Individual verification

Posted on 28 June 2020

Individual verification (how to age verify) -

ED Emporium do not have an official ID age verification process - however you can upload your individual verification & share access when requested with members.


Upload a photo of your full natural face (or a photo of your chin) with a written note held up under your chin that needs to include -

Today's date.
Your age.
Your screen name.

An example photo is within this link -

(If you prefer you can upload photographic ID - please ensure to censor any confidential information)

You can create a private gallery labelled "Verification" upload this photo within that gallery.

You only need do this once and if access is requested you'll receive a notification and you can give access to one another.

*Please note if a member does not age verify or there verification is inadequate - please be wary of conducting any business with that person*

Stay safe & good luck!


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