How to choose a seller

Posted on 11 June 2020

How to choose a seller -

It's hard to choose a seller (pardon the bad joke "hard") Mainly because you are lucky and totally spoilt for choice.... But sometimes that's worse - their are loads of websites that have ladies and gents advertising their services, so it can be difficult to know who to buy from first...

Please do not fear ED are here!

Quick Checklist -

1. Follow, read bio & browse ads.
2. Message "hello" & ask for prices.
3. Exchange verification.
4. Pay for private gallery access.
5. Then place small orders to start with.
6. Take an email address.

(Don't forget you can exchange verification via EDUK's private gallery feature)

Read on to learn about buying tips -

We have a few buying tips for you guys (and girls out there) it's not just about the used panty fetish it's about the experience with the fetish seller and choosing the right one is important - we will help you choose!

Firstly don't entertain any worn knickers for sale until you check out the seller for a little while at least a week... (obviously not in a creepy way, just check them out lol) you should definitely go for a seller with more than three 5 star reviews on any panty selling platform like this one.

Then look at there prices and checkout there items for sale. If the seller has more than 10 adverts with good photos - then that is a good sign! Enjoy reading through them to get a feel of their personality.

Our recommendation is to read their full bio, maybe message them with a quick hello to see what kind of reply you get & then follow them for a while on ED Emporium. This means you can see how they interact with others to see if you like them.

Still not sure? We recommend you pay for a month's private gallery access with your chosen seller to start off with (if they have a private gallery, also this way you get to see if they are right for you) you'll be able to see if they are genuine and how active they are. If you are happy - then definitely go ahead and place a bigger order. Always take a contact email address, so if communication does stop - you have a back up.

Please remember that it is your responsibility as a panty buyer to verify their age - this can be done with a photo of them holding in front of their face ID such as a passport, driving licence OR a note with - your name, their name, the date & date of birth wrote on it (not showing all of the face) That will put you at ease as they are who they say. Remember you must always age verify in return to sellers in the same way. A few sellers already have a verification photo on their ED Emporium profile.

It seems a very long winded the process but after all this is a special treat to yourself and you want to be able to enjoy the experience without being scammed or if you find you don't like the seller as much as you first thought! You have to not only find the seller attractive but you also need to like her personality. Some sellers may look beautiful but some can be very unkind...

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

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