Tips, treats & gifts

Posted on 17 June 2020

Tips, treats & gifts (payment methods) -

We say "payment" in inverted commas because really in sex work most payment providers do not allow payments in exchange for any sex work services - so therefore "payments" should be classed as non refundable tips, treats & gifts.

EDUK do not take payments on behalf of our sellers & we do not use bit coins/kink coins either. All treats, tips & gift payments are paid directly from the buyer to the seller via there own selected payment method "off site" meaning that we do not charge a commission fee because you'll receive full "payment" directly from the buyer.

Always remember to make or take full "payment" before any fun can begin....

Most popular "payment" method -

EDUK recommend that you use Wishtender as it is sex worker friendly - you'll need to set up an account with them & add your payment/Wishtender link within your ED Emporium profile.

How it works -

What are the benefits? -

Buyers don't need to create an account, they select a wish and pay via bank card. Sellers can create multiple wishes for various things - also you can create subscriptions, manage your account online.

What are the fees? -

Buyer fees - 10% is added at checkout (you can always offer free gift/gallery access to cover any fees)

Seller fees - a small amount is taken due to the currency conversion rate (USD currency is used)

How does it display on receipts/bank statements? -

A receipt is emailed out to the buyer - this will only show wishtenders logo & the gift type. On bank statements it will show wishtenders name along with reference for example - "wishtender 09675200"

What other "payment" options are available? -

Multiple online e-gift cards for example:- Argos, Amazon, Gregg's, Just Eat, Costa Coffee, Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, M&S, Next & more (please Google your favourite store)

How e-gift cards work -

All you need to do is give your buyer your selling email address (not your personal email address) you'll receive an email e gift card code - then you apply your e gift card code to your account balance OR type your code in at checkout when you make a purchase.

We do not recommend -


Some of these "payment" methods have spend/receive limit on them. They may show your full name/address or close to where you live on a map.

Please note if a buyer asks to pay you using -, Bit Coins, Crypto or Coinbase - do not do it! These are the type of "payments" are generally fakes.

Buyer refunds -

Refunds overall shouldn't be given to buyers. Each service is unique/bespoke - you do need to cover your time. So EDUK recommend before you accept a "payment" from a buyer - that you inform them that no refunds can be given.

However if an item gets lost or damaged in the post, I'd suggest half a refund to the buyer - to cover the cost of your photos and your time.

A full refund should be given to your buyer if -

1. Your buyer has paid for a special delivery service
2. The parcel is insured & you are making a claim

You must ALWAYS give your buyers a refund if you cancel an order yourself or you don't send the goods for any reason. I've seen sellers take money from buyers, not deliver the goods and then block them.... This is a big no no! You'll get a bad reputation if you do this and just to make it perfectly clear that if you did this on EDUK you'll be suspended ASAP!

Good luck!

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