours I will be around most days are between 9am & 9pm Monday to Friday.

Lots of love,

Kitty X

Posted on 03 May 2021

Why choose ED Emporium to buy and sell used underwear?

Firstly congratulations that you've found us!

There are tons of panty selling platforms out there to choose from - but don't worry your search can finally stop now that you've found us....

We think our platform is the best in the UK (infact the best in the world) But I suppose any fetish selling platform will make that claim and rightly so - because lots of hard work and dedication actually goes into making a fetish platform work.

So what makes us a little different from the rest?

We are a smaller platform so we are more like a family, infact it is developed and ran by a small family team - along with a few helpers. We care about you and we'd love you to join our Dream Team, everyone is welcome....

We are unique, no direct copying off other fetish selling platforms. We have changed the whole function of our site. After 8 months of research and 8 weeks of building "Ta Da" our new ED Emporium was born!

We have a lot of new updates coming up that you will NOT find on any other UK platform. But we don't want to give it all away on here - you'll need to create a free 30 day browsing account to see for yourselves!

ED Emporium is basically more like a fetish social media platform. The more you communicate and interact with others the more likely you are to get the sales. This means interacting with all of our members (both buyers & sellers) buyers like to know a bit about you before they buy and sellers can recommend you to other buyers of they are busy.

If you upload your profile information & then just sit and wait for the sales to come in, then you are on the wrong platform, you need to make an effort every day. Post each day, follow members each day etc...

You may have noticed that we don't have tones of members (buyers & sellers) but that is because this new version of the website was put live only in April 2021, so things take time to grow.... Rome wasn't built in a day lol! Our pricing does reflects this - so please hang on in there!

On our site buyers do pay a small one off fee for premium membership. This helps to weed out any time wasters. No buyer can contact any seller until they've upgraded to premium membership. This makes sellers feel more secure when using the platform. We encourage any sellers to bring buyers on board and soon a little incentive within the platform will be introduced.

We’re invested in your privacy, so unlike some other UK fetish platforms ED Emporium do not show adverts on the front of the website. We actually fuzz out any nude profile pictures - you need to become a member before viewing these. This is to maintain safety of any site user.

We are the cheapest panty selling platform in the UK and we do not take any commission fees. It is a monthly pay as you go service - so you only pay for what you need.

So why not join us today without delay!

Good Luck!

Posted on 04 April 2021

We at EDUK highly recommend you checkout Dalma Rosa's panty selling school website, it's packed with very useful information, interviews and excellent advice.

As well as the website - Dalma does regular podcasts on panty selling topics on her own YouTube channel. Both are a very useful guide for both fetish buyers and sellers.

Below is the website link -


We hope this is helpful for you.

Good Luck!

Posted on 18 March 2021

So you'd like to advertise your used underwear and other fetish services online? Not only can you advertise your used knickers for sale on places such as Reddit and Twitter - you can also advertise what you have to offer on a panty selling platform, like this one.

I say advertise and offer your services because you can't expect to get sales, the more you put into this the more you'll get out of it - that's all I will say on that one.... That will be another blog!

It is totally fine to advertise what you are offering on social media however I 100% recommend that you sign up to a safe panty selling platform - mainly for your own safety, these platforms should keep you safe, I say should because I've been on a few of these platforms over the years and they are not as safe as they could be! I won't obviously be naming these but I will list a few things that you need to check out before signing up.

Firstly choose a platform where buyers need to have an account to chat to you, I personally don't like the platform's where anyone can email your personal email address. Before you create your account checkout the site fully and see what you think, now a lot of these platforms expect a payment up front for sellers - so my advice to you is to create a free buyers account and delete it after a couple of days, purely just to browse so you can see if you like it first before committing to the monthly fees.

My number one pet peeve personally is having adverts open for all to see on their website, it is not safe, if a website is saying they are a more secure platform one minute but have sellers adverts visible with there fanny out for all to see on another page - then I would question the safety of this platform....

To me all platforms shouldn't have seller adverts online for all to see until you are a member and you HAVE to log in to view them. The main reasons are: not only is it tacky (especially if it's on the sites home page) but any minor can view these photos and photos can be stolen and used anywhere online to create fake seller accounts, what if they pretend to be you and start scamming people?

Another thing I have noticed about some platforms is that they don't ask if they can promote sellers on social media, they should be asking you by LAW due to data protection - so if they are promoting you and you have not been consulted then this is a big worry, what if you don't want to be promoted because you don't want to be seen/found on social media for personal reasons?

And just to note that you should ALWAYS have the right to be able to delete your account YOURSELF should you want to from any platform - you shouldn't have to email the platform to request this.

Good Luck!

Posted on 01 December 2020

This blog will be full of quick read fetish buying and selling tips for you to enjoy reading. I hope they are helpful to you!

I don't have many buying tips yet, but don't worry I will be adding more....

Tips for buyers:-

Tip: On EDUK sellers would really LOVE it if you added a few things about yourself on your profile, even if you just changed your profile picture. Sellers would definitely want to chat to you more if you updated your profile. Don't be shy!

Tip: It might be a good idea to include what you are interested in within your bio (for example used panties) this is just so sellers know what sort of thing you are into.

Tip: It's always a great idea to have a read through sellers bios, look at their rating & see what they have to offer before you get in touch. Sellers really appreciate that.

Tip: It's best to confirm your order through the messaging area within ED Emporium, that way if it ever comes to gaining evidence of someone not delivering the goods within the platform you can take screen shots and we can help you further.

Tips for sellers:-

Tip: I'd highly recommend that you buy decent knickers to sell ladies & gents, mainly because you don't want them to fall apart while you wear them (unless you are prepared to fix them yourself) you also want to get the maximum price for your fantastic service.

Tip: Always buy 2 of each kind of panties, as you can guarantee a buyer will want a pair you've already sold.

Tip: To maximize your earnings, try to do most things yourself or let a family member or friend help you (someone you trust) Obviously if things get too busy for you you may need to hire other people - but you really need to think about it first because it can really dip into your profit!

Tip: Panty stuffing, inserting food, sweet treats & things that are not ment to be inserted are dangerous! You could get a yeast infection off sugar, a water infection off panty stuffing or even scratch or cut yourself - so it is not recommended!

Tip: Definitely invest in a vacuum pack machine, it really does keep your used knickers fresh!

Tip: Try selling the panties you already own so save over heads. I have just recently started to buy underwear I like to wear rather than what I think buyers would like - mainly because if you don't sell it you are stuck with it aren't you? If the buyer wants you to wear something specific - make sure you receive payment before going out and buying it.

Tip: Try to post an advert on a platform daily & tweet daily. if you post ads/tweet daily then you are more likely to be noticed by buyers, they can see that you are active & it may tempt them to buy from you!

Tip: I recommend that you don't use hashtags on Twitter, believe it on not they don't like more than 2 to 3 hashtags used at one time. I'd ditch them altogether, your key words like "Used Panties" will come up in the search without using a hashtag.

Tip: Payment methods, I recommend you accept payments via emailed online vouchers, such as Amazon & did you know you can accept High Street & Just Eat vouchers emailed to you as well?

Tip: Try and offer a range of services that you feel comfortable with. These are the top 10 most popular fetish items/services you can sell (in no particular order) used panties, used sex toys, used hoisery, used condoms, bespoke clips, live cam, sissy training, sexting, phone sex & girl friend experiences.

Tip: Ensure you have working hours doing this - you might have another job and family to take care of on top of you selling used panties, so you don't want to risk burning yourself out.

Tip: Definitely 100% message buyers, it's ok to say Hi and ask them how they are, you never know you might get a sale.

Tip: Always confirm your age! This is for both buyers and sellers. It might be a good idea to take a verification photo and pop it on here in a photo album. So write your name (stage name) your age & this web address www.edemporium.uk on a bit of paper OR get your ID & hold it up to your face & take a photo (no need to take a photo of your full face) - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DONT SHOW YOUR ADDRESS.

Tip: Wear your panties for your buyer through the day & your usual underwear (or none) for bed. You have to look after yourself and a break on a night is a good idea. Some panties you wear for buyers maybe tight or already packed with scent which could make you sore - you don't want to get an infection.

Tip: The more you put in the more you get out (of panty selling that is haha! no naughty pun intended!)

Tip: I recommend you set up an Only Fans, Admire Me, Pocket Stars or create your own Snap Chat monthly service. This is great for buyers who like regular chat, you may as well get paid for chat - nothing is free!

Tip: It's best that you dont try to sell something on the first contact with a buyer. Say Hi and introduce yourself instead.

Tip: Personally I wouldn't give out any other contact information or have it in your profile bio (such as apps like Kik, Whatsapp etc..) Buyers need to pay first, we always encourage sellers to discuss sales on EDUK where it's more safe!

