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Article: How to age verify
Posted on 28 June 2020

How to age verify -

ED Emporium do not have an official ID age verification process - however you can upload your own unofficial verification photo using our "Upload Verification" posting.

You only need to upload your own verification photo once.

If access has been requested you'll receive a notification & it is easy to request access - you simply click on the "Request access to gallery" button.

EDUK recommend that access should be given for free to one another and access should only be given at the point of just before sale - just before any payment exchanges hands.


Upload a photo of your full natural face (this can be fuzzed out of you do not wish to show your true self) OR when you take your photo - just take it of your chin, with any of these options please include a written note held up under your chin that should include -

Today's date.
Your age.
Your screen name.

An example photo is within this link -

(If you prefer you can upload photographic ID - please ensure to censor any confidential information)

*Please note if a member does not age verify or there verification is inadequate - please be wary of conducting any business with that person*

Stay safe & good luck!