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After you have enjoyed your used panties - why not submerge yourself in the world of fantasy and roleplay ... whether you like to see a naughty nurse or a sexy fireman - this is the place to be .....


Fantasy and roleplay

Offering sexting sessions is a fantastic way to explore fantasies and try roleplay - it is also great way to earn extra money. Dressing up as a naughty nurse or school teacher is great fun!

Pop an advert on ED Emporium and see! Sexting, sissy tasks and cock ratings are such good fun and no overheads - other than your time and dirty mind! 

On a more serious note a few things to consider before you start offering this service....

Communication app - 

Think about using a communication app that is not linked to your phone number, that last thing you want is some random guy (or girl) calling you out of the blue expecting you to chat for free!

Your identity -

Protect your identity when sending out nudes, for example cover up any tattoos, birth marks or scars in the photos you send - maybe wear clothing to cover these? Long wigs are a great idea and in a totally different colour from your own hair, they look fantastic and sexy on photos... personally I wouldn't show my face - but that is totally up to you! You can water mark photos but it's a bit of a faff!

Know your limits -

You also need think about what your limits are first before you take any bookings! Have in your mind what topics and fantasies your willing to cover, if you don't feel comfortable with a particular fetish or topic - don't put yourself in an awkward situation, at the end of the day it is supposed to be a nice experience for you as well.

Plan ahead - 

Choose a time thats good for you, a quiet time without distractions, a lot of buyers like sexting on the spot - however if you are out shopping or at work this is not always possible! Get payment in advance so in you have a booking later that day - you know they won't waste your time then and they will "turn up" Talk to your buyer to see what kind of session they are looking for and see you you can meet there needs.

Roleplay - 

If the buyer has a certain fetish or fantasy it is great if you get dressed up, not only will the buyer enjoy this - it will look great on photos as well. Ann Summers have some brilliant sexy roleplay outfits! They have outfits like, naughty nurse, flight attendant, cheer leader and lots more! If the buyer hasn't indicated what type of thing they're into - you could pop a sexy little number on or simply be yourself as you are!

Props - 

Yes, make sure you have a towel, some lube and a few various sex toys to hand ready to go! Even a whip, handcuffs and a mask are good.... most importantly don't forget your selfie stick!

Sexting content - 

If you've never done it before I always recommend you go read or listen to some erotica books - not just 50 shades of grey either! You may find online blogs are good too. Look into types of fetishes and roleplay that you can try out in your session. Don't forget to use a few GIFs or emojis as well, they're some great ones to send... if you are dressed up as a nurse for example you could say things like "your blood pressure might go high soon" etc... It's all good fun!

Set the scene -

Have candles lit or dim your lights, ensure your surrounding area is free from clutter, the best place to have a sexting session is in your bedroom on your bed. Play a little music in the background. Also it is always more enjoyable if you are "in the mood" yourself so I suggest you warm yourself up first before your session. 

Charges - 

If you put a lot of effort into sexting and don't re - use material you need to charge properly for your time. The going rate is between £3-£5 a minute because some sellers offer cam too, think about how much your time is worth and never under sell yourself! 

Have fun.

Good Luck!
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