Tips for everyone:-

Tip: On EDUK let members get to know you by adding a few photos of yourself. You can create different photo albums for different things. For example if you collect a certain kind of underwear why not show it off? Or you can even add photos about personal stuff such as pictures of what games you are playing etc..!

What our members say:-

My tips for me personally which i need to be held accountable for at least one .. Be consistent Always engaging Polite Don't be afraid to ask questions about specifics (clients seem to think you know exactly what they want and not always clear) Those are my tips or to do's for me xxx By Nicci.

My biggest tip is - Be yourself! Don’t try to be anyone else xx By

Good luck!

Posted on 06 November 2020

As well as selling used panties you also need to be on the ball when it concerns sexting and roleplay, below are a few role play ideas that might spice up your sexting sessions. And don't forget that it is FREE! to sign up to ED Emporium to advertise your services!

Don't forget to enjoy what you are offering & feel comfortable in what you do...

Pretend that you’re his boss and you are getting naughty with him at work.

Pretend you’re a student who’s trying to sleep with her teacher.

Pretend one of you is a police officer and you’re getting arrested.

Pretend he’s a firefighter and he needs to put your fire out.

Pretend you’ve never had sex and you are a virgin.

Pretend you’re a nurse and your partner is poorly.

Pretend you're partner is a masseuse, include a happy ending.

Pretend that you’ve had a one-night stand.

Pretend you’re his maid or child minder, have a quickie before his wife gets home.

Pretend that you’re both porn stars on a film.

Pretend that you don't like each other and have angry sex.

Pretend you’re a prostitute.

Pretend he’s your taxi driver and you fuck him for payment.

Pretend that he’s your gym instructor, and he’s teaching you how to bend over.

Pretend he is a repair man and your house needs a repair.

Pretend you've just met in a bar or hotel.

Pretend that you’re a model, and he is your photographer.

Pretend that one of you is an artist and sketch nude.

Pretend that you’re in a long distance relationship and have to have phone sex.

Pretend one of you is a stripper and give a lap dance.

Pretend you’re sleeping with someone that is totally off limits.

Pretend it’s your wedding night, and you’re first time as husband and wife. 

Good Luck!

Posted on 06 November 2020

So you sell your used underwear already & you are thinking of offering more? I have a few tips for you below, they might help you in your homemade amateur porn clips. Don't forget you can advertise this service on ED.

A few things you need first to get started;-

Firstly make sure you have a good phone or camera to take your clip with (do some research before you buy)

Secondly you need to buy a decent but cheap phone or camera stand - these are a godsend! Practice using it first so you get a good feel.

Thirdly you need to look into clip editing programs or apps & have a play around with these, see which ones you like the best. Always watermark your clips, you can add your name on your stage name on for example.

Solo play -

You don’t need to have a partner to make homemade amateur porn, if you do a little research on porn sites first - you'll see categories such as "solo girl" these types of clips are very popular, you can introduce sex toys to your clips & maybe some talking. Some buyers may prefer just seeing a woman enjoying herself in a sexy way alone - they may want to see you play in there panties they've ordered from you - they may find this extremely hot. 

With partner(s) -

If you have a partner who is happy & willing then you do have more of an audience, more categories can get covered such as "cream pie" these types of clips are very popular, some buyers who buy panties tend to like watching messy scenes. Some buyers may want to see their panties being filled in a personalised clip because they may be into cuckolding. 

Create the fantasy - 

Maybe you can create another type of fetish or fantasy clip, such as a naughty nurse, police officer & even sniffing your own used panties. Buyers may just want to see you masturbate or carry out a sexual act with a partner because you quite frankly excite them! 

Background -

Be mindful of your surroundings! Yes messy bedroom floors are a big no no! That is all the buyer will look at (and other sellers) Make sure the area around you is tidy, if you have some plants or flowers put them in the shot, I've also see seller's use a white blanket that they sit on to take clips - this looks good as it's a nice clear background.

Also try to avoid any shadows!

Natural light -

Natural lighting looks best when your shooting clips, near a door, window or outside are all full of natural light. If you have to shoot indoors try taking pictures with and without the flash on your phone/camera to see what looks the best.

Angles -

Have a play around and see what your best angles are "your best side" make sure you get all of the area in the clip that you are focusing on, clips that have been cut off don't look right. Clips taken in the reflection of a mirror look crap - just don't do it ladies & gents!

Lots of shots -

If you can try shooting with a couple of cameras/phones & place them at a few good areas - then that would be fantastic, the reason for this is just incase a clip doesn't work out, then at least you have one copy, its a lot of work & you don't want to have to do it all again.

Filter, crop -

Use your editing programs or apps, obviously you don't want to add too much of a filter, maybe a soft glow.... Its a good idea to take plenty of screenshots & crop them so buyers can get a good sample of what the clip is going to be like photos - it's good to get all your selling in the picture and dont have too much background or space around them - you don't need the whole room in the photo as well!

Other tips -

Don't overthink it & relax if you can, it's best to have the clips that are more natural, so its important to relax & try not to be nervous!
The best clips are the ones that come naturally to you.


Good Luck!

Posted on 01 October 2020

Buying and selling used panties & knickers is so easy on ED Emporium. You can sell used dirty panties & other types of used underwear. Sign up for FREE anonymously today!

We have lots of fetish buyers and sellers wanting to share smelly used panties with each other. These are sure to satisfy any used panty fetish. Whether you need to earn a little extra cash, like to sniff cummy knickers or you are into crossdressing then this website is for you!

It's so easy to list and browse on this website for worn knickers! All you need to do is create a free account (which only takes a few minutes) then either list your items or take a look at what dirty knickers are available.

We always suggest that both fetish buyers and sellers become a premium member because then you get to use the site fully and you will also be card verified.

Once you have done the above - THEN you are ready to buy or sell dirty panties. Once you've got a sale or you have chosen your used panties, you arrange payment off site it really couldn't be easier!

If it's your first time and your not sure if it's for you - start off small.... this way you will see if buying and selling used underwear is to your liking.


Good Luck!

Posted on 18 September 2020

As you know it is very competitive in the panty selling industry, it's best to have fresh adverts with new photos added onto your EDUK profile as often as you can. You also want to stand out from the crowd and you want to look your best at all times. It can get very expensive trying to keep your look and panty drawer updated.

Over the years I've discovered some cheaper alternatives for beauty treatments and my wardrobe. I have a few ideas that may help you save your pennies (you may already be doing some of these things - but never mind, here we go)

I will work my way from head to toe - so I don't miss any tips out!

Head -

Amazon do an amazing range of wigs, long wigs are best as they are good for photos. I used to wear a red wig, but I sold it lol! Wearing a wig has its benefits, no need to style your hair - you will have nice hair wearing a wig 100% of the time. Wigs can hide your identity too! To take care of your wig it is best if you buy a stand for it, they are cheap enough to buy and a hair net to cover it when it's not in use. To keep your wig fresh and tat free fill a spray bottle 3/4 of water and 1/4 of fabric softener and spray it every couple of weeks - brush it gently.

Face (if you show it) -

I don't show my face, but I still look after it! Forget going to a beauty salon for beauty treatments do it yourself. I recommend you use a face scrub once a week and moisturise it after. You don't need to buy a face scrub, a little sugar water does the same job! Moisturisers don't have to be expensive either, Avon do some perfectly good moisturisers for a couple of quid. I also recommend you moisturise twice a day (keeps the wrinkles at bay) I also use a little machine that is like a mini vaccum and this sucks the dry skin away - these are very good and you can get them for under £20.

Body -

Again use a body scrub and moisturise as above, I personally use non scented body washes and soaps - mainly because you want your underwear to smell of you and not strong scent (unless the buyer has asked for a perfume smell) which brings me onto perfume - again you can't beat Avon perfumes! They're are cheap and smell lovely!

Hands -

Nothing much you can do for hands other than moisturise them. Also pretty lace gloves look nice and big costume rings also look good and you can buy them for a very low amount from eBay. They look so nice and classy on photos!

Underwear -

I have found that Ann Summers underwear is really nice! But wait until they have a sale on as it can be pricy.... Ann Summers do it all so it's easier for you as a seller to order all in one go, they do knickers, thongs, sex toys, naughty candy and lots more. You are probably thinking that Ann Summers is more expensive to buy from and it's cheaper online else where - but you save money in the long run, how many times have you bought something from China and its either too small, poor quality or doesn't work? So it's a false economy.... And returns to Ann Summers are easy!

Feet -

If you go to an online shop called "Everything 5 pounds" you can buy some lovely killer heels for yes only £5! Sometimes they do have a half price or less sale on so you can buy some stunning shoes from £1 to £5. They look brilliant in photos. Yes you do pay for postage but they still work out really cheap.

Nails -

Why not save money and try a DIY manicure & pedicure? Again you can get some amazing low cost tools, creams, scrubs and nail polish for very low prices from your local super market or from Avon. Or again you can make your own scrubs with sugar and water - it's so easy!

