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Want to see what a real woman looks like? The outline of a beautiful body.... the different naughty angles that can be captured....sexy photo sets is what you need!.


Photo tips

How do I sell used panties I hear you ask? The best tip I have to give you is to make your profile really stand out, you really need to sell wet panties! The best way to do this is to take decent photos!

Three things you need first before you start snapping .....

Firstly you need to buy a decent but cheap selfie stick - these are a god send! Practice using it first so you get a good feel.

Secondly make sure you have a good phone or camera to take your pictures with (do some research before you buy)

Thirdly you need to put plenty of photo filter apps on your phone & have a play around with these, see which ones you like the best. Always water mark your pictures, you can add your name on your photos with an app called Phonto.

Natural light -

Natural lighting looks best when your taking photos, near a door, window or outside are all full of natural light. If you have to shoot indoors try taking pictures with and without the flash on your phone/camera to see what looks the best.

Background -

Be mindful of your surroundings! Yes messy bedroom floors are a big no no! That is all the buyer will look at (and other sellers) Make sure the area around you is tidy, if you have some plants or flowers put them in the shot, I've also see seller's use a white blanket that they sit on to take photos - this looks good as it's a nice clear background.

Also try to avoid any shadows!

Angles -

Have a play around and see what your best angles are "your best side" make sure you get all of the area in the photo that you are focusing on, pictures that have been cut off don't look right. Photos taken in the reflection of a mirror look crap - just don't do it ladies & gents!

Selfies -

(If you show your face) A high angle pointing down looks good - keep you chin down and the camera up. You probably shouldn't stare directly into the camera lense, turn to the side a little bit - it looks more flattering! Have a natural smile too & smile like you mean it! Non of this duck lips/pout it just looks false.

Lots of shots -

Take a lot of photos so you have a selection to choose from, you can also take a mini clip and take out the best stills of your self!

Filter, crop -

Use your filter apps, obviously you don't want to add too much of a filter, maybe a soft glow.... I've also seen awful lot of sellers that don't crop photos and they have too much background or space around them, it's good to get all your selling in the picture - but you don't need the whole room in the photo as well!

Other tips -

Don't overthink it & relax if you can, it's best to have the photos natural looking rather than stiff looking - pardon the pun!
The best poses are the ones that come naturally to you. Have your own style copying too much isn't advised.... It's best not to take photos of your reflection in the mirror (especially if the mirror is dirty!)

Fan signs -

Twitter fan signs are a good way to promote yourself, it's up to you if you charge or do them free. Always write clearly with a black pen and not lipstick writing! It will stand out more clearly on the photo.

Now get snapping!
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