Bigender seller (by BigenderDragon)

Posted on 06 December 2021

My Blog. Starting as a Bigender 'male' seller (By BigenderDragon)

I guess my story and introduction to this world is kinda a unique one. I was introduced in by a dom seller
friend, they started off describing what they do, the type of clients they got etc. and I thought hey why
don't I get in on some of this? And here I am.

It's kinda hard to sell myself as I am bigender and like both sides of a sexual/sensual experience. I'm very
inexperienced at selling and photography but I am making my best go at it. A lot of people including
myself see this selling and think, 'oh this is really easy money for them', but it really isn't as I have found

My style of selling is kinda unique as I can change what gender I feel like at the snap of a finger, One
moment I can be all flirty and shy and the next one big dom ready to take control. I have as of yet to
actually sell any of my products, but I am giving it a chance and taking my time to try and set myself up
and get this right.

This whole selling experience is unique and I am learning so much every day as I observe other sellers
and my own posts, everything grows.
But the one thing I am always returning to within myself are that those of you that do appreciate my
content are all so precious and valuable to me.

As a dragon at heart I see you all as precious parts of my
special hoard.

Love you all my shinies, Hail. x

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