Pricing your fetish services

Posted on 10 June 2020

Pricing your fetish services -

On ED Emporium you can list most things for sale & we always encourage sellers not to be too cheap, in the panty selling industry theirs a lot on competition and a lot of beautiful fetish sellers out there (including yourself) wanting to sell used women's panties & men's undies. You do want to stand out from the crowd BUT lowering your prices is NOT the answer ladies and gents...

Don't be too cheap... When I was a seller I used to sell knickers and other goods for buttons when I first started out and it attracted the wrong type of buyer to come sniffing around... Pardon the expression.

Fetish buyers that expect cheap prices each time, freebies & think it's ok to talk to you for hours on end for the sake of £10! Your time is worth a lot more than that!

I've seen girls recently sell panties on Twitter for £4 !! that is just ridiculous, I've worked out that they will be making a loss. That is not how to do it.

Why would you want to be cheap anyway? You've had to already go out and buy the panties take photos, put them up for sale and market yourself. This is even before your close the deal with a buyer & talk to them at length, wear the knickers, take photos of you in the items for them etc etc... not to mention dealing with time wasters and all that jazz.

Your time is valuable, fetish buyers are paying for an experience, a service and more importantly your time! So it's best to charge the right amount from the start. Most decent buyers are willing to pay you a proper amount if you give a good service = FACT!

What I used to do if someone is being awkward and not nice to me I added an extra fee of £30 on top of the order, then if you get the sale you are getting paid for the cheek!

Our platform average for used panties is between £25 to £35 (including postage) we have a new team rule not to sell any used posted items for less than £15 - it really is important that you k ow your worth.

However saying that buyers love a good deal and freebies... don't we all though? How many times have you bought something because it was a good deal but you didn't necessarily need it? I know I have many times!

So maybe throw in a free pre made video clip? If you give out free gifts it shouldn't have to cost you anything.... Maybe offer something like a hand written love note or a mini card with a lipstick kiss on it from you....

And finally DON'T FORGET TO UPSELL!! Offer them something else for an extra fee - it could be something like a pair of your old socks, stockings or a sexting session. Please remember though never undersell yourself EVER!

It's nice to make your buyers feel special!

Good luck!

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