Finally -

Please support your local family and friends - it is good to support local people that you know. Maybe you know Avon or Ann summers reps?

Look pretty.

Good Luck!

Posted on 21 July 2020

It's important to offer a range of used panties, thongs and dirty knickers, as well as different types of services to used panty buyers. Not only are they looking for great styles of worn thongs, they are also looking for brilliant used panty offers! Panty buyers need something that they will go crazy for and let's face it - we ALL love a bargain don't we?

So you're not quite sure what kind of offers will attract buyers? From personal experience any panty deal should include a free little present (some sellers may disagree) you are talking pennies here when you offer something for free - or it may only cost your time.

I see alot of fetish sellers advertising a free pre recorded video clip of themselves with any purchase for that month or a free photo set - these offers are ideal! They don't cost you any extra and it tempts the buyers to buy from you. It shows that you are generous ...

Other types of free little gifts you could offer is something like a printed signed photo of yourself? Or a hand written love note, sometimes you can include a little sachet of lube? These types of freebies cost pennies - but they make buyers feel more special and important.

However please never drop your prices! You are worth every penny that you charge, add more to your service - never reduce price!

If you want to offer sale thongs and panties, please yes do so. I wouldn't recommend that you offer cheaper services/panties all of the time because all that does is drive all prices down on the selling platforms. With your sale offers or your cheapest item I'd recommend offering the standard 24 hour wear - any extras should cost buyers more.

At the end of the day if you offer a sale deal such as - 20% off, buy one get one half price or buy one get one free for example, buyers can't expect all of the trimmings now can they? And they can't expect to have a choice in what style panties they are buying from you.

I used to use a really good pricing structure when I offers a different price range and it might be something that will work for you. I had GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE packages. I will list these below for you, feel free to pinch this idea!

GOLD £30 -

Choose from any of my underwear 24 hour wear & played in, free & tracked postage (collect plus) 5 update messages and 7 pictures.

SILVER £25 -

Choose from any of my underwear 24 hour wear & played in, free & un tracked postage. 3 update messages and 5 pictures.

BRONZE £20 -

Underwear selected at random (lucky dip) 24 hour wear & free un tracked postage. 1 update message and 3 pictures.

So as you can see you can offer a range of different prices - but offer the buyer a bit more with the more they pay.

Offering cheap £10 - £15 panties could attract the wrong type of buyers (ones that haggle on price or expect things for free etc..) so I wouldn't recommend that personally.

Having panty deals and packages might work for you - but please have in mind to be respectful to your fellow panty sellers when updating your prices. It's best you don't undercut as it will start a price war lol! But no seriously us panty sister and brothers need to stick together!

Have fun.

Good Luck!

Posted on 18 July 2020

As well as not posting bodily fluids (such as pee and poop) to another countries - the below countries are illegal to sell adult goods to, please always check buyers locations. 99.9% of buyers that ask you for used panties will be from the UK anyway and I personally have only sold to buyers from the UK.

Countries not to sell to are below -

People's Republic of China
Ivory Coast
Papua New Guinea
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Korea
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
Vatican City

I hope this is helpful.

Good Luck!

Posted on 16 July 2020

Due to the outbreak and pandemic of Covid-19 at EDUK we feel that we should all be a little more careful moving forward when it comes to buying and selling used panties. This illness is not fully understood yet and it doesn't look as though it's going away any time soon. Below are a few safety guidelines for you to read and follow - to keep you all safe!

If any of our sellers are feeling unwell and are showing any Covid - 19 symptoms - they should unpublish all adverts for a minimum of two weeks and notify buyers that they already have orders with &
it's advisable not to sell.

We also advise that our sellers are to take extra precautions when packaging and posting fetish items as an extra safety measure, keeping hands clean and washing them throughout the packing and posting process.

The current official advice from the NHS regarding COVID-19 is as follows (this is taken from their website in 2020, please check any current government guidelines before buying or selling used fetish posted goods)

Stay at home if you have either -

A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

A new continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

Health experts have advised the public to take precautions such as washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing, and bin used tissues immediately. Avoiding close contact with those who are unwell is advised, as is avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth unless your hands are clean.

The UK government has also advised people to practice social distancing and has ordered many public places such as pubs and restaurants to close in order to combat the spread of the virus. 

Sell used panties safely -

As a seller - you are responsible for the condition and packaging of your item and, as always buyers will want absolute 100% assurance that there is no risk involved with buying your used items online.

If yourself or anyone who lives with you are showing symptoms of Covid - 19 - then ED would strongly recommend that you cease selling your used items online for a minimum of 2 week to ensure that there is no risk to your buyers.

Buy used panties safely -

As cases of COVID-19 are still relatively rare, we can reassure buyers that it is still safe to buy used items online, provided that the seller has given their assurance that they are free of any symptoms of Covid - 19 and/or flu.

Also please note that it is only the seller that is handling your goods - no third party involvement with regards to the packaging of your fetish items, so buyers can be rest assured that all measures by sellers are being taken to eliminate as much risk as possible.

Stay safe.

Good Luck!

Posted on 12 July 2020

You can sell whatever you like (within reason) I have another blog with a whole list of fetish items you can sell.

These things I have listed here are not so fun to sell in my experience, you may want to read this first before you offer them ...

Cummy lollipops -

Or any food for that matter is a faff and are NOT to be inserted (you could get a nasty yeast infection) best way to do these is to get your "juices" onto a sandwich bag or a bit of cling film and wrap it around the pop, any photos taken should be of the pop beside yourself - never ever insert it even just for show!

Tights without panties -

Yack! And can you imagine I used to do this and some sellers still do, some sellers I've seen wear them for up to 7 days.... They feel awful, they catch on your pubic hair and pull, make you itch and are hot (but not in the right way!) Not to mention that they click and ladder! Wear panties with them folks...

Poop -

Scat, poo, skid marks, a wipe - whatever you'd like to call it! I've sold knickers once with this filling and its not good... you have to watch what you eat the day before, no veg or spices! You have to poo within a time frame and what if you don't need a poo? Then you have to work out how to get the poo onto your panties as you want the ratio of smells to be right. Some buyers like scat clips (not for me) Also you can't post poo abroad ... If you want to sell it no problem - but it should be priced correctly....

Panty stuffing -

No, no, no! I've done this once and never again... You need loads of lube on them - so what's the point? It weakens the natural smell you've worked so hard to get on the panties. Also beware of the elastic you might catch yourself and if you do - it will hurt I'm sure! Ouch! Also you might get a water infection - think about it, you have a little play or sleep with your partner and then stuff your panties... everything is getting push back up!

Cam -

My goodness what a nightmare this camming malarkey is! Technical issues this and technical issues that - getting set up, then the internet goes off, no sound, no picture or the app stops working, you have to offer a discount for next time due to these issues that are never your fault! I don't recommend it if you have people in your house either... A bit noisy if you catch my drift! Plus you always go over time...

Phone sex -

Feels very uncomfortable to me, embarrassing infact personally speaking! You have to be a good actress and think of sexy things to say on the spot - making sure you include the stuff the buyer said in the long briefing before hand. Not to mention the props you need for squelchy sound effects (if you catch my drift) then angling the phone with one hand while you make these said squelchy noises with the other hand ... No thanks lol!

Custom clips -

So faffy these! You need a degree in film making, lighting and editing! It also leaves you totally wide open (pardon the pun lol!) to really bizzare requests. Do you have any idea how long it takes to create a custom clip? And this is providing you get it right in the first take! It can take an hour or more to do a 5 minute clip - I'm not joking... You have to organise your outfit, do your hair, make up, tidy the room, organise any props, set the camera into position, take tests shots and go! If you do these again charge decent prices ....

*These above points are just based on my personal opinion, if you enjoy these yourself please just go for it!*

Good Luck!

Posted on 05 July 2020

Right, so you've set up your profile and now you're a little stuck on how to write decent offered posts? Never fear we at EDUK are here! Lol well we will try our best for you anyway. Below are some advert templates you can steal, change a few bits and make them yours!

You can have 2 kinds of adverts and I recommend you list both styles, the first type you can list general adverts for what your offering below are 2 examples you can copy and use as your own -

Advert for used underwear -

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! I sell my wonderful panties, thongs, stockings and socks. I will think of you all day at work while I wear these just for you! They will rub against me in all the right places... these wonderful goodies will be worn for a full 24 hours and some played in before posting. You'll receive 4 naughty updates (including pics) throughout the day.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

Advert for online fun -

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! Would you like to have some online fun with me? A little naughty sexting? Or maybe a few sissy tasks? I offer dick ratings and other humilliation sessions too. I want to make you explode! Cum join me on Kik for a whole 30 minutes (if you last that long!) And we can get off together... a couple naughty pics will be sent during these experiences for you to enjoy and get off over.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

Then I recommend you list a few individual adverts to promote a certain pair of panties or online fun you want to try and sell or that you enjoy the most, below are 2 examples you can copy and use as your own -

Advert for used panties:-

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! Here are my wonderful pink passion panties, I will think of you all day at work while I wear these just for you! They will rub against me in all the right places... these will be worn for a full 24 hours and played in before posting. You'll receive 4 naughty updates (including pics) throughout the day.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

Advert for sexting -

Hey Sexy!

