How to age verify

Posted on 28 June 2020

How to age verify -

ED Emporium do not have an official ID age verification process - for this reason we do not allow public nudity and we currently encourage all members to take an unofficial verification photo themselves and pin it at the top of there profile.


Upload a photo of your full natural face (or a photo of your chin) with a written note held up under your chin that needs to include -

Today's date.
Your age.
If you are a buyer/seller.

(If you prefer you can upload photographic ID - please ensure to censor any confidential information)

You can create a private gallery labelled "Verification" upload this photo within that gallery & pin it to your profile.

You only need do this once and if access is requested you'll receive a notification and you can give access to one another.

*Please note if a member does not age verify within a reasonable timeframe (approximately 1 week) please be wary of conducting any business with that person*

Stay safe & good luck!


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