Dealing with copy cats

Posted on 17 January 2022

Dealing with copy cats -

So you've just logged onto your usual platform or social media account to see someone has directly copied your content (a direct copy & paste job) and they've either copied your bio, an advert or even worse your identity!

Don't panic! One of the above usually happens to everyone at some point selling fetish services .... Even though it's the biggest compliment you can receive - it is the most annoying thing that can happen to you.

Yes, some adverts, bios & content are similar - that's fair enough in my opinion.... There's only so much that people can offer buyers, so it will all be similar.

But the sellers that directly copy & paste your adverts, pinch your photos or your identity need a virtual slap across the face! Just don't do it - that is all!

So what's the easiest & best way to deal with this problem?

You can try to reach out to the seller & explain how your bio or adverts are just too similar and will be confusing to buyers and that one of you will need to amend them (hardly fair on your part I know)

If you did this I'd approach with caution, never insult them or accuse them of directly copying your work, always use the words similar.... But personally I wouldn't reach out to the seller because 9/10 you'll get a whole lot of abuse and a poor review.

Most decent social media or fetish selling platforms should have report & block buttons available?

Personally I'd definitely report the seller first and then I'd block them .... And I would re write the advert or whatever it is they've copied from you, maybe add a little text at the top of your bio to advise sellers to please not copy your content. And yes, I know that this seems unfair, you'll be asking yourself - "why should I have to change it and not them?"

The simple answer to that is - you are more experienced, skilled and more dedicated than they are! These people that directly copy like this tend to be completely brand new to selling or they are scammers after a quick buck - so it won't be long before they either quit or get kicked off the site.

It's easier just not to engage with these sellers because by doing so will just upset you more (in my past experience)

If however they've completely stolen your photos or your identity - you'll need to contact the platforms admin but please make sure you take screenshots of this ready to send. The platform should remove the content that's been directly copied & give the seller a warning (possible removal from the site)

Other fetish selling platforms should do that and if they don't you'll need to think about complaining to them - if they still don't do anything about it then unfortunately it maybe a case for you to leave the platform, which seems like a harsh decision but you are running a business after all.

I hope this has helped you.

Good Luck!

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