I'm pleased I caught your attention! Would you like to have some online fun with me? A little naughty sexting? I want to make you explode! Cum join me on Kik for a whole 30 minutes (if you last that long!) And we can get off together... a couple naughty pics will be sent during this session for you to enjoy and get off over.. how exciting!?!

Love ............. X

As you can see these adverts are similar but on the second 2 examples your show casing one particular thing. I recommend you list at least 10 adverts to get buyers attention. And I recommend you list at least one new advert per week.

Happy listing.

Good Luck!

Posted on 01 July 2020

Obviously on EDUK it is free to be a member and browse the website. But below are some other social media platforms where you can advertise your services on, you do need to read up on the Terms and Conditions within these platforms because a lot have certain rules about what you can and can't post - especially if it contains adult material.

Twitter and Instagram are the most popular for sellers and buyers to go onto, mainly because they can view pictures and chat for free. However you may find a few issues with these platforms, it can be time consuming to find people who are selling or are into fetishes, it is difficult to view who offers what. When you do find people it is sometimes difficult to see if they are over 18, it is also difficult to see if they are a good rated buyer or seller.

You also have Reddit if you can figure out how to work it [I personally find it too complicated] [I'd rather] [advertise used panties] [elsewhere]

There are a few other panty selling platforms you can open a free account on, it's a case of looking around and joining a few. You can also sign up to something like Only Fans or Admire Me, it is free to sign up - however they do take a commission from your sales.

The main this is to be consistent and post on a regular basis on your platforms. Posting often will help you build a following, get you more noticed, it shows that you are active and it shows that you are reliable.

Happy advertising.

Good Luck!

Posted on 29 June 2020

Below are lots of keywords for your used knicker ads. They may help get your adverts more noticed and help people find you when they conduct online searches. Be sure to add some of these within your ED advert titles and on your Twitter tweets (without using hashtags because you don't need those)

Sell used panties. Buy used panties. Used women’s panties. Used panties for sale. Sell used panties online. Worn panties. Panty fetish. Buy dirty panties. Juicy panties. Damp panties.

Used panty fetish. Sell used knickers. Smelling used panties. Panty sniffer. Panty sniffing. Cummy panties. Pee panties. Pee pants. Skid marked pants. Used knickers for sale. Buy worn knickers. Sell worn knickers. Buy dirty knickers. Sell worn panties.

Worn panties for sale. Buy worn panties. Selling used underwear. Buy used underwear. Used underwear for sale. Dirty panties for sale. Used underwear. Sell wet panties. Sell dirty panties.

Buy wet panties. Buy used knickers. Sell dirty knickers. Dirty knickers for sale. Worn knickers for sale. Men in panties. Sissy panties. Cross dressing. Cross dresser.

I hope these keywords help you.

Good Luck!

Posted on 28 June 2020

I have had a lot of fetish sellers ask me about Twitter recently, so I thought I'd write a blog about it.

Twitter is an ideal platform to advertise your used panty services for free!

So you've signed up to Twitter and you'd like to know how to go about advertising your services? I am no expert - but I will give you a few tips.

Setting up your profile is quick and easy. So that you come up in the search its best to have your name to include what you sell - example @amys_knickers and where your name is on your profile add a key word of what you sell for example - Used Knickers. Please make sure you don't use nudes on your profile or cover photos. Remember to add your links to your services within the bio or on a pinned tweet & be yourself!

Twitter have lots of rules and they have an automatic system to check algorithms. If you repeatedly unknowingly break Twitter rules they think your account is spam and they will limit your account.

Unlike other platforms if you break the rules Twitter dont tell you (unless you have any nude photos set as a profile or cover photo) If you break any other rule they limit your account, the limits last from a few days to several and worst case scenario is a Twitter ban and will will lose your account!

See this link to check if your Twitter account is limited (sometimes this link is unreliable) - https://shadowban.eu/

Here is how not to break Twitter rules!

Profile/cover photos -

As mentioned above no nude photos are to be used as a profile or cover pic, that's a big Twitter no no! You'll get reported and have your account limited for a while or in some cases you may lose your account.

Following/unfollowing -

If you go crazy and follow or unfollow lots of people all at once twitter can limit the use of your account for a few days. Limitations consist of one tweet, one follow and one retweet per day for several days. You can follow and unfollow up to 50 people per day - but I would recommend you do that over the course of the day or not target that many people.

Also Twitter favours you if you have more "followers" rather than "following"

Hashtags -

You are only "allowed" to really use 2 hashtags when you tweet, these hashtags shouldn't be repeated on your account over and over again. So I would advice NOT to use hashtags at all - that's right, what twitter is all about dont do it! You will still come up in the searches if you just simply type the words. Bizzare I know...

NO - #usedpanties YES - usedpanties OR used panties.

Tagging -

This is my latest discovery of what not to do.... It's fine to tag others in your tweets but again Twitter does not like you doing the same tags on every tweet, every day. Again Twitter will think your account is spam! My advice is to tag others in your posts a couple of times a week OR just write the words "Erotic Dreams" Also you must tag other users correctly....

NO - #EroticDreamsUK YES - @EroticDreamsUK.

Website links -

You can include website links on your tweets BUT if you repeat the same link over and over Twitter does not like this, they also do not like "adult links" - so it's best you use an app to list all of your links like "AllMyLinks" or have your links in your bio or mention them in a pinned tweet instead.

Tweets -

According to Twitter you can tweet up to 20 times a day? However I wouldn't recommend that, your audience will get sick of seeing lots of tweets from you - as lovely as you are! 1 tweet per day is plenty. Plus you want to avoid your account being reported by another user.

If your likes have dropped on your tweets - have a break for around 4 days. This may mean that your account is limited. Also there's no need to tweet every single day, have a rest now and again!

Retweets -

You can retweet other people's tweets up to 40 times per day. If you retweet you'll gain followers, it also shows that you are friendly towards other twitter users and you may make friends along the way - it costs nothing to be nice.... But I recommend that you only retweet a couple of your old tweets now and again - because Twitter does not like too many of your tweets being retweeted - yet again they could limit your account!

Quality tweets -

Be yourself! I recommend that you tweet once a day, get your audience involved by asking them a question or doing a Twitter pole, maybe tweet about what your doing that day? No swearing either mind! Tag others who may RT you (RT is short for retweet)

Example - "What colour used panties do you prefer?" Pink, White, Blue or Black? Personally I like pink! Links to my offerings are in my bio @EroticDreamsUK @EDRetweetsUK Please RT! X

Pics & clips - attach a pic or clip of yourself to your tweet, followers LOVE it when you tweet the same style pics each day - for example the same type of picture but do a slightly different pose in each one, it's always best to tweet 2 or 4 pics at one time with your daily tweet.

Remember NO HASHTAGS OR LINKS IN YOUR TWEETS! And remember to include keywords like "used panties, used thongs, worn panties, used holdups, selling nudes, sexting etc etc ....

Commenting -

"Be kind" to your fellow panty sellers and panty buyers. Certainly be careful with some of your comments on other sellers posts because unfortunately some sellers can be very unkind - they may report you and yes yet again this may limit your account. When you comment make sure you include a key word or two! Also you can comment with a picture of yourself. Twitter apparently doesn't like it if you comment on people's tweets who you are not following?

Example of a comment - "I really love those used panties xxx"

Apps -

Twitter doesn't like it when you use third party apps to carry out your "following" and "unfollowing" automatically for you etc... I think it's to do with the threat of spam or bots logging into your account - so I don't recommend you use them.

So basically all of the things you thought you should do on Twitter you shouldn't do on Twitter? It's crazy!

It sounds complicated but you'll get the hang of it! Thing is if your account looks more like a personal account rather than a selling one - it will work out better for you, don't forget to mark it as it may contain sensitive material (within the privacy and safety settings) Sometimes Twitter thinks people are robots who are spamming there platform! If they think this is what you are doing they will limit your account AND remember that they don't like adult content!

Happy tweeting.

Good Luck!

Posted on 28 June 2020

This is the hardest thing about panty selling I think, some buyers argue with you if you ask them to verify their age and prove that they are over 18 years old - well that has been my experience when someone has contacted me through other panty selling platforms anyway.

Some potential buyers can be quite rude about it as well. Some buyers also don't accept that you are a genuine seller on a selling site - they often want more "proof" that your "real" or that you are not a "man" most of these guys that press for more "proof" tend to be time wasters who just want free pictures.

Some buyers also get embarrassed or shy if you ask them to verify, which is totally understandable - but you need to double check, don't assume they are over 18 just because they got in touch through an 18+ site!

