Do you like The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Used corsets, basques worn bustiers. Crossdressing and transgender items for sale.
Cross dresser items here for sale, used corsets, used basques and worn bustiers. Buy all kinds of used corsets and worn basques on


Buy used lingerie and basques

Buy and sell used lingerie, basques, bustiers & corsets. Worn lingerie sets are so beautiful and are a must have for cross- dressers. It is FREE to create an account on ED Emporium to list or browse used lingerie & fetish clothing!

You can buy & sell most worn lingerie sets and they look stunning - they can be made up of different combinations to complete the look. The most simple type of set is a used bra & panties combo, then you have the more glamorous sets such as used basques, panties & stockings with a suspender belt.

Another sexy clothing must have are used bustiers and corsets, now they are beautiful & lots of colours are available. Not only do the look sexy they are great for your waist line and lifting up your bust! You can get many fabric types such as lace, satin & PVC. Corset dresses are also a thing & some have burlesque ruffles or a frilly skirt on the bottom.

So who buys these types of underwear sets? These sets are very popular with cross- dressers as they look so feminine & pretty, some cross- dressers complete the look by wearing make up and even carrying a handbag.

What is cross- dressing? It is basically when a man wears womens clothing whether if it's for sexual pleasure, fetish or to admire femininity it is a great way to express yourself.

Stay pretty.

Good Luck!

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