What are social points?

Posted on 01 April 2022

What are social points & gifting?

These are points you collect automatically as you interact throughout the site - the more you interact the more points will be collected! Don't worry if you haven't the time to interact - you can purchase additional social points!

You can then use these points to gift various virtual stickers to other members on the site (or even gift yourself to collect them all!)

Don't forget if you get a buyer to join ED Emporium you can both receive 1000 social points each! Simply email EDUK Admin/IT so we can add them onto both accounts.

How to send a virtual gift using social points -

Go to the profile you'd like to send a gift to.
Go to "Profile Options"
Select "Send a gift"

You can view our gift board to see who are the top givers & takers (which is basically our fun leaderboard) also you can view all gifts you've sent & received. Gifts sent are usually announced automatically within our social feed. 

Happy Gifting!

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