Did you know in my experience that by checking buyers ages in a certain way actually weeds out time wasters - No?

Direct them to be a member on EDUK all members that use the site are presenting themselves as 18+ and because they pay for premium they are less likely to be a time waster - however you still need to age verify by asking them for ID.

Ask them to send you a picture of their passport or driving license held up to their face, as it shows their identity - however they may not want to show all of their full face. It's also best that they pop their name and date on a piece of paper and have that in the photo also.

It is a good idea if you did the same in return, but rather than taking a fresh photo each time of yourself - take the photo and post it in a photo album on ED Emporium and label it something like "Age Verification" or "Proof of Age" then maybe pin it to the tip of your profile page. And buyers if you are reading this it's a good idea that you do the same.

Please ensure your address is not shown and cover any other information that you may not want the public to see. If you do not have any ID you could write your date of birth, name and the date on a piece of paper and do the same as above.

Remind them if they don't verify that you don't want to be potentially talking to a minor and you can't do business with them. If they still try to get you to chat with them on a communication app - DON'T and block them.

Yes it is long winded HOWEVER this 100% works trust me. If they verify then you have a genuine buyer! If they don't or only give you half of the information - then you have a time waster sadly.

If they continue to chat and are not forthcoming with age verification then you either ignore them or send a message like the below -

Thanks for getting in touch today, however I do need to check you are 18+ Unfortunately I can't help you without this information. Good luck with your fetish buying! X

Stay safe.

Good Luck!

Posted on 24 June 2020

So you are selling your used panties and you are not sure what to charge for them? Firstly please don't charge low prices even if you are new to this and here is why -

You are offering the same service as everyone else so please know your worth. Mind you I've witnessed panty sellers advertising used panties & other items for as little as - £7, £8, £10 and £15 we all have our reasons for making an extra bit of cash - however this is far too CHEAP! You are actually not making anything or even making a loss at these prices!

Sorry, you are worth more than that, this is experience talking! You also need to think about other panty sellers and be RESPECTFUL of their pricing - we are all in it together as a community and our prices should be the current going rate unless you are selling mega old knickers that are dropping to bits and then the minimum price should ALWAYS be from £20 for a 24 hour wear.

Let me breakbdown the cost for you -
(Prices were based on 2020 costs)

Platform fees - £25 to £240 per year.
Cost of underwear - £5 to £10 a pair.
X3 custom photos - £10.
UK P&P - £5 (signed for)

This is only rough, basing it on a 24 hour wear (no extras) and using these figures the minimum price works out at around £20.50 and the maximum price works out around £29.50. You should be making a MINIMUM of £10 per pair.

Satin styles and branded panties such as Ann Summers or Victoria Secret should be an extra £5 to £10 more per pair on top of the above price guide because those are more of a luxury item.

Why you shouldn't under sell yourself -

1. You have to work twice as hard to sell your panties, why have 2 customers at £15 a pair when you can have 1 customer at £35 a pair? It's a no brainer it really is....
2. It creates more competition within the seller community and drives all prices down between sellers unnecessarily.
3. It attracts the wrong type of buyer, they will expect cheap.
4. You wont make very little or make a loss - so therefore it's not worth your time.

Also while I'm on just a little note to buyers here, most £7 to £15 panties are cheap for a reason .... They won't be very good quality or the scent won't be as strong as you'd like. You get what you pay for at the end of the day. Please never haggle with the price, if anything please tip your favourite sellers - they really appreciate this!

Good Luck!

Posted on 22 June 2020

Dick ratings are so much fun. They are quick, easy and buyers love them!

So you are fetish seller and a buyer has approached you to give a dick rating and you've never given one before? Fear not below is how to give a dick rating that will pip anyone elses!

Firstly you need to create an advert on ED that will catch a fetish buyers eye... It's best to mention that you will be 100% honest during the rating, pop in the advert how many pictures you need to see of them to give a rating (you need to see all of the dick, Inc balls and tip)

Mention in the ad how long it will take to deliver the rating and finally if they will receive any pics or clips along side the rating. I always give a few free pics with the rating as it helps it sell and it encourages them to keep their pecker up and standing to attention (if you catch my drift?)

You generally get to see in the messages leading up to a rating if they'd like a bit of penis humiliation thrown in - if you are not sure what kind of rating to do - just ask them what kind they'd like, either humiliation or worship...

So below are the points I usually cover in a dick rating, how you rate them depends on what type of rating they'd like, so for example a humiliation rating you'd perhaps score them 0/10 and a worship rating you'd maybe score them 10/10.

You pop your answer next to each point, mention if it's big, small, amazing or pathetic etc ... Have some fun with it! (In no particular order) Also make them wait a little for the rating, this builds up the excitement!

Below is an example of a humiliation rating -

First impressions - ugly.
Colour - not nice.
Shape - I've seen more shape in a cocktail sausage.
Bellend - I can't see it?
Balls - like tiny peas.
Gurth - pathetic!
Length - tiny!
Hair - all I can see is bush, are you a woman?
Symatry (if it's bent etc) - if I could see it I'd say.
Best sex position recommendation - is it in yet?
Skin appearance (texture and veins) - rubbish!


Pathetic clit dick, I've seen bigger cocktail sausages! It actually made me feel sick...

Rating out of 10 = 0/10.

Obviously for a worship kind of rating you just need to give them positive comments and give them a high score, it's very simple.

I hope this helps you, they are great fun.

Good Luck!

Posted on 22 June 2020

So you may have wondered why fetish buyers love used panties? I have spoken to several buyers and it's more than men in panties...

A lot of buyers don't actually wear the panties that they buy, most buyers love to feel closer to women. They enjoy the whole experience - interaction, attention and sexy photos with different panty sellers. It's an exciting experience for them, from ordering to them landing on the door mat.

However you do get buyers who indeed love to wear women's underwear, they absolutely love the whole sissy training experience.

Some buyers like well worn panties and other buyers aren't that bothered about smelly panties as it's more of a collection for them and buying models panties or underwear sets from a photo shoot. Standard wear from a panty seller is usually 24 hour wear and played in (and around 3 photos included)

Whatever the reason I personally love it! I love the fact that buyers want to buy my under garments and it's a fantastic confidence boost!

I also found that the buyers I've spoken to have either just recently started to buy used knickers or they've been buying for a long time. Most buyers buy from a safe platform and from a verified seller (like this one) some buyers like to buy directly from Twitter or even from Kik selling groups.

Every panty buyer that I've spoken too likes to buy multiple pairs of used knickers at one time, they also like to buy extras such as videos clips and photos of sellers in used panties, signed magazines, stockings, sweet treats and more.

A lot of buyers don't like pushy sellers, and don't like it when sellers message buyers pushing them to buy. Most panty buyers in general are very shy and prefer to make the first move - so its best to be yourself and not be too pushy girls and guys.

Most of the buyers I've spoken to - have no preference of types of seller, they like all ages, ethnicities and sizes etc.... If the seller looks sexy, is polite and has a good selection of panties - then that is fantastic!

The panty selling business is growing by the day and some sellers think that the market is now saturated and very competitive - however after talking to buyers they welcome the extra sellers and choice. Infact buyers have reported to me that it's difficult to make bookings with some sellers due to popularity.

Most panty buyers that I have spoken to prefer sexy thongs rather than full backs and prefer brands. ED did a Twitter pole about panty brands and the 3 most popular brands were - Victoria Secret, Ann Summers and Agent Provocateur, however Lounge Wear is a popular brand too. A lot of buyers prefer satin/silk blends - however some buyers prefer cotton (as apparently cotton tends to lock in scent better (who knew?) Tip for you fellas, give cotton blend a try if you haven't already!

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Good Luck!

Posted on 21 June 2020

Oh yes! I've dealt with a fair amount of these over the years... Some "buyers" just get off on your free chat, some "buyers" love it when you call them names as well (sad and pathetic I know!) So don't be nasty because they get off on it!

Well don't give them the satisfaction of wasting your time, just block them - even if you get a funny vibe off them (trust your gut instinct) Your time = £££

So you've had a potential buyer get in touch to discuss your services? And they are asking you countless questions on what you have and listing all they want, being cheeky and maybe trying to get some freebies etc...

You're not alone! The below points should help reduce the amount of time wasters (in my experience):-

Age verify!

On EDUK all members are presenting themselves as 18+ however I'd still double check their age, just to be safe. Not all sites have the ability for buyers to verify, in this case you definitely need to age verify before you discuss anything in detail. Send your potential buyer a list of what you offer & don't offer (a "menu") then tell them if they'd like to go ahead with anything or discuss further - they need to age verify first, this cuts out most time wasters. Ask them to send a photo of themselves holding ID (no need to see full face) Include today's date. Let them know your verified on a website and send them a link (this will make them feel more safe too)

Clear communication!

