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Posted on 01 July 2020

Advertise on social media -

Obviously on EDUK it is free to be a member and browse the website & our premium membership is the lowest around. But you may want to branch out... below are some social media platforms where you can advertise for free! Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions to avoid breaking any rules!

Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & Reddit are the most popular for sellers and buyers to go onto, mainly because they can view pictures and chat for free.

However you may find a few issues with these social media platforms, it can be time consuming to find people who are selling or are into fetishes, it is difficult to view who offers what. When you do find people it is sometimes difficult to see if they are over 18, it is also difficult to see if they are a good rated buyer or seller.

We find Twitter more user friendly & slightly more forgiving with the rules (infact Twitter is more like Porn Hub!!) just remember to have no nudes within your profile picture or banner. Don't use loads of the same hashtags & do not tag the same people over and over again - this will alert Twitter in thinking your a spam bot & your account could get limited. A lot of sellers and buyers are on Twitter. We have a blog about Twitter and tips on how to use it.

Instagram we have used in the past but you literally can't mention anything in your posts about fetish selling, no rude pictures at all. The only thing you can do is mention in your bio is that you are a panty seller - you are not allowed to add any selling fetish website links within your bio (unless you used something like all my links) Please be aware that you can get random people trying to video call you! A lot of sellers and buyers are on Instagram.

TikTok I will be honest I've never used it - so I wouldn't know where to begin, however I know a few sellers who have used it so it must be ok? If you fancy trying TikTok I'd recommend just creating an account and have a browse to see what others do & see if you like it.

I have heard that Reddit is the best free social media platform to buy & sell used panties. However personally I find Reddit very confusing and hard to navigate so you'll have to create an account and figure out how to use it yourself, see what others do & maybe turn to the site and Google for some instructions!

You can also look into joining up to something like Only Fans or Admire Me, it is free to sign up - however they do take a HUGE commission from your sales.

The main this is to be consistent and post on a regular basis on your platforms, post similar things each day. Posting often will help you build a following, get you more noticed, it shows that you are active and it shows that you are reliable.

Happy advertising.

Good Luck!

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