EDUK beginners selling guide

Posted on 07 November 2021

EDUK beginners selling guide -

So you maybe saying "I'm new to selling, got any tips?" Or are you new to ED Emporium & wondering how to sell on our platform?

Where to start!

1. Upgrade your account so you can sell.

2. Read all of the blogs within the "Help" page.

3. Join the "Sellers Lounge " group chat.

4. Create a new email address specifically for this.

5. You can add a profile photo & create a small bio.

Now you are ready to snap and sell!

What you maybe asking -

"How long will it take to get my first sale on ED Emporium?" That's like asking "how long is a piece of string?" Lol! No one knows the answer to that question unfortunately... It could take 4 minutes, 4 hours, 4 days or even 4 weeks!

If you read this blog, upgrade to premium so you can be seen on all of the pages - plus interact with buyers this should increase your chances of getting a sale.

Your Privacy -

No need to show your face, it's best not to give out your real name & choose a screen name - for example "Katie's knickers" set up a new email address specifically for this & finally the best payment methods to accept are - online vouchers (such as Amazon)

Messaging -

We encourage all members to send messages via EDUK - obviously you can move over onto other communication apps for further communication - HOWEVER please be aware that EDUK do not recommend Kik or Telegram to conduct "business" off site. These apps are well known to be used by fake buyers.

Team Rules -

Please read our T&C's they have our "Team Rules" within it for you to follow, these set of rules are to help maximise your user experience & to keep you as safe as possible within the platform. Please report any rule breakers!

Help Page -

We recommend you have a look within our help page as it has lots of useful information including links to our most popular essential blogs to help get you started.

Group Chats -

You are welcome to join our group chat -

SELLERS LOUNGE = Sellers only

Being Active -

We've heard sellers say that they have recently joined EDUK but have had no sales! On EDUK you are more likely to get the sales if you are active most days, we are more like a fetish Facebook - so therefore being yourself & being active is the key ESPECIALLY POSTING A JOURNAL POST EVERY DAY TO THE SOCIAL FEED.... The sellers that post daily & interact with buyers tend to get the sales. Don't forget to greet new buyers that have recently joined EDUK, you can also message buyers with a "Hello" nothing too heavy & not asking them to buy anything from you, by you messaging them will put you in their minds.

EDUK Verification -

EDUK upload this for selling accounts and fuzz out your face (this is mandatory) for everyone else it is optional to add this yourself - remember there's no need to show your full face.

EDUK Private Galleries -

Anyone selling can create as many private galleries as they wish - 5 photos can be uploaded at one time - you can add as many photos as you wish within your private galleries. It's good to have a variety of different types of photos to get more chance of a sale.

Your EDUK Panty Drawer -

It is best to update your private EDUK panty drawer on a regular basis for buyers to browse, it helps keep buyers interested in what you have for sale... When you first start obviously you won't have any new underwear - we recommend that you have a look within your current drawers at home first - then when you've made a few sales you can purchase some new underwear to add to your EDUK panty drawer.

What sells on EDUK? -

Branded underwear does tend to sell better or blends of silk, satin & velvet are popular. Having a sale or giving away a free gift or private gallery access will obviously help you stand out from the crowd. Custom clips and cam sessions are another good seller on ED Emporium. And finally don't be afraid to ask buyers what they want by creating a basic poll.

Positive Comments -

It's a good idea to post any positive comments on other members walls - especially if you've had a good experience with a buyer, this will also encourage others to post positive feedback about you!

Social Points/Virtual Gifts -

It is a lovely gesture to send buyers a virtual gift on EDUK, not only does this help you get noticed with buyers - each time you send a gift it automatically posts on the social feed when gifts have been sent, this will help you get seen on the platform.

Recommendations -

We recommend publishing at least 1 post per day to keep members engaged with fresh, new content. We also recommend interacting at least 10 times per day & commenting at least 5 times a day.

Also Recommended -

Liking posts
Bookmarking posts
Bookmarking profiles
Interacting with posts
Following other members
Positively rating others
Messaging members

Navigating EDUK -

You can't break anything so don't worry - familiarise yourself with your account settings & have a look at the quick links section - these areas are there to help organise your day & to ensure your settings are how you like them.

What Doesn't Work -

On EDUK it's not a case of creating your profile then sit and wait for the sales to come in! You need to be proactive & interact each day. If you prefer just to list adverts, re- share the same content over and over again & not interact with others at all on the site - then unfortunately ED Emporium is not for you and we wish you the very best of luck for the future!

Please Remember -

We are not the biggest platform out there so we do have less members (our membership pricing reflects this) - BUT this means that we have less time wasters, so by connecting more with others will more likely get you the sales. Don't be afraid to be yourself and showcase your fun side and personality!

I hope this has helped you,

Good Luck on EDUK!

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