Tips, treats & gifts

Posted on 17 June 2020

Tips, treats & gifts (payment methods) -

The most popular 3 "payment methods" that buyers and sellers use are -


You can add all of your payment links within your profile for buyers to get the details from to pay you. You can add your payment links by going to "Profile Options" "Account Settings" & click "Accepted Treats & Tips"

Any "payments" should be "tips, treats & gifts" in exchange for naughty fun! (see the bottom of this blog for more information about this)

EDUK do not take payments on behalf of our sellers & we do not use bit coins/kink coins either. All treats, tips & gift payments are paid directly from the buyer to the seller via there own selected payment method "off site" meaning that we do not charge a commission fee because you'll receive full payment directly from the buyer.

If a buyer asks to pay you using -, Bit Coins, Crypto or Coinbase - do not do it! These are the type of "payments" are generally fakes.

If you are not sure what options are available - we've listed a few below including the potential risks involved in using them.

Always remember to make or take full "payment" before any fun can begin!

Sadly most options are not geared towards fetish services unfortunately.... the terms and conditions of these suppliers don't allow "payments" for sex work.

It's tricky sometimes because some of the ways you receive "payment" will show your real name, please try and avoid giving out any of your personal details.


A seller posted a link to there wish tender, it is basically a universal private wishlist - that is sex worker friendly! We've not used it ourselves but as far as we know you can add multiple product links from various websites, add your address and your buyers can purchase something off this wishlist for you. How easy it is to set up - I'm unsure, but it's definitely worth looking into it. Just remember to receive your goods from your list before you deliver your services to your buyer!


This is your best option! YES! Accepting gifts rather than "payments" gifts are usually non refundable - online eVouchers/gift cards are the safest all you need to do is give your buyer your selling email address (not your personal email address) then a e voucher code gets emailed to you to apply the balance to your account. It's best to apply the balance before delivering a service! List of e voucher ideas are - Amazon, High street, Just Eat, Greggs, Starbucks & Supermarkets (such as Asda etc...)


You can use a payment app (Cashapp/Google Pay) it doesn't show your real name - but again I would be careful because some buyers/sellers may try and report you for using it for sex work and this could result in these companies closing BOTH of your accounts (not just the sellers account - but the buyers as well!) They can shut you BOTH down without any notice & they will not refund you of any money. It's best to cash out straight away.


These are a good option if your happy to get paid peanuts for your services.... buyers can send you a tip in exchange for virtual fun - such as sexting, you are not supposed to use these methods for physical goods (I'd check the terms and conditions of these platforms before using this as a payment option) The big downside to using these platforms is that they can take a whopping 20% - 40% commission from you - but on some of these platforms it is free to have the account in the first place, you just need to up your prices a little to cover the fees.


Because we've heard of sellers who've fell victim to fraud - as some "buyer" decided to use a sellers bank details for a direct debits! You do eventually get the money back but - it seemed to be a "buyer" that don't actually buy and ghosted at payment, this method is very dodgy! And don't forget you have to let buyers know your real name. Please note buyers cannot pay cash directly into your bank account - banks will not allow this due to data protection.


Although it is the easiest way to send & receive payments - it shows your real name & again they do not allow sex work payments. if you are reported you will get your account closed down.... along with a permanent ban. So again you'll be left with nothing and your PayPal account closed and cancelled. I have seen another fetish site recommend this option - but we dont. If you do use this option for your trusted regulars always ask them to select "family & friends" that way hopefully you won't get reported.


Unless you fancy a stalker on your hands! We have seen new and established sellers use them and more worryingly a panty selling site dedicating a whole page of their sellers Amazon wish lists... A wishlist is often used so buyers can purchase things from the list in exchange for fun/goods from you. It's a big no no because we have heard of buyers cancelling orders from the wishlists and it's too late they've had fun for free .... also I know that buyers can track your parcel online and see quite close to where you live on a map! If you do use an Amazon wishlist - ensure you click off 3rd party sellers on settings so they can only order straight from Amazon, 3rd party sellers can potentially give out your full address.


You hook up your preferred payment method (Pay Pal or a personal stripe account) Your buyer can click on the link and buy you a coffee (not an actual coffee, but money for a coffee) Within these platforms you can add extra payments & regular subscriptions. You do get charged a small fee on "Buy Me A Coffee" to use there service - but you don't pay any commission on "Ko-Fi" buyers do see your real name when they log into their own PayPal account to check their statements. Remember to always mark the account as NSFW. Again though it is Pay Pal it's connected to, but if you wish to use it to accept a treat then it is ideal!

As I touched on at the beginning of this blog - all "payments" should be called "tips, treats & gifts" as really no refunds to buyers should be made, this is because its bespoke customised service. Each service is unique to each buyer and you need to cover your time. So I'd recommend before you accept a "payment" from anyone new that you inform them that they are gifts in exchange for fun & no refunds can be given.

However if an item gets lost or damaged in the post, I'd suggest half a refund to the buyer for untracked items (to cover the cost of your photos & your time)

A full refund should be given to your buyer if -

1. Your buyer has paid for a special delivery service
2. The parcel is insured & you are making a claim

You must ALWAYS give your buyers a refund if you cancel an order yourself or you don't send the goods for any reason. I've seen sellers take money from buyers, not deliver the goods and then block them on sites & Twitter... This is a big no no! It's a nasty thing to do - just don't do it. You'll get a bad reputation if you do this & just to make it perfectly clear that if you did this on ED you'd be placed on our naughty step indefinitely!

Good luck!

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