New to panty selling?

Posted on 12 June 2021

New to panty selling? -

So you're not sure how to go about creating your EDUK profile? Maybe you are new to panty selling or you've had a break from selling for a while?

First of all please do not worry. We get a lot of messages from sellers asking for advice about how they go about panty selling & how to create a good profile on ED Emporium - we think this is lovely that they care and are reaching out to us! Of course we are going to help you!

We tend to give out the same advice so we've popped it down in this blog for you.

We recommend firstly that you sign up to our site for the free 30 day trail - you can view other sellers and adverts to see if it is for you (but never directly copy other sellers!) Just be yourself!

Then we'd recommend for you to take a look at our blog page - it is packed with information about selling used panties and other fetish items.

We also advice to have a good old Google/YouTube search to find out more information about it.

If you think you'd like to be a panty seller, we always suggest that it's a good idea for you to sign up some something like - Admire Me or Pocket Stars. This is another good thing to do when you are just starting out because these sites are a great place to add your pictures for buyers to see & it doesn't cost anything to sign up!

It's important to have it clear in your mind what you'd like to offer and what your limits are. Create a price list or a menu (please don't be too cheap! We do have a basic price guide on another blog) This is to have to hand as a price guide for you and to share with potential buyers, if you send this first to buyers it cuts out lots of chat & time wasting.

Think about what gift and tips methods you'd like to accept (add these links into your profile, again we have a blog about payment methods)

If you are happy to sell and you want to give it a go - then you can create/update your profile and below are some tips on how to do this on ED Emporium.

Your profile photo can be of anything (no need to show your face) as long as your profile photo is of you and is not a nude, it's best to take your pictures in the natural daylight.

We also recommend that over time you add photos of used underwear such as gusset shots, it sounds awful I know but buyers always ask "how dirty do your panties get?" And by having these photos again it cuts out a lot of chat.

But THE best advice we can give you to get you started is post 1 new thing each day, this shows that you are active and it gradually builds up your profile - plus you don't want to overwhelm yourself.

Here is an example below of what I mean -

Day 1. Add your profile picture/write your bio.
Day 2. Post to your journal & introduce yourself.
Day 3. Add an item into your panty drawer.
Day 4. Post an advert.
Day 5. Post a photo.
Day 6. Post a pole.
Day 7. Have the day off!

The above are just in a random order, but it gives you an idea of what you can do.

Don't forget that you can join some seller group chats which are available within EDUK or you can create your own group chat - don't be shy! Group chats are another great way to learn the ropes.

As ED Emporium is like a fetish Facebook it's best to interact lots on the platform - so follow others, rate profiles, comment on posts, like posts, do a few poles, message both buyers and sellers to introduce yourself.

Theirs no right or wrong way to have your profile - just be yourself, communicate lots & most importantly enjoy yourself!

I hope this helps,

Good Luck!

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