Be clear and polite from the start and again make sure you let them know from the word go what you offer and don't offer (inc any limitations) Direct potential buyers to this site and your profile, they can join and look at your listings in a safe online environment (having detailed adverts and a detailed profile helps, include an advert showing gusset shots of your panties) Some potential buyers do try and get chat for free - this is the biggest time wasting trick of all! So try to keep the conversation short, to the point but friendly. For example if they ask you to send them a photo of what panties you are wearing now - say you aren't wearing any, if they ask you what gets you going - say in a flirty tone if you buy from me you'll find out. Try and keep the conversation no more that 5 to 10 minutes and if they keep talking about there fantasies without buying - explain you also offer sexting sessions and they need to pay to play & leave the conversation at that.

Payment upfront!

Always get payment upfront before you send any pics/clips or posted goods, even if it's a long term customer that you trust (make sure you've checked you've received the payment in your account first as well) If the buyer has to wait for you to wear always take a deposit to book them in, if you don't they will go elsewhere or enjoy free content without purchasing! You can't go into a shop and order something for free - so why should this be any different?


Don't be too cheap! Sell your goods and services at a proper price. Don't do business with buyers that haggle, it is rude! You don't go into a shop and haggle on the cost of a loaf of bread do you? It is a specialised service after all. If you sell cheap you'll attract the wrong type of cheap buyer - so just don't ladies and gents! What I tend to do if someone is being annoying is I add a "prick fee" of an extra £30 on top of the order lol and if they go ahead then at least you're getting paid extra for the attitude!

Noticing the signs!

Below are some of the common types of time wasting.

Do you sell panties? (Like duh yes)
I can't see it on your profile.
Send me a sample.
Let's swap pics.
What are you wearing?
Send a pic of what your wearing.
Send me nudes.
Prove your real!
Prove your not a man.
You're a man!
Send me a pic of dirty panties.
Show me your panty gusset & I'll buy.
How dirty will you get the panties?
Sending you unwanted dick pics.
Be my friend.
Let's be friends.
What do the tasks include?
Mistress.... or Hey....
Tell me how to serve you mistress.
I'm lonely...
Let's chat.
Let's meet.
I'm having problems with my bank.
I've paid (but they haven't)
What's your best price?
Do it for cheaper.
What can you give me for free?
That's very expensive.
Post them first then I'll pay.
Ghosting at payment.
Being abusive towards you.

The worst type of time waster I think is ghosting at payment! And yes I think this is a form of time wasting. You've spent all that time chatting and taking their order - it's so rude! That totally does my head in. If this happens, message them the next day (exactly 24 hours later) and tell them no payment has been received so therefore you can not help - ask them to delete your payment details & wish them luck.

All you need to do with these above types of "buyers" is BLOCK no need to engage in conversation, no need to tell them you're blocking them - just block and move on.

Good luck!

Posted on 18 June 2020

Over the years I've written and published soooo many different adverts, offering different things to see what works. When I first started out I offered everything! I'm pleased I did as it was a great learning curve to see what I like and don't like. Yes we are here to make money, but we need to enjoy what we do!

If you are just starting out and not sure what to offer or if you are strapped for time - it really helps to write only one advert a day. Below are some helpful tips that I've found have worked over the years, let's keep this simple for you!

Create an ad for all you offer.
Create an advert a day.
Include how many pics they'll get.
Include how many messages they'll get.
Include how it's worn.
Include any extras.
Mention P&P (buyers like free btw)
Include price/offers.
Include some nice decent pics.
Add a WOW advert pic.
Add something free (I usually do)
Select a catagory eg "used panties"
Mention how excited you are.
Mention how brilliant it will be.
No need to show your face.
No need to show any rude bits.

It does all sounds long winded, but it works trust me!

Good Luck!

Posted on 17 June 2020

So you've sold one of your services and your not sure what payments options (treats, tips & gifts) are safe to use? Or maybe it's a special occasion such as your Birthday or Christmas and you are asking for a treat?

Don't worry I've listed a few treat/tip/gift options below, but firstly always remember to take full payment before wear!

Sadly most payment options are not geared towards fetish sellers unfortunately.... the terms and conditions of these payment options don't allow payments for sex work, unless you are on platform that takes the payment for you - but these sites take a commission & I should imagine sites that deal with bit coins take a fair chunk of your hard earned cash! So if you are happy to work for less then that's the best solution for you.

It's tricky sometimes if you accept payment because you have to give out your real name.

Bank Transfer -

I wouldn't recommend it sadly because I personally fell victim to fraud, as someone decided to use my bank details for a direct debit for car insurance, I got my money back but I'm sure it was an old "buyer" that used my details! You know the type - the ones that don't actually buy and ghost at payment, very dodgy!

Payment Apps -

You can use a payment app, again I would be careful because some buyers may try and report you and claim their money back, sometimes these apps can cancel your account and shut you down without giving you the money you've already earned. The most popular payment apps are Google Pay & Cashapp. If you use these I'd suggest you cash out straight away.

PayPal -

Although it is the easiest way to receive payment - I do not recommend PayPal at all. They don't allow SW payments and buyers may try again and get their money back - so your left with nothing and your PayPal account frozen and cancelled. If you do use this option for your trusted regular buyers always ask them to select "family & friends" that way it will be harder for them to make a claim - but if it is a regular buyer hopefully you'll not need to worry as much.

Amazon Wishlist -

I do not recommend Amazon wishlists! NO! I have seen new and established sellers use them and more worryingly a panty selling site dedicating a whole page of their sellers wish lists... A wishlist is often used so buyers can purchase things from the list in exchange for fun/goods from you. It's a big no no because I have known buyers to cancel orders and it's too late they've had fun for free .... also I know that buyers can track your parcel online and see quite close to where you live on a map! So don't please - unless you fancy a stalker on your hands!

Tipping Platforms -

"Buy me a coffee" & "ko-fi"

You hook up your preferred payment method (Pay Pal or a personal stripe account) Your buyer can click on the link and buy you a coffee (not an actual coffee, but money for a coffee) Within these platforms you can add extra payments & regular subscriptions. You do get charged a small fee on "Buy Me A Coffee" to use there service - but you don't pay any commission on "Ko-Fi" buyers do see your real name when they log into their own PayPal to check their statements. Remember to always mark the account as NSFW and put on a virtual services - such as a cheeky photo or a picture set. Again though it is Pay Pal it's connected to, but if you wish to use it to accept a treat then it is ideal!

Only Fans/Admire Me/Bit Coins -

These are a good option if your happy to get way less money for your services, buyers can send you a tip in exchange for virtual fun only - such as sexting, you are not supposed to use these methods for physical goods, this is why on platforms they have images buyers unlock with coins (I'd check the terms and conditions of these platforms too) as I say the downside is that these platforms take 20%+ commission from you - but on some of these platforms it is free to have the account in the first place, you just need to up your prices a little to cover the fees. Another downside is you have to declare your money to the tax man (declare it as self employed)

Emailed Gift Cards, E Vouchers -

This is your best option! YES! Accepting gifts rather than payments, gifts are usually non refundable - online eVouchers/gift cards are the safest (apply the balance to your account before you send the buyer anything) As well as Amazon eVouchers you have High street eVouchers.

You can get takeaways from Just Eat, put them towards your weekly shop at Asda and more. Please note that with Amazon vouchers buyers can recall the vouchers - so again just be a bit careful with who you sell to.

Within ED Emporium you can add the links to your preferred payment method & it will show up on your profile.

All "payments" should be called "tips" "treats" or "gifts" as really no refunds to buyers should be made, this is because its bespoke custom service. Each service is unique to each buyer and you need to cover your time. So I'd recommend before you accept a payment from anyone new that you inform them that they are gifts in exchange for fun & no refunds can be given.

However if a buyer cancels their used knickers before you post them - I'd suggest giving them the equivalent value back to in pictures, clips or sexting etc... But not a refund as they have cancelled not you.

However you must ALWAYS give the buyers a refund if you cancel an order yourself or you don't send the goods for any reason. I've seen sellers take money from buyers, not deliver the goods and then block them on Twitter... This is a big no no! It's a nasty thing to do - just don't do it. You'll get a bad reputation if you do this.

Good luck!

Posted on 17 June 2020

Men love to buy worn panties and they also LOVE other naughty virtual things such as sissy tasks!

Ok you've been asked to give someone some sissy tasks and you don't know how as you've never done it before! Don't worry I have it covered! Firstly most guys who like tasks love to "drag" it out as much as possible (pardon the pun!) So make sure you ask them what sissy items they have before hand (example panties) and write your tasks around what they have already.

When you list your adverts on this website make sure you - set clear boundaries for how many tasks and pictures they'll receive (I always send a few nudes as it helps sell your tasks) Also set a time limit! Tell them they have 1 hour to complete the task or tasks for example be strict or they will message you about it ALL day - even sometimes message you into the next day!

