Not so fun items to sell

Posted on 12 July 2020

Not so fun items to sell -

You can sell whatever you like (as long as it is legal that is!) we have another blog with a whole list of fetish items you can sell.

The things listed below are services that sellers have told me are not so fun to sell! You may want to read this first before you offer them ...

Cummy lollipops -

Or any food for that matter is a faff and are NOT to be inserted (you could get a nasty yeast infection) best way to do these is to get your "juices" onto a sandwich bag or a bit of cling film and wrap it around the pop, any photos taken should be of the pop beside yourself - never ever insert it even just for show!

Tights without panties -

Yack! And can you imagine this? I've seen some sellers wear them for up to 7 days.... They do feel awful without panties on - they catch on your pubic hair and pull, make you itch and are hot in bed (but not in the right way!) Not to mention that they click and ladder! Wear panties with them folks...

Poop -

Scat, poo, skid marks, a wipe - whatever you'd like to call it! Selling knickers with a complicated filling is not good & messy... you have to watch what you eat the day before, no veg or spices! You have to poo within a time frame and what if you don't need a poo? Then you have to work out how to get the poo onto your panties as you want the ratio of smells to be right. Some buyers like scat clips (not for me) Also you can't post poo abroad ... If you want to sell it no problem - but it should be priced correctly....

Panty stuffing -

No, no, no! You need loads of lube on them even if you are wet - so what's the point? It weakens the natural smell you've worked so hard to get on the panties. Also beware of the elastic you might catch yourself and if you do - it will hurt I'm sure! Ouch! Also you might get a water infection - think about it, you have a little play or sleep with your partner and then stuff your panties... everything is getting push back up!

Cam -

My goodness what a nightmare this camming malarkey is! Technical issues this and technical issues that - getting set up, then the internet goes off, no sound, no picture or the app stops working, you have to offer a discount for next time due to these issues that are never your fault! I don't recommend it if you have people in your house either... A bit noisy if you catch my drift! Plus you always go over time...

Phone sex -

It can feel very uncomfortable & embarrassing! You have to be a good actress and think of sexy things to say on the spot - making sure you include the stuff the buyer said in the long briefing before hand. Not to mention the props you need for squelchy sound effects (if you catch my drift) then angling the phone with one hand while you make these said squelchy noises with the other hand ... No thanks lol!

Custom clips -

So faffy these! You need a degree in film making, lighting and editing! It also leaves you totally wide open (pardon the pun lol!) to really bizzare requests. Do you have any idea how long it takes to create a custom clip? And this is providing you get it right in the first take! It can take an hour or more to do a 5 minute clip - no joke.... You have to organise your outfit, do your hair, make up, tidy the room, organise any props, set the camera into position, take tests shots and go! If you do these again charge decent prices ....

These above points are just based on a few personal opinions of sellers that I've talked to, if you enjoy these yourself please just go for it!

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself!

Good Luck!

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