Creating your bio

Posted on 10 June 2020

Creating your bio -

How do I create a good bio? I hear you ask....

We'll never fear ED is here!

Here's a checklist below to help you -

1. Keep it light and friendly, there's nothing more off putting than listing all that you don't offer & what you dislike, it makes you look unapproachable.
2. It's not very nice to see statements like "no time wasting" "no sugar daddies" & "seller scammers not welcome" etc... It may put people off getting in touch with you - we all don't like these types of people.
3. List what you are into/offer.
4. List your sizes, so mention your clothes size, shoe size & body shape/type.
5. It's maybe best to keep your Kik details to yourself, if you have your Kik displayed - it may well fall into the wrong hands.
6. Add your preferred payment details.
7. Add if you'd like to be contacted.
8. It's nice to write a bit about your hobbies and interests.
9. Try and keep it short & sweet.
10. Also we'd recommend that you don't swear in your bio as it comes across a bit rude.
11. No need to show your face.


Hi and welcome to my page!

I'm Katie your new obsession.... 30 year old teaching assistant who likes a glass of wine or 2 lol....

I sell used knickers, tights & socks. My clothes size is 16 and I like stretchy underwear - so for the sissy's out there whatever I have available should fit you no problem. I'm a busy lady so my panties usually get soaking!

My feet are a size 6 & get nice and smelly because I'm on my feet all day at work, I'm a teaching assistant so unfortunately I can't show my face - but I show everything else!!

I accept online vouchers - the links are within my profile, a treat from you wouldn't go a miss & you'll always be rewarded. I do like to fake check buyers and verify your age - but I do this in return with you to show I'm genuine.

All items are put in a zip lock bag and sent via royal mail.

Thank you for looking at my profile & I hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of love & kisses Katie xXx

I hope this blog has helped you,

Good luck!

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