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Do you like to be dominated? To be a slave you crave .... Or would you like to satisfy your used panty cravings? Whether you like to knicker sniff or like a bit of foot fetish play - we have a fetish seller for everyone! .


Types of fetishes

As well as the used panty fetish they are lots of other fetishes and fantasies that buyers are into as well or they may want to try out something new! ED is the perfect place for you to list them.

It doesn't matter what you are into as long as it is legal and you enjoy it, it's good to explore. It is very important that you know your boundaries and what your comfortable offering. 

Always age verify (both parties) and communicate properly about what your buyer is expecting from to avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments. Here are a few examples of types of fetishes that are out there, this is not all of them!

Foot fetish - 

Is probably one of the most common types of fetishes out there, especially for heterosexual men. Someone with a foot fetish is basically turned on by feet! Thinking about them, touching them, kissing them, massaging them and doing sexual acts with them. Foot worship can also be part of it - when they treat feet like a god that should be worshipped, maybe they want to be humiliated too.

Nylons - 

A nylon fetish is a tights or stocking fetish and often accompanies a foot fetish. Someone with a nylon fetish may enjoy the look and feeling of toes, feet, and legs wrapped in nylon stockings. They may like to smell nylons (unworn and worn) or they may enjoy wearing them, being tied up with them or been shoved in their mouth! 

Age play - 

Is roleplay for example like being a baby in a nappy and being humilliated. Sugar Daddy or sugar baby. These types of play are for people who are enjoy or are into domination, teaching and financial gain.

Cuckolding - 

Cuckolding is essentially when a heterosexual couple agree for the female to sleep with other man and humiliate the male partner about the fact that she’s sleeping with someone else. The male partner doesn't need to be present during the act, he may get off on the thought his partner having sex with someone else. 

Bondage/Gaging -

Bondage is a form of restraint. It’s a discipline, dominance and submission type of fantasy. Some people enjoy tying people up and others enjoy being tied up - props can also be introduced such as whips, rope, handcuffs and sex toys. Some may like to introduce gagging or to be gagged this is lightly choking on an object to the point of making gagging sounds, maybe men like to use their dick or a mouth gagging "toy" to create this noise?

Role Play -

Role playing is another common kink, which involve people taking on characters that are outside of their day to day lives. This can be as simple as dressing up in some role play outfits, such as a nurse and doing some "medical role play" etc.... It's great to use your imagination.

Humiliation - 

Most commonly  humiliation is all about name calling and verbal abuse. Putting them down or making them carry out tasks where to can make fun of them doing them, a bit of swearing, ignoring them and name calling. A lot of guys like penis humiliation - basically you mock them about their tiny pin prick of a dick!

Dominance -

Dominance and submission is about a consensual power exchange. The dominant partner derives sexual pleasure from taking control. The submissive partner allows their dominant partner to dominate them. Maybe a little spanking and being bossy in the bedroom.

Chastity -

Is in a nut shell locking up your nuts! Locking up your cock and balls or your lady garden. It is a practice to refrain from touching yourself sexually or to stop you having sexual intercourse. Some love the teasing element of not being touched or not being allowed to touch themselves. It can be a challenge to see how long "they can last" without exploding.

Watersports -

Another words golden showers, or pee play. People find urination sexually arousing. There are lots of things you can do with urine, though the most common way to enjoy pee play is to give or receive golden showers. A golden shower is - letting someone shower you - vice versa with their pee. It is best to do this in a shower!

Wax play -

Candles are fantastic mood lights. You can also melt the wax for painfully good sexual pleasure. Just to note as you will know - playing with fire, wax and anything hot is dangerous! Personal I wouldn't do it. You can buy candles that burn at a temperature perfect for bodies - so no need to worry about accidental burns.

Electrostimulation - 

Electrostimulation is basically using the power of electricity (getting an electric shock) some find it is kinky fun. It goes without saying though that getting shocked can be dangerous and I personally wouldn't try this! But some men love nothing more than having this as part of their cock and ball torture sessions.

Pregnancy Fetishism -

Some have sexual attraction towards a pregnant woman or a fetish of a swollen, round belly. The fetish might go onto include an attraction of lactation, or other symptoms of pregnancy. Apparently orgasms and having sex near a due date may help induce labor? So why not try? 

Inflation - 

This is basically the fantasy of blowing up an object and imaging being blown up yourself, being inflated, floating in the sky and it is a realise when they are "popped" with a pin or a fire. People who are into inflation love taking about it and may have a condom, balloon or a beachball fetish and enjoy watching these items being blown up and popped.

Voyeurism -

Voyeur is basically someone who gets sexual pleasure from watching others get it on. When we talk about voyeurism from a kink perspective - it is consensual! Exhibitionists enjoy being watched and maybe you like taking part in sex parties or kinky events? You may like to watch or be watched, which ever it is enjoy it!

Have fun and enjoy!

Example of a fetish menu

As well as having used knickers for sale - you may have other delights you wish to sell? I find it helpful to write a "fetish menu" or a "menu" this is basically a fetish selling price list.

Although you will already have your prices listed within your adverts on ED, having a "menu" is a great idea! Something you can just zap over in a message to your buyers (this cuts out lots of chit chat)

Below is an example of what one looks like (some sellers pop emojis next to the different services) feel free to copy this example and use it as your own:-


Sexting = £3 a min (minimum 10 mins)
Pictures Custom = £3 each.
Clips Custom = £5 a min.
Used Panties = £25 a pair.
Used Socks = £25 a pair.
Used Tights = £25 a pair.

Extras = £10 each (extra day wear and cummy panties)

All wearable items come with 3 update messages and pictures of me in your chosen goods.

Fetish selling help

Got a used panty fetish? Into fetish selling? We are here to help you buy and sell used panties online! Every fetish is catered for by our wonderful fetish sellers. From used cummy knickers to foot fetish and everything inbetween. Verified panty sellers are available here for all of your needs.... let our sellers make your fantasies come true!

We are here to help you with your journey in buying and selling worn knickers, dirty thongs and other feitsh items. We have a blog page to help both buyers and sellers in panty selling and panty buying, they are packed with real great advice.

Don't forget you can reach out to fellow fetish sellers and buyers, it's nice to make friends along the way!
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