Benefits of writing a blog for EDUK

Posted on 24 October 2021

Benefits of writing a blog for EDUK -

We are always asking if anyone would like to write a blog for us on ED Emporium - in exchange for a shout out on our platform to say thank you, we also share your links on twitter and ED. We really do appreciate your support and we love to hear about our buyers and sellers experiences.

So what do you write a blog about? Basically anything you want. For example you can tell us about yourself, how long you've been buying or selling for, what you like to buy or sell, what made you get into the fetish scene and anything else you'd like to share about yourself. You can write about an experience that you've had, or you can even share some advice and tips to other members.

The benefits of writing a blog for us are -

1. You receive a little free gift from us.
2. It is free advertising for yourself.
3. Lets members know a little about you.
4. Share tips & ideas with members.
5. Share experiences with members.

If you are interested in writing us a blog - please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Thank You!

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