Quick buying and selling tips

Posted on 01 December 2020

Quick buying and selling tips -

This blog will be full of quick read fetish buying and selling tips for you to enjoy reading. I hope they are helpful to you!

I don't have many buying tips yet, but don't worry I will be adding more....

Tips for buyers:-

Tip: On EDUK sellers would really LOVE it if you added a few things about yourself on your profile, even if you just changed your profile picture. Sellers would definitely want to chat to you more if you updated your profile. Don't be shy!

Tip: It might be a good idea to include what you are interested in within your bio (for example used panties) this is just so sellers know what sort of thing you are into.

Tip: It's always a great idea to have a read through sellers bios, look at their rating & see what they have to offer before you get in touch. Sellers really appreciate that.

Tip: It's best to confirm your order through the messaging area within ED Emporium, that way if it ever comes to gaining evidence of someone not delivering the goods within the platform you can take screen shots and we can help you further

Tip: It's always worth paying a little extra for signed for/tracking when getting anything posted out from a seller, you can see when to expect your parcel.

Tip: Post to your journal, let sellers get to know you.

Tips for sellers:-

Tip: I'd highly recommend that you buy decent knickers to sell ladies & gents, mainly because you don't want them to fall apart while you wear them (unless you are prepared to fix them yourself) you also want to get the maximum price for your fantastic service.

Tip: Always buy 2 of each kind of panties, as you can guarantee a buyer will want a pair you've already sold.

Tip: To maximize your earnings, try to do most things yourself or let a family member or friend help you (someone you trust) Obviously if things get too busy for you you may need to hire other people - but you really need to think about it first because it can really dip into your profit!

Tip: Panty stuffing, inserting food, sweet treats & things that are not ment to be inserted are dangerous! You could get a yeast infection off sugar, a water infection off panty stuffing or even scratch or cut yourself - so it is not recommended!

Tip: Definitely invest in a vacuum pack machine, it really does keep your used knickers fresh!

Tip: Try selling the panties you already own so save over heads. I have just recently started to buy underwear I like to wear rather than what I think buyers would like - mainly because if you don't sell it you are stuck with it aren't you? If the buyer wants you to wear something specific - make sure you receive payment before going out and buying it.

Tip: Try to post an advert on a platform daily & tweet daily. if you post ads/tweet daily then you are more likely to be noticed by buyers, they can see that you are active & it may tempt them to buy from you!

Tip: I recommend that you don't use hashtags on Twitter, believe it on not they don't like more than 2 to 3 hashtags used at one time. I'd ditch them altogether, your key words like "Used Panties" will come up in the search without using a hashtag.

Tip: Payment methods, I recommend you accept payments via emailed online vouchers, such as Amazon & did you know you can accept High Street & Just Eat vouchers emailed to you as well?

Tip: Try and offer a range of services that you feel comfortable with. These are the top 10 most popular fetish items/services you can sell (in no particular order) used panties, used sex toys, used hoisery, used condoms, bespoke clips, live cam, sissy training, sexting, phone sex & girl friend experiences.

Tip: Ensure you have working hours doing this - you might have another job and family to take care of on top of you selling used panties, so you don't want to risk burning yourself out.

Tip: Definitely 100% message buyers, it's ok to say Hi and ask them how they are, you never know you might get a sale.

Tip: Always confirm your age! This is for both buyers and sellers. It might be a good idea to take a verification photo and pop it on here in a photo album. So write your name (stage name) your age & this web address www.edemporium.uk on a bit of paper OR get your ID & hold it up to your face & take a photo (no need to take a photo of your full face) - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DONT SHOW YOUR ADDRESS.

Tip: Wear your panties for your buyer through the day & your usual underwear (or none) for bed. You have to look after yourself and a break on a night is a good idea. Some panties you wear for buyers maybe tight or already packed with scent which could make you sore - you don't want to get an infection.

Tip: The more you put in the more you get out (of panty selling that is haha! no naughty pun intended!)

Tip: I recommend you set up an Only Fans, Admire Me, Pocket Stars or create your own Snap Chat monthly service. This is great for buyers who like regular chat, you may as well get paid for chat - nothing is free!

Tip: It's best that you dont try to sell something on the first contact with a buyer. Say Hi and introduce yourself instead.

Tip: Personally I wouldn't give out any other contact information or have it in your profile bio (such as apps like Kik, Whatsapp etc..) Buyers need to pay first, we always encourage sellers to discuss sales on EDUK where it's more safe!

Tip: It's best to post on ED on a regular basis, it shows the buyer that you are active and more approachable & you'll get more noticed.

Tip: Because they are so many sugar daddy scams it might be an idea to charge buyers to give them access to your Kik details, something like £5 would be fine to do. A lot of sellers say that this is an unlock fee or a contribution fee.

Tip: Update your photos and content on a regular basis keep it fresh, buyers are not interested in seeing the same adverts all of the time.

Tips for everyone:-

Tip: Do not move onto a communication app such as Kik to conduct business, always confirm orders etc via ED Emporium - until you've paid/received the money. Both buyers and sellers feel more comfortable doing so.

Tip: On EDUK let members get to know you by adding a few photos of yourself. You can create different photo albums for different things. For example if you collect a certain kind of underwear why not show it off? Or you can even add photos about personal stuff such as pictures of what games you are playing etc..!

What our members say:-

My tips for me personally which i need to be held accountable for at least one .. Be consistent Always engaging Polite Don't be afraid to ask questions about specifics (clients seem to think you know exactly what they want and not always clear) Those are my tips or to do's for me xxx By Nicci.

My biggest tip is - Be yourself! Don’t try to be anyone else xx By

My tip is to get a diary so you can track everything (when orders are placed, when you will wear, how long and when you will ship) that way if your client has any questions you can easily find the information By Brattyedenmoon.

Good luck!

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