I have 3 areas that I base my tasks on 1. Dressing up like a woman 2. Cum control and 3. Humiliation. I try to take a bit out of each area to create my tasks - these are the foundation of a good sissy task. I also now and again create tasks pre ready for any sissy's that require tasks, it saves time & helps build up your task collection.

Below is a simple example of some sissy tasks - but you could just tell them to go outside with there panties on and nothing else lol! Again please feel free to use it and change it to your style.

Example Sissy Tasks -

Task 1 - Put your panties on underneath your work clothes and make sure they stick out at the top of your trousers. At every opportunity bend down or tuck your top in for the world to see. I want you to flash your pants at least 10 times within the next hour.

Task 2 - Go to a public toilet mirror and pop some lip gloss on. Wait until you have at least 2 other people near you at the sinks, don't forget to have your panties flashing - they need to be on show the whole time you carry out this task. You have to do this within the next hour also.

Don't forget I need to see photo evidence and failure to carry out these tasks may result in a not so happy ending ....

So as you can see tasks can be quite easy - but are lengthly - so you need to charge proper prices and charge for the full day. Another tip is to send all tasks altogether if there's more than one, and don't forget to give them a timescale of when you'll be doing a final check up with them! You can always score them out of 10 too!

Have fun!

Good Luck!

Posted on 13 June 2020

As well as having used knickers for sale - you may have other delights you wish to sell? I find it helpful to write a "fetish menu" or a "menu" this is basically a fetish selling price list to share only with your buyers, I'd recommend you never make this public - other sellers should never have a copy of this.

Although you will already have your prices listed within your adverts on ED, having a "menu" is a great idea! Something you can just zap over in a message to your buyers (this cuts out lots of chit chat)

Below is an example of what one looks like (some sellers pop emojis next to the different services) feel free to copy this example and use it as your own, please note that these below prices are not accurate or current, so you'll need to add your own prices:-


Sexting = £3 a min (minimum 10 mins)
Pictures Custom = £3 each.
Clips Custom = £5 a min.
Used Panties = £25 a pair.
Used Socks = £25 a pair.
Used Tights = £25 a pair.

Extras = £10 each (extra day wear and cum in your panties)

All wearable items come with 3 update messages and pictures of me in your chosen goods.

As you can see my list is short & basic, I recommend if you have a sale to have a 10% 15% 20% off etc... rather than reducing your pricing individually - or you'll be updating your prices all of the time hope this list helps you.

Good Luck!

Posted on 13 June 2020

Panty buyers love to buy wet used panties as you know... some are experts in sniffing out (pardon the pun) the best panty sellers! Most fetish buyers will ONLY buy from sellers with 5/5 reviews = FACT!

If you share your positive comments from previous buyers about how good your service is - it will make future buyers feel that they can trust you. The last thing a buyer wants is to deal with a scammer and trust me they do exist.

So I recommend that on EDUK you create a photo album for any positive comments about you, upload any screenshots you might have from buyers. But please don't forget to blur their name out and always ask permission to use anything first.

I also recommend for you to encourage buyers to give your profile a positive rating on ED Emporium, maybe give them an incentive to leave you a positive rating - such as a free picture.

Another thing you can do is ask your fellow seller friends to leave you a positive profile rating also, they obviously think that you are a nice person because they chat to you - so why not!

Don't forget to share the love and return the favour to both buyers and sellers that have been kind to you - I'd definitely leave a positive rating on their profiles.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

So you want to sell your used panties & knickers? It is harder than you may think to sell worn panties, creating your profile, listing ads, advertising yourself. It may take a a few weeks to make your first sale - this is normal, just stick with it... Here's a quick basic start up guide to help you!

Think of a fake or a stage name. I use my real first name BUT I don't show my face. You can use any name you want. You can choose a fetish selling name to match what your best at maybe? For example if you are going to focus on foot fetish then a name like "Foot Fairy"

Think about what you want to offer, you might just want to sell dirty knickers & maybe sexting sessions? Have a think of what prices you will sell your fetish services for. I used to sell worn knickers & used thongs mainly and a pair of mine costs around £25 to £45.

Have a look at your current used underwear drawer as you can sell almost anything! You may already have some used bras, used baby dolls, used sex toys or used socks. It's best you use what you have already - to see if you like being a panty seller. The only items I have bought are a few pairs of thongs because I don't usually wear thongs, if you have to buy a little stock I recommend high end such as Victoria Secret or Ann Summers, they are more likely to sell (try getting them in a sale)

Pop on your used underwear & take some sexy photos of yourself in your goods. I recommend using a selfie stick (you get better angles of your booty if you use a selfie stick)

Set up a separate email address just for selling your cummy panties and you can use this email address to give to fetish buyers and you can use it to sign up to panty selling platforms.

Sign up to Twitter it's free and you can get sales from it!

Get a communication app for your phone such as Kik for example, you can pop your Kik username in your adverts for buyers to get in touch with you to buy (make sure you test the app out first to see if you like it)

Sign up to lots of free panty selling platforms (like this one) when you get your first sale you can think about upgrading to a premium account so you can list unlimited adverts.

Concentrate on your profile to start off with, you need to get it right and it has to stand out from the crowd, you can update it with more information as you go (to make it even better)

If you are short on time if it's easier take one photo and complete one advert a day or week - that way you can gradually build your profile and adverts up & see if you like it along the way.

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

Selling nudes online is great fun with a quick turnaround! Whether you are wanting to sell custom pics or pre taken pics it is great fun & with no over heads!

I have some really great tips below for sellers to make buyers sexy photos really stand out and buyers will be so happy with them I'm sure!

There are three things you need first before you start snapping .....

Firstly you need to buy a decent but cheap selfie stick - these are a god send! Practice using it first so you get a good feel.

Secondly make sure you have a good phone or camera to take your pictures with (do some research before you buy)

Thirdly you need to put plenty of photo filter apps on your phone & have a play around with these, see which ones you like the best. Always water mark your pictures, you can add your name on your photos with an app called Phonto.

Natural light -

Natural lighting looks best when your taking photos, near a door, window or outside are all full of natural light. If you have to shoot indoors try taking pictures with and without the flash on your phone/camera to see what looks the best. If natural light is hard to get access to, I'd invest in a ring light.

Background -

Be mindful of your surroundings! Yes messy bedroom floors are a big no no! That is all the buyer will look at (and other sellers) Make sure the area around you is tidy, if you have some plants or flowers put them in the shot, I've also see seller's use a white blanket that they sit on to take photos - this looks good as it's a nice clear background.

Also try to avoid any shadows!

Angles -

Have a play around and see what your best angles are "your best side" make sure you get all of the area in the photo that you are focusing on, pictures that have been cut off don't look right. Photos taken in the reflection of a mirror look crap - just don't do it ladies & gents!

Selfies -

(If you show your face) A high angle pointing down looks good - keep you chin down and the camera up. You probably shouldn't stare directly into the camera lense, turn to the side a little bit - it looks more flattering! Have a natural smile too & smile like you mean it! Non of this duck lips/pout it just looks false.

Lots of shots -

Take a lot of photos so you have a selection to choose from, you can also take a mini clip and take out the best stills of your self!

Filter, crop -

Use your filter apps, obviously you don't want to add too much of a filter, maybe a soft glow.... I've also seen awful lot of sellers that don't crop photos and they have too much background or space around them, it's good to get all your selling in the picture - but you don't need the whole room in the photo as well!

Other tips -

Don't overthink it & relax if you can, it's best to have the photos natural looking rather than stiff looking - pardon the pun!
The best poses are the ones that come naturally to you. Have your own style copying too much isn't advised.... It's best not to take photos of your reflection in the mirror (especially if the mirror is dirty!)

Fan signs -

Twitter fan signs are a good way to promote yourself, it's up to you if you charge or do them free. Always write clearly with a black pen and not lipstick writing! It will stand out more clearly on the photo.

Now get snapping!

Good luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

Throughout my selling "career" I've seen a whole lot of things up for sale! Buyers buy worn knickers and so much more! I will list of some of the things I can think of that I've seen people sell (men & women) not just on ED but on other fetish selling platforms (listed in no particular order) -

Used knickers. Used thongs. Used G Strings. Stuffed panties. Used swim wear. Used bras. Used tights. Used socks. Filled pots. Used toilet roll. Toenail clippings. Flakes of skin. Sanitary items.

Hair (head & pubic) Toothbrushes. Hairbrushes. Used condoms. Sissy dresses. Used Gymwear. Used Shoes, Trainers. Coated sweet treats. Used sex toys. Pussy clone.

Sissy jewellery. Sissy nipple tassels. Sissy handbags. Sissy purses. Domination whips and cuffs. Sexting. Girlfriend experiences. Sissy tasks. Dick ratings.

Cam sessions. Phone sex. Custom pics and clips. Pre made pics and clips. Chastity services. Fetishes. Roleplay. Domination. Humilliation.

And so much MORE....

Good Luck!

