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Selling used underwear online

Their are lots of benefits to selling your dirty knickers online - you can sell most things such as, worn thongs & used panties. For starters its great to be your own boss! Set your own working hours, selling your used underwear is very flexible. You can start or stop whenever it suits you. It is a good way to make money if you put the hard work and dedication into it and it can be a lot of fun! It can be a side line to earning more money.

It is all online so it is safe as you can stay anonymous, so no need to use your real name or show your face. You can share as much or as little as you like - you are in control. You can protect your identity by wearing a wig or even a pretty looking mask. I wouldn't recommend doing "panty meets" with a buyer as this can be dangerous, it makes you vunerable (eg risk of being stalked) - all online is best and through a safe platform like this one. All you need is a mobile phone and away you go!

Payments can be made to you which ever way you prefer, however so you don't revel your real identity - it's best to be paid via an online gift card. Create a dedicated email address just for your panty sales (not using your real name) Then all you need to do is tell the buyer to send the gift card to that email address. You can then redeem your gift card before sending out the order.

Overheads are low and most of the time you can sell what you already have available in your underwear draw, but it doesn't stop there, you can sell other used items from your underwear drawer such as used tights and socks etc... Don't forget you can sell your add ons with your dirty knicker purchases - such as pee. You can sell other services such as sexting, fetish photo sets for example foot fetish. you can set your own prices - but don't be too cheap, we say around £25-£35 for used panties and £10+ for pics, clips and other virtual services.

Post your worn thongs and knickers discreetly within a plain padded envelope, most sellers vaccum pack used underwear to lock in scent. A lot of buyers prefer free P&P.

Set up a Twitter account to sell your used thongs and panties, it is free to set up and a good easy way to promote yourself! You can interact with potential buyers and create friendships with other panty sellers. A lot of sellers use the app Kik and create panty selling groups, Kik is a safe and anonymous communication app - no need to use your mobile number.

Now go and earn.

Good Luck!

Sell the best used panties

It's not as easy as people make out selling used underwear! Not only do you have to market yourself and make your adverts stand out from the crowd - theirs so much more you need to do than just sell worn panties!

So you've created an account on this website and you want to put up your used underwear for sale? You might want to know how to keep buyers coming back?

I have some little tips for you to make buyers want to buy dirty knickers from you! (WARNING) It may seem a bit faffy but if you charge a decent price and get the same buyers coming back - then it's worth it isn't it?

Wash yourself with non scented soap.
Have hair (it's a better smell)
Wear for minimum of 2 days.
Wash new knix in mild detergent.
Send more pics than you advertised.
Add an extra.
Vaccum pack your panties.
Add a free surprise gift.
Give a longer arrival date.
Send knix by recorded delivery (or send a photo of it packaged with the buyers details on & a stamp)

As you can see these are really simple tips and I will explain more a little about them below -

If you wash yourself with a strong smelling body wash - then it already takes away from your natural scent, using non scented products help maintain your natural smell. I find having hair gives the knickers a better smell too (as you have the smell from your hair) obviously the longer you wear the better the smell - so a minimum of 2 days is best. Also adding an extra gives more of a scent, but personally I wouldn't wear panties for longer than 2 days and never stuff your panties (as it's dangerous and you could get infections from doing so)

When you buy some new knix it's best to wash them in a very mild detergent before wear to eliminate the "new packet smell" always vaccum pack your knix AS SOON as you take them off! Or wrap the gusset in a plastic bag before placing it in a plastic zip lock bag - this will lock in scent.

To exceed expectations I recommend you add 2 days on to the expected arrival date of their package and also throw in a surprise free gift, maybe a signed photo? Buyers love free stuff and they love surprises as well and finally if you've advertised that they get 3 pics of you in knix send them 1 or 2 extra! They will LOVE that!

And finally! It's best to post knickers by recorded delivery or take a photo before posting & send the buyers a picture of the parcel.

Good Luck!

Used panty extras

Used panty extras -

Selling your used dirty panties can be hard work for such a low amount of income HOWEVER you need to think outside the box... When a fetish buyer is interested in what you have to offer think EXTRAS and ADD - ONS!

Extra extra read all about it!

So think about what else you can offer with your worn panties to get those smelly knickers have even more of a scent (sometimes buyers can feel a little embarrassed to ask for any extras) So ask them would you like any EXTRAS?

Give them a few examples of what fetish extras you offer - for example: Do they like pee? Would they like a personalised mini clip in those hot used knickers? How about a sexting session when they arrive? You can offer lots of extras/add - ons.

Maybe list your extras you offer on your price list/menu? So when you send them your price list they can see what else you have to offer for them.

Also remember that anything is worth an ask, how many times have you gone into a shop & they offer you their latest deal or ask if you'd like anything else? It's the same thing really!

I hope this has helped you! Now go and sell your used goodies with EXTRAS!

It's nice to make your buyers feel special!

Good luck!
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