Basic sexting guide

Posted on 22 February 2022

Basic sexting guide -

I have had a lot of sellers ask me about sexting lately, so I thought I'd write a basic sexting guide for you all. Also don't forget that Google is your friend too lol!

So a potential buyer has been in touch & would like a sexting session with you & you've never done any sexting before?

Never fear ED is here!

Things you need to do before you begin -

1. Always get payment first
2. Install Kik or Snapchat etc.. on your phone
3. Selfie stick
4. Quiet & tidy bedroom
5. Lube & sex toys
6. Sexy outfit (optional)
7. Towel (it could get messy!)
8. Chat about requirements before hand
9. Discuss any boundaries
10. Charge a decent price (see blog about basic price guide)

Even though you've age verified your buyer it's always a good idea to ask for consent to send nudes and if you are comfortable receiving nudes to let the buyer know.

A little note to buyers here: just because you've got the go-ahead to sext with a seller - it doesn't give you permission to send them nudes & dick pics any time after that without payment! Sellers time = £££ please be respectful...

Ok, so now you are ready to begin!

The basic "I wish you were here" (a great way to break the ice) ask them if they want to see your vast sex toy collection & ask them to choose one for you. Ask if they'd like to see what you are wearing (send a few teasing shots) Ask where they are & what clothes do they have on? These types are questions are good to help build on your roleplay with them.

Obviously what happens next depends upon their requirements and how they interact with you .... Some buyers maybe direct and communicate what they'd like to happen next - those are the easier sessions & other buyers may be silent or go silent during the session. If a buyer has gone silent - personally I'd just carry on until the session time comes to an end, they maybe enjoying lying back and watching the messages coming in, or they may have been interrupted & if that's the case they'll want to see what you've been getting up to for them when it's convenient (plus you've been paid for it)

Some things that may help with your sessions -

1. Compliment them
2. Let them know your turned on
3. Be enthusiastic
4. Ask action based questions
5. Use visual descriptions
6. Mix up your props
7. See our blog about "types of roleplay"
8. Sending GIFs are fun
9. Sending emojis is a good one
10. Make sure the session always ends with a happy ending (well within the end time)

Now go & have some sexting fun!

Good Luck!

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