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Do you get a real kick out of creamy used sex toys? Is it the vibration of a vibrator or the feel of a butt plug that gets you going? Lots of used dildos, used vibrators and used butt plugs to choose from.....


Sell used sex toys

You can sell lots of other fetish items not just used underwear. The next most popular item that you can sell are used sex toys!

So on ED as well as listing your standard used panties you can list used sex toys as well such as rabbits, vibrators, dildos, bullets, cock rings, vibrating cock rings, sleeves, flesh lights, butt plugs, anal beads - the list goes on! You can sell them coated in whatever naughty topping your fetish buyer prefers, like cum or pee etc.. It's always best when you post them out to take the batteries out! You certainly don't want them buzzing along in the post lol!

You can also get Bluetooth remote control vibrators, butt plugs & more! So you can basically control your naughty fetish buyers orgasms and they can control yours! These are awesome as they are suitable for long distance control, all you need to do is get the app on your phone and control from there. You can buy these from places like Lovense online (they can be a bit pricey but definitely worth it)

Ann Summers and Love Honey do a large range of toys and a good selection of different lubes including flavours such as strawberry, chocolate and lots more other flavours (even cake flavour!)

It's important when you re use your own sex toys to clean them properly either with buzz wipes or non scented soap and dry properly. Sometimes it's best to wrap them up individually before putting them away back in your drawer because some toys can stick together.

When you advertise them maybe offer a bundle deal where they can choose a pair of used panties to go with it, it's also nice when you send a buyers used toy out to include a little sachet of lube, especially if they are exploring with butt plugs.

Now go and have some fun with your toys!
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