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Don't you just love the feel of a glossy pair of sheer tights? The stretchy nylon feeling as it stretches over you.....


Buy and sell used stockings and tights

Buying and selling used hoisery is a very popular fetish across the world. As well as used underwear you can buy and sell used stockings, pantyhose, tights & nylons. On ED Emporium it is FREE to sign up!

A nylon fetish is amongst the most popular of fetishes sold online... And I personally think a lovely pair of stockings with a garter or suspenders look beautiful on photos and can really showcase your worn panties....

So you are currently buying or selling used panties and you are thinking of trying used tights as well?

Firstly - don't spend a fortune buying them as you may not know if you'll like them. But I have to say that they do look gorgeous on photos & sellers we recommend that you wear panty hose in your online advert pictures, as they look gorgeous!

Secondly - if you would like to try them - maybe buy or sell them along side something at first, for example a pair of used panties.

Thirdly - sellers the more different items you have up for sale the more likely you are to make a sale & buyers it's fun to try different fetishes.

Tights and stockings range from 5 denier to 100 denier and are available in many colours and patterns. They also come in different fabric and material types - such as sheer, opaque, glossy, seamed, fishnet, shiny, lace and pvc. Tights and stockings look amazing worn with a pair of killer high heel shoes - now that does look sexy!

It is easy to pick up a pair of nylon stockings and tights while your out and about, they are sold in super markets, chemists, in clothes shops and online! The going rate for a pair of used stockings & tights is around £20 - £30 a pair ....

And of course you've got the most popular brands to consider such as Pretty Polly - which are more expensive to buy and sell.

If you have a fetish for a lady in uniform or you are a lady in uniform such as - a flight attendant, teacher or office worker - then this is ideal for you! For everyone else we have to make do with a little roleplay instead & Ann Summers have a range of roleplay outfits that are great fun! 

All types of people buy and sell worn nylons, men, women, single, married, professionals, gay, straight, cross dressers etc... Some buyers & sellers just love the silky feel of nylons stretched over them or rubbed against them (in the intimate area)

Why not give nylons a try?

Good Luck!
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