Sugar Daddy scams

Posted on 12 July 2021

Sugar Daddy scams -

Be careful of anyone signing up pretending to be us EDUK staff! We are EDUK ADMIN & EDUK IT - no one else!

If you definitely know 100% that a member on ED Emporium is a sugar daddy please do the following 1. Report 2. Rate there profile 1 heart 3. Block.

So you might have heard the news about these so called "Sugar Daddies" creeping around sites & social media trying to con sellers out of money? Well here at ED Emporium we take things like this VERY seriously!

Firstly please do not mention in posts on social media & within ED about Sugar Daddies - all what this will do is attract Sugar Daddy Scammers to you, you'll be on their radar and they won't leave you alone.

Any buyer presenting themselves from "America" with numbers on the end of their name I'd be careful of!

Just to note that if a buyer has sugar daddy or daddy within their screen name etc... Don't be too alarmed & only report them if they start messaging you trying to get you away from the site - because that is the biggest red flag that they are a sugar daddy (they mainly try to get you onto Kik, Wire, Telegram, Snapchat or they give you their phone number or ask you for feet pics or 15 pairs of panties!)

Another red flag can be there bios having things in like "Looking to spoil" "Looking to spoil one sweet girl" "Daddy seeking a Baby" "King looking for a Princess" "I have €500 a week to spoil a Princess" please make sure you take time to read buyers bios.

Here are some tips on not how to get caught up in these types of scams. Never give out your Kik, Snap Chat, Whatsapp or any other kind of communication app until the "buyer" has paid you for the service or your time in general, some sellers charge a £5 to £10 access fee (paid via online voucher or cash app, never give out your bank details!)

Some sugar daddies may even ask if you are on Telegram to communicate & they may ask you to download, Bit Coins, Crypto or Coinbase - these are a way to receive payment & it's very dodgy! Don't do it!

Infact I would go as far as not showing any of these communication details on your public profiles - because all this does is encourages these type of people to get in touch more easily for free...

The type of message you'll receive from a sugar daddy on our site is something like this -

"How are you doing? I got attracted by your profile, you’re so beautiful,send me your Kik name for more conversation"

"Hello,I’m here looking for a loving and caring sugar baby to keep my companionship and to spoil in return,you can text me via my number... or chat me via kik or Snapchat ... for more conversation"

"Hello, I’m from US,I’m here looking for a loving and caring sugar baby to keep my companionship and to spoil in return,you can text me via my number ... or chat me via kik ... for more conversation"

"Hello sexy Are you interested in having a sugar daddy, to take Care of u and get all your needs and also you will be getting an allowance of $1000 or more a week??"

"Where else can we talk love"

"Hi beautiful... I'm Fred I may not reply to messages here due to work but you can add me up on Kik via ..........

"Add me on Kik for a surprise"

"Looking to spoil a sweet girl. I don't want to pay for pictures, just looking for companionship"

Then they will be really pushy & keep asking for your Kik details - don't give them your details!

The latest is they are waiting a good few weeks before they get in touch with you....

Let buyers ask you about your services through our platform if they are interested in buying, we have tried to make this super easy for buyers to get in touch and let you know what they are looking for. You can create many photo albums (Inc your panty drawer) to upload stock, you can create adverts with prices and even upload a "menu" to your profile if needed as an advert or photo album. You can add your payment links onto your profile too.

Literally the only things you need to go off the website is to age verify or have an experiences with the buyers such as sexting etc.... once they've paid.

Another thing not to do is give out any of your bank details, I personally wouldn't let anyone pay via bank transfer because they can use your bank details to set up direct debits (which has happened to sellers!)

Never ever give any buyer any money or provide any type of service without getting payment from them first EVER! Even if it's a long term buyer - just don't do it!

If a buyer is asking you to pay them then it's a scam! Every website has them - so please be careful guys!

And finally if you report & block them & they receive so many reports they'll be suspended and placed on our naughty step & they will stay there indefinitely in most cases.

I hope this has helped you,

Good Luck!

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