Posted on 11 June 2020

It's hard to choose a seller (pardon the bad joke "hard" to choose a seller lol!) Mainly because you are lucky and totally spoilt for choice.... But sometimes that's worse - their are loads of websites that have ladies and gents advertising their used panties for sale, it's difficult to know where to turn to buy your dirty panties.

Please do not fear ED are here!

I have a few buying tips for you guys (and girls out there) it's not just about the used panty fetish it's about the experience with the fetish seller and choosing the right one is important - I will help you choose!

Firstly don't entertain any worn knickers for sale until you check out the seller for a little while (obviously not in a creepy way, just check them out lol) you should definitely go for a seller with more than three 5 star reviews on any panty selling platform like this one.

Then look at there prices and checkout there worn panties for sale to see if they are right for you. If they have more than 10 adverts with good photos - then that is a good sign! Enjoy reading through them to get a feel of their personality.

My recommendation is to maybe message them with a quick hello to see what kind of reply you get & then follow them for a while on ED Emporium, Twitter, Only Fans or Admire Me. This means you can see how they interact with others to see if you like them.

Still not sure? Then I recommend you place a small order with your chosen seller to start off with (ensure you pay for tracked delivery) You can then see if they deliver the goods as promised, this also checks that they are genuine. If you are happy with the service & smell then definitely go ahead and place a bigger order.

If you prefer to buy via Twitter rather than a platform here are some tips for you! Check the seller @........... in Twitters search and see if you can take a look at the sellers previous conversations - it will show up in these conversations/tweets if they are a scammer, the only time it won't is if they've changed their Twitter username.

Please remember that it is your responsibility as a panty buyer to verify their age - this can be done with a photo of them holding in front of their face ID such as a passport, driving licence OR a note with - your name, their name, the date & date of birth wrote on it (not showing all of the face) That will put you at ease as they are who they say. Remember you must always age verify in return to sellers in the same way. A few sellers already have a verification photo on their ED Emporium profile.

It seems a very long winded the process but after all this is a special treat to yourself and you want to be able to enjoy the experience without being scammed or if you find you don't like the seller as much as you first thought! You have to not only find the seller attractive but you also need to like her personality. Some sellers may look beautiful but some can be very unkind... I know all about some sellers not being nice!

See below on what to do if you have any trouble with a seller ie:- if they don't send you the goods you've paid for -

1. Ask them one final time to send the goods you've paid for within a week (report them if the goods aren't received within that time frame)
2. Give them a 1 star review (this will discourage other buyers from buying from them)
3. Report them to the website (I know ED encourage buyers to get in touch with them if this happens through their platform, screenshots of conversations from the ED website may need to be provided in order to remove a seller.

Maybe try an app for payment called cash app, I hate to say this but you can try and reverse the payment if the seller isn't responding to you or has blocked you.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

Over the years to sell used panties I've tried and tested a lot of different things within my profile and listings, on various selling platforms. Some things have worked & others haven't been as successful. Personally I think ED is the best selling platform. It's best to have a detailed profile to reduce the number of time wasters!

It is also best to be yourself and tell the truth, that way you build up trust with your buyers, for example if you are in a relationship say that you are - please don't give them hope that they have a chance of being with you... You don't need to tell buyers a lot about your life - just be you!

Below is a checklist that I have found helpful over the years - let's keep this simple!

Be yourself (cliche I know!)
Describe yourself (especially your best bits)
Mention a hobby.
Your relationship status.
Make it clear what you offer.
Make it clear what you don't offer.
Mention your age (example - I am in my 30's)
A WOW profile pic.
Add good clear photos to your ads.
How you package items.
How you post items (inc costs)
What your best at.
Your best selling item.
Make your ads clear.
List everything they'll receive.
List your gift/payment options.
Mention it will be great fun.
No need to show your face.
No need to show your rude bits.

I hope this has helped you! It does sound long winded, but it works trust me!

Good luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

How do I become a successful panty seller on ED I hear you ask... It can be difficult to get it right... Over the years I have changed my profile name a few times, but lately I decided what the hell I'm keeping it as it is!

Main reason why:- so many buyers come and go all of the time, so changing your profile name won't matter, you'll still get queries from potential buyers you blocked over the years, asking you the same questions .... It won't be any different even with a name change.

So, in my experience it's best to be the same person you've always been and build up a good reputation - if you're good at what you do you shouldn't really need to change your name anyway (unless like myself you thought it would be better & wanted to experiment)

What name do you choose? It's best to pick something that buyers know instantly what you sell - so for example "Mrs Fetish Feet" so straight away they know what you sell or offer.

So getting back to your profile! I'd suggest to checkout the competition, do not mistake this for COPYING the competition! Other sellers don't like this! Take a peak at there photos, bio and adverts they have listed. Get an idea of what you'd like to offer & what you wouldn't like to offer, prices etc.. make notes if needed.

Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to set up your profile in one day.... Maybe one day set up your email address & communication apps. The next day take some photos, day after write your bio, then maybe list an advert each day or week moving forward?

Do it in baby steps over the course of a week or so. Your profile should always be a working progress anyway as you have to work hard to stay ahead of the competition. Make it as detailed as you can packed with all of your information, having a detailed profile & adverts reduces the time wasters you'll receive (as this means less questions)

Don't forget that it's so easy to update your profile on here, you can write it up and add more bits at a later date!

Good luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

On ED Emporium you can list most things for sale & we always encourage sellers not to be too cheap, in the panty selling industry theirs a lot on competition and a lot of beautiful fetish sellers out there (including yourself) wanting to sell used women's panties & men's undies. You do want to stand out from the crowd BUT lowering your prices is NOT the answer ladies and gents...

Don't be too cheap... I have sold used knickers and other goods for buttons when I first started out and it's attracted the wrong type of buyer to come sniffing around... Pardon the expression.

Fetish buyers that expect cheap prices each time, freebies & think it's ok to talk to you for hours on end for the sake of £10! Your time is worth a lot more than that!

I've seen girls recently sell panties on Twitter for £6 to £8 that is just ridiculous, I've worked out that they will make a whole £2 to £4 per pair for their time and sexy pictures! That is not how to do it.

Why would you want to be cheap anyway? You've had to already go out and buy the panties take photos, put them up for sale and market yourself. This is even before your close the deal with a buyer & talk to them at length, wear the knickers, take photos of you in the items for them etc etc... not to mention dealing with time wasters and all that jazz.

Your time is valuable, fetish buyers are paying for an experience, a service and more importantly your time! So it's best to charge the right amount from the start. Most decent buyers are willing to pay you a proper amount if you give a good service = FACT!

What I tend to do if someone is being awkward and not nice to me I add an extra fee of an extra £30 on top of the order, then your time will be worth it.

ED recommend you start your prices from £20 for posted items and I agree, well actually I charge £25 to £35 for my used underwear including postage (even if they were cheap to buy, remember the experience is the same no matter the cost of the knickers!)

However saying that buyers love a good deal and freebies... don't we all though? How many times have you bought something because it was a good deal but you didn't necessarily need it? I know I have many times!

So maybe throw in an extra few hot pictures or offer a free gift? These free gifts don't have to break the bank! Maybe offer something like a signed photo, a hand written love note, a small used sex toy or a pair of used stockings.

You could also offer an old second pair of used cummy panties for a cheaper rate with their current order? Maybe if you have some that are a little snug or you've ordered too many pairs, but never undersell yourself never!

It's nice to make your buyers feel special!

Good luck!

Posted on 10 June 2020

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to ED Emporium, EDUK Tips at your service!

We help out ED Emporium in our spare time giving you free buying and sellling tips. We try to give you insight and help with the struggles that are within this industry.

Are you wanting to try fetish buying and selling - but you don't know where to start? Don't worry we are here to help you. Please enjoy our blogs on this website, they have been written over a period of time so some maybe a little out of date - even so they may still help you. We do recommend you read these blogs first before you begin... and we hope they are useful to you.

We have a saying "you only get out what you put in" yes it is free to become a member and browse the site - however... Would you stand out from the other members if you did that? No! Would you be able to show what your all about by just having an account only? = No! Would you even get noticed? = No!

The amount of times we've had sellers say to us "I will see if I get a sale first before I upgrade to premium" sorry but you won't get any sales if you don't put the work in premium membership is so low cost, have you ever heard the saying "speculate to accumulate" that really does apply here.

We recommend you create about 2 selling accounts on 2 different fetish sites - anymore than that and it will be too much upkeep for you and focus solely on those (obviously include ED Emporium as one of your chosen sites) Social media is good to promote yourself and it is free! Please make sure you follow us @EroticDreamsUK & @EDRetweetsUK

Another important thing is never advertise that fact your the "cheapest" members really don't like that and you'll attract the wrong type of buyer and sellers won't appreciate it either!

One final thing please don't forget to reach out to fellow fetish member's it's nice to make friends along the way!

Good luck!

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