Dealing with timewasters

Posted on 21 June 2020

Dealing with timewasters -

Oh yes! It is a thing buyers can waste your time... Some "buyers" just get off on your free chat, some "buyers" love it when you call them names as well (sad and pathetic I know!) So don't be nasty because they get off on it!

Please don't give them the satisfaction of wasting your time, just block them - your time = £££

An agreed sale should be made on the same day as the buyer contacts you, if not definitely within 4 days, after that time it's best to move on (please take note if you are a new seller to not talk too much at length without payment first, some time wasters pray on new sellers...)

I mean buyers liking & commenting on your posts in our opinion is absolutely fine - however messaging over a long period of time via DM is not acceptable without payment for your time, fair enough asking for a price etc... But chat is not free & it is "pay to play"

So you've had a potential buyer get in touch to discuss your services? And they are asking you countless questions on what you have and listing all they want, being cheeky and maybe trying to get some freebies or to move onto Kik to chat for free etc...

This blog will give you some tips on how to prevent this from happening to you.

Age Verify -

On EDUK all members are presenting themselves as 18+ however you still need to properly check their age. See our blog called "How to age verify" this will give you an idea of how to age verify.

Clear Communication -

Include your price list & payment options within the same message that you send when you age verify - it's best to send everything upfront (saves time) ask them to send age verification back & without this you can't go any further. Ensure your adverts & bio are as detailed as possible within ED Emporium - that way they will ask you less questions.

Photos -

Have a range of photos for buyers to view - including a couple of various pictures of your dirty panties (it sounds awful I know) if you have a few gusset shots, buyers will be able to see how dirty your panties get.

Payment Upfront -

Always get payment upfront before the delivery of any virtual or posted goods - even if it's a long term customer that you trust (make sure you've checked you've received the payment in your account first as well) If the buyer has to wait for you to wear always take a deposit to book them in.

Stay on EDUK as much as possible -

We always suggest to stay on EDUK & not give out your Kik details (or other communication details) until you've received payment or an unlock fee first from your buyer. All of your information and services can be added & viewed within your EDUK profile. Buyers need to pay for your time off site, afterall it is a paid service you are providing.

Pricing -

Don't be too cheap! Sell your goods and services at a proper price (see our basic price guide) Personally I wouldn't do business with buyers that haggle, I think it's rude & they'll expect you to do that with everything. If you sell cheap you'll attract the wrong type of buyer.

Common signs of a time waster -

Asks to move onto Kik or other apps without payment first.
Refuses verification or ignores you when asked.
Offers you a lot of money for nothing/little in return.
Starts to sext without payment first.
Sends nudes without consent or without payment first.
Asks for free nudes or free samples.
Requests a discounted rate even before they've made a purchase.

Other signs of time wasting -

Delays payment or has difficulty setting payment up.
Offering to pay via crypto or bit coins.
Offering to pay cash directly in your bank account.
Offering to pay with a code from a physical Amazon card.
Chats to you & other sellers at length but never buys.
Suggesting that their partner monitors banks/phones.
On first contact wanting to set up regular big orders.
Asking to swap pics.
Asking what are you wearing? Send me a pic.
Asking to prove your not a man.
Insisting that you're a man.
Asking to see a pic of your dirty gusset.
Asking what your tasks include?
Asking you how they can serve you as their mistress.
Ghosting at payment or saying they have no funds.
Saying they've sent payment (but they haven't)
Claiming you are expensive.
Asking you to post the goods first then pay.
Any abusive behaviour towards you should not be tolerated.

Summary -

If you experience any kind of time wasting the best way to deal with it is to block them - also try and keep your conversations to a minimum.... I hope this has helped you.

